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And the results...

So here are the results of my fabric staining.  I am really happy with the results.  I don't think the fabric looks "dirty" at all.  I was really shocked by the results too.  I figured the coffee would produce the deepest color but I was definitely wrong.  The black tea was much more powerful.  You always hear about how coffee stains teeth so badly but after doing this experiment, I think tea needs a bad rap too.  Plus side to all of this, my fabric now smells lovely, especially the tea-stained one.


I am no expert, clearly I figured this all out hours ago, but this is all you need to do to replicate the look:

- tea bags, I used Trader Joe's Mango Black Tea (it was the only black tea that I had) - I put four tea bags into a smaller mason jar filled with water

- instant coffee, I put about 2 tbs. of instant coffee mix into a mason jar of water

I put tea bags and instant coffee into the mason jars and then filled them with boiling water.  I let the fabric sit in the liquid for an hour.  I did not remove the tea bags and left them in with the fabric for the hour.  Afterwards, remove the fabric from the jars and rinse with cold water...apparently this helps lock in the color according to other websites.  Wring out the water and let dry.  

You too can have dirty fabric in just a few easy steps! 

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