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Freshly Cleaned & Organized

With the holidays quickly approaching I am reminded that this is the season to be thankful for the many amazing things I have.  I am very fortunate and lucky in so many ways.  Of course I usually am thinking about the future, how I can change things or what things I need in order to make me happy.  I know it's important to put those thoughts on the back burner right now and focus on what I do have that I need to appreciate more.  One of those things, what I want to focus on today, is my rather large creative studio space.  Not all creatives get such a big space to work in and so often I take advantage of it.  Usually my studio is a disaster zone and nothing is organized.  Often I can't even find the items that I need (even though I know I have them somewhere).  It is such a waste of space (and frustrating) and I am definitely embarrassed by its inhabitability.  I tend to make a mess in other rooms because I can't actually work in the space I am given.  Well it got to the point of ridiculousness and so my Friday and Saturday consisted of a major overhaul, a cleaning and organizing of my studio.  

There are just a few loose ends I need to put away now but for the most part it was successful and I now have a functioning space again.  It sure feels good to see it all clean and I know I can actually work in there and find everything.  What a difference!  I am most thankful that I can appreciate the space fully.  Here are a few peeks into my new and freshly cleaned space (complete with cute posing dog):

I'm happy I could take a moment to reflect on how important things like this are in my life.  They are so easy to forget and undervalue but this large, well-lit space allows me so much creative freedom that I have to try and remember.  The holidays are such a crazy time and I have a handful of projects in the works that it will be really nice to have my studio organized and functioning.  The way it was before was just adding to the stress and anxiety.  But that is behind me now and I have a cheerful and inspiring space again.

What are the things in your life that you need to be more thankful for?  Take a moment, think of those things, and give them some much deserved love.  Most of us have so much to appreciate.  Happy Monday friends! 

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Reader Comments (4)

What an amazing space you have! I dream of having a space like this some day.

November 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGaelan @ Sash and Satin

You did a great job! I hope you can maintain this arrangement as often as you possible can. Anyone (including me for that matter) would love to work in your creative studio!

November 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commentertyrone burrier

Very clean and organized. I often fail to make my room clean and orderly but I guess, I should give it a try.

November 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLance Morrisey

This looks so lovely! Thank you for sharing.

November 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCara-Mia

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