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Disgraceful Blue Cutting Mat

I just wanted to write really quickly and post a few pictures of my craft space.  I was busy working away on a project today when suddenly, amidst all the chaos, I saw beauty in my environment.  I don't believe in serene, perfect spaces.  I know they exist in Martha Stewart World but in reality, mere mortals cannot achieve such cleanliness and orderliness...100% of the time.  When I get into a project, all hell breaks loose.  Over the years, I've come to terms with the fact that whatever space I have taken over and claimed will not look normal again until I am finished.  I work messy.  It's only going to get worse before it gets better (my favorite cleaning motto).  Although many would see the obvious flaws in my work space, I kind of love it.  Today I saw why and that is because sometimes in all that disorder, there is beauty.  Everything doesn't always have to make sense and be perfect...sometimes they are just better being messy.  And my work space was one of them.


I can agree on one ugly aspect of my work space though and that is my blue cutting mat that serves as a backdrop in these pictures.  As the title of this post suggests, this cutting mat is the most disgraceful one on the planet.  It is scuffed up and has a million cut marks.  It has cracked and been cut through.  It has tape, paint, and other unidentifiable substances clinging onto it from who knows when.  It is warped from being placed in the back of my car and staying there for weeks on end in the summer heat.  It basically looks like it has been through a war.  Despite all of its "issues" I love this cutting mat and I don't plan on parting with it anytime soon.  Yes it is trash but as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure.  Actually this cutting mat has been through a war, the war of architecture school.  I've had it since freshman year, five and a half years ago and it has been through each and every project with me (except when I went to Italy for a semester...there definitely wasn't enough room in my suitcases for that).  Each blemish on that mat represents a perfect model I made or a beautiful presentation I put together or even a cut finger.  There are still pieces of this double stick tape stuff we used freshman year for this group model we made of the Exeter Library designed by Louis Kahn.  It was a beautiful model, one of my favorites, and that tape will always bring me back to those weeks we had to build it.  Memories like this are what force me to keep this disgraceful mat.  Maybe I can add some new scuff marks too it during my future projects.  Maybe I should get a new mat...as a backup...just so that I look partially presentable.


Here's to you disgraceful blue cutting mat and the many more years and projects and cut fingers to come!!


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