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The Anthropologie Project: Stitched Heart Card Set

YA!  It’s a Saturday post and even better it’s another installment of The Anthropologie Project (you can see the first project here), where I craft something inspired by an Anthropologie display or product.  I love most things that the store sells but more importantly I appreciate their philosophy and attention to detail.  These posts are my attempt to give my life more of that Anthropologie-esque feel. 


This time I was inspired by a card that was designed by Bird & Banner for Anthropologie.  Now first let me say that I am a huge fan of Bird & Banner’s work.  Definitely check out their other projects because they are all stunning.  Their main focus is wedding stationary and I would most definitely hire them if I was getting married.  Each project incorporates multiple layers and materials and I really like that variety because it creates so much visual interest.  Stationary, because it is paper, can feel very flat but Bird & Banner’s work has a three-dimensional quality.  So basically I think it is awesomeness and their work really inspires me.  I was very much intrigued by the card they designed for Anthropologie because they stitched embroidery thread into paper, choosing to treat paper differently and use it like fabric.  I like embroidery because it’s easy and anyone can learn how to do it (especially something like a backstitch).  And everyone has paper so the following card set I created is within the reach of crafty people.  I designed an entire card set, instead of just a single card, because this idea can become a great handmade gift for friends and family.  And without further ado…The Anthropologie Project #2:


What inspired me:

Photo: Bird & Banner

And more of my interpretation:

What you'll need:

- white cardstock

- metal ruler

- x-acto knife and scissors

- pencil and eraser

- thumb tack

- needle

- embroidery thread (I used red and baby blue)

- patterned/colored scrapbook paper for envelopes

- red & white baker's twine

- address labels (I used ones found on www.leblahg.com here)

- double-sided tape



1. From the white cardstock, cut out whatever shape you would like your cards to be.  I cut strips of 8.5” x 4.25” and then folded that strip in half. 

2. Lightly write your message onto the front of the card with the pencil.  You will eventually erase the pencil marks so do not mark too darkly.  The message I chose to write was “♥ YOU.” 

3. Using the thumb tack punch holes into the cardstock along the lines you wrote.  Make sure to space the holes far enough apart so that the paper does not rip.  After you have punched the holes, erase the pencil lines.

4. Thread a needle with embroidery thread and tie a knot at the end.  Start to stitch the thread through the holes you punched using a simple backstitch.  Stitch your entire message and tie a knot at the end when you finish.  Repeat these steps on all of your cards.

5. Create envelopes for your cards using patterned/colored scrapbook paper.  I took an existing envelope, unfolded it, and then used that as a template to create my new, fun envelopes.  Fold your new envelopes and use double-stick tape to hold them together. 

6. Double-stick tape an address label onto the back of each envelope. 

7. For the envelope fronts, I created round tags that had a special quote on them to remind my letter recipients why hand-written correspondence is important.  The quote was by John Donne who said, “Sir, more than kisses, letters mingle souls; for, thus friends absent speak.”  I made the tags using a template in Photoshop.  You can download what I used here.  I printed the tags out on white textured cardstock and cut them out with scissors.  Double-stick tape the tags to the front of the envelopes.

8. Use red & white baker’s twine (string or ribbon works also) to bundle your letters, envelopes, address labels, and tags.  Give this letter set as a gift to friends and family to encourage writing.


And more of the finished product:


I'm excited to send out a few letters to my friends using my new stationary.  Happy letter writing!

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    Lauren Elise Crafted - Blog - The Anthropologie Project: Stitched Heart Card Set
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    Lauren Elise Crafted - Blog - The Anthropologie Project: Stitched Heart Card Set

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Wow it’s a very brilliant idea. This is a very good work. Where did you get the idea to make this work? But, I am also grateful to you who have shared information on how to make this work.

BY: Emily

September 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEmily

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