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Pictures from the Craft Fair

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Here in Southern California it actually feels a bit like fall today.  It is overcast and cloudy and I am curled up under some blankets.  I am so thankful for this because it has been pretty warm lately.  When it is 90°F outside, fall seems a long way off and the boots, scarves, and cozy hats have to stay packed away in the closet.  Will today mark a shift in weather?  I hope so but I'm not holding my breath...I'm sure a few hot days will sneak back in.  

I have finally edited my pictures from the craft fair that I participated in at the beginning of October and am excited to share them with you today.  I thought a lot about booth design ahead of time and even though there are many changes I would make for future fairs, I think what I came up with was pretty successful.  I got some compliments on my booth design too so that was definitely encouragement.  The vintage furniture pieces I used were ones my family already had and the props were things I had picked up over time from local antique shops.  For a backdrop, my family helped me construct a frame out of PVC pipe and then we draped muslin from it.  It was super simple but I wanted the items I was selling in the booth to be the center of attention.  

Be warned...all of the pictures are very yellow.  The fair took place inside so there was no natural light.  I tried de-yellowing a bit in Photoshop but there was only so much I could do.

This is the signage I came up with.  Since I was selling a lot of embroidery, I decided this was a perfect tie-in.  I am not going to lie, this was thrown together at the last minute, in the wee hours of the morning before I finally let myself sleep for a bit.  Considering how quickly I made it, I really like how it turned out and I'll definitely be using it again.

Old books, spools, twine, and crates were props that I had spread throughout the booth.  I wanted the space to feel a bit like grandmother's attic, like you were stumbling upon a bunch of old, interesting curiosities.  My stamped spools and wooden tags on the right were popular.  They are great for packaging.  I will definitely be incorporating them into my holiday wrapping.

Aside from the handmade crafts, I sold some succulents which my Mom had replanted into vintage tins and containers.  I like to plant all of my succulents this way to highlight the great texture of the vintage vessels.  I couldn't resist having my typewriter be a part of the display too.  I am so in love with it.

Bakers twine was up for sale (another popular item).    

I had to have some Polaroid camera love.  On the left are felt Polaroid frames which are magnets.  You can slip a picture right in for displaying.  The mini colored Polaroids are made of paper and the large one on the right is made from fabric and stuffed.  I'll be sharing more about these Polaroids soon.  I am in the process of perfecting them and getting them ready to be sold.  Do you like them?

Shots of my embroidery.  Not only did I have a lot of artwork in the hoops but also some embroidery pins, skeleton keys and hearts, which you can see on the right.

A shot of my embroidered Moleskine notebooks displayed in a cute aqua drawer.

The picture on the right is my set up with our vintage dresser.  The shot on the left is of a neighboring booth, Life By Hand.  I love how she propped up the door and hung necklaces from it, very cute.

These next two pictures are from my friend Rachel's booth who was my neighbor at the fair.  It was so fun being next to someone I knew so we could chat a bit.  When you're a vendor, it is hard to get away from your booth and actually spend time looking around.  It is a very different experience from being a shopper.  

Rachel sure has some beautiful vintage pieces and I enjoyed her display so much.  Very feminine and sweet.  

And one of me in my booth!  I had a lot of fun working this fair and was so glad that I did it.  You learn so much by actually gearing up for a fair and there is no way I could prepare myself for larger fairs in the future without starting with a small, local one.  Lots of hard work was involved but I am really proud of all that I accomplished and the work that I presented.  It was very me and I think that is super important, staying true to yourself and your style.  

I hope you enjoyed my craft fair pictures.  It was fun reliving it.  Have a great day and stop by the giveaway if you haven't entered yet.  You can comment today and tomorrow and I'll be picking a winner on Thursday.

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Reader Comments (5)

Hi Lauren! I have to say everything in your booth was cool i loved it all. Also thanks so much for putting some pictures of my booth up and giving me a shout out. You are to kind big hugs and kisses

October 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRachel

these photos are awesome! I wish I could see your booth in person. Someday you'll have to do a craft show in Seattle! ;) I especially love your logo embroidery hoop - it's perfect!

October 25, 2011 | Unregistered Commentererinkathleen

I second Erin - hope you come to Seattle one day! Your booth is incredible... so cute & beautifully pulled together!

October 26, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterania.the.map.cutter

LOVE your embroidered logo! It's so cute and very fitting for your wares. Is it hand or machine stitched?

October 27, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKatherine

I wish we had similar craft fair in Thailand

October 29, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterveeria

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