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Working at Anthropologie!!

Recently I was given the opportunity to work at Anthropologie and since it is one of my favorite stores, I am ecstatic about this job.  I really admire this company and their mission and appreciate the fact that design is such a key element in their stores.  I am always visually inspired when I go in and over the years, I have seen some amazing creations come to life.  I am starting out as a sales associate now but eventually I would love to see myself grow within the company and be a part of the display team (the people that make all of the awesome window and store displays).  It is such a creative environment and that is exactly the right place for me.  


Anthropologie is obviously known for their displays.  Here are some of my favorites:

This puffy skirt was made out of wrapped tissue paper (I believe) that was then dyed blue.  I think this is a beautiful interpretation of a flowy skirt.  I love the texture.  It reminds me of waves crashing on the beach, especially with that piece of driftwood in there.  And the blue + orange combo = LOVE!

I think these plant leaves are painted paper mache.  This is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland...or maybe Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  Something where humans shrink in size and then plants appear to be enormous.  This is a simple display but I really like the bold colors.

Ok, this display is super awesome.  Those flowers were made out of plastic water bottles that were cut up and then painted.  Displays like this are my favorite because (1) it is recycling and (2) it is turning trash into treasure.  From far away you would never know that this display was made of plastic bottles.  The beautiful colors and the art-like quality of the window display is the only thing you notice.  Recycling should always be this lovely!

Once again this winter display is a lot of recycled items.  I see plastic cups, plastic wrapping supplies, and even those plastic soda wrapper things (those things you are supposed to cut so that ducks don't get their heads stuck in them).  I'm a huge fan of how they have used the light in this window.  The materials are translucent so the filtered light has this dreamy/sleepy quality to it.  And even though the materials are mostly plastic, the whole scene appears to be soft and I kind of want to lie down in it.  This window is in its own world.

And even more creativeness!!  I love the little boat, so cute.  It would be a great toy for kids to play with.  My brother and I would have loved to make-believe in that boat.  And the basket weave stuff on the right is really cool.  It is sort of reminiscent of the Anthropologie beehive displays a while back. 


I'm honored to be a part of the Anthropologie team and excited for what my future holds with this creative and innovative company. 


All of the pictures are from the anthropologie+you Flickr photostream.

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