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What I Want...Friday November 11th

Happy Friday all!  I haven't done a 'What I Want...' post in awhile so I thought I would bring it back today and share some of the things I am dreaming about for this weekend.  But before I get into that, I just wanted to say congratulations to Dominique who won our Font Friday Skunkling giveaway!  Enjoy Skunkling, it's such a great font.  Also if any of you are interested in free holiday printables featuring Skunkling, you can check out my design here and the other freebies from my friends here:

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So what are you dreaming about for the weekend?  I am wondering how mine is going to play out.  I know that I have some Anthropologie work but the Rose Bowl Flea Market is this Sunday so maybe I should go and officially complete one of my Twelve by 2012 goals.  While I ponder about my next few days, here is what I am dreaming about...

What I want to { eat } :: apple pie

Photo credit: Sprinkle Bakes

It is finally starting to feel like fall in Southern California and that means I'm craving apple pie, the go-to fall staple.  Now these are apple tarts but basically anything with apple, cinnamon, and a crust sounds scrumptious to me.  Don't those big granules of sugar look amazing?!  One of my 12 goals for this year is to bake my own apple pie and I am searching for a recipe.  I will probably bake my version for our Thanksgiving dinner which I will be sharing with my immediate family and aunt, uncle, and cousin.  Do you know of a perfect apple pie recipe?  Throw me any hints if you have them.

What I want to { buy } :: typewriter ribbon

Photo credit: Me!

I have had my cute little grey typewriter for awhile now and most of the keys are functioning ( a few stick sadly) but ever since purchasing it I have wanted to find some typewriter ribbon.  I think it would be so fun to type up some holiday cards and use it for packaging this year.  Some TLC definitely needs to go into my typewriter before I can use it but I hope to spend some quality time with it soon.  There is something so nostalgic and wonderful about it.  

What I want to { read } :: Uppercase Magazine 

Photo credit: Janine Vangool of Uppercase via Inward Facing Girl

I got this large package in the mail the other day and I was so perplexed at first.  Who is sending me something this large?  Wait, I don't remember ordering anything?  And to my surprise issue #11 was packaged inside.  I have done a quick scan of Uppercase's inspiring pages but have yet to really sit down and read it thoroughly.  I definitely am going to carve away some time this weekend to reading about fellow creatives and their beautiful work.  Uppercase is such a great publication, I definitely recommend it.

What I want to { do } :: package things with goodies from Present & Correct

Photo credit: Present & Correct, Old Gummed Labels

Do you know of Present & Correct?  This virtual shop is based in London and if you visit their site, packaging goodness awaits you.  Their items are inspired by vintage school supplies, stationary, and desktop items.  Some items actually are vintage with a limited supply while others just give a nod to good vintage design.  Their product styling and photography is perfect and each and every item is something I want to own.  The graphic designers who run the shop go on sourcing trips a few times a year to find the original products that they offer.  This packaging heaven gets me so excited about the holidays and the idea of wrapping up presents for friends and family.  

So what are your plans and dreams for the weekend?  Wherever you are, I hope you stay warm and snuggly if it's cold and enjoy these lovely November days.  Happy Friday!

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Reader Comments (2)

Hey. I just wanted to past this along. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness!


November 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

Just discovered your blog, and I'm in LOVE. So many inspiring things here! I'm a big old font geek, and I was hoping that you help me identify the loopy font you used in your graphic photos here: the one used to write: eat, buy, read, do. I'm slightly obsessed with it. Thank you!

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRACHEL

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