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My First Adventure into Film

On Friday I blogged about the DIY pinhole camera that my brother and I put together and showed you the less-than-stellar results from that experience.  Today I want to share my first film pictures shot with my cute, new Diana Mini camera...the results are better, I promise!  About three weeks ago I shared my excitement with you when I purchased it and finally got all the results back last week.  I am happy with the results (for a newbie) and can't wait to take more shots. 

To recap, here is the cute little toy camera I purchased:

Picture: Diana Mini website

And here are the results (pictures taken by me and my brother):

Picture on the left is brother's, picture on the right is mine.  Unfortunately it started getting dark as we were taking shots and the film speed wasn't right for the conditions.  That's why David's picture is a bit dark.  But I still love the colors in the sky.

Both of these were shot by David.  I love the one on the left, such a soft and dreamy looking landscape.  These pictures were taken basically at the same time so I'm not quite sure what he did to achieve the two results.  He might not know either (we're both learning still). 

Both shot by the brother.  Even though they're dark, the colors in the sky are spectacular.  And I love the string of lights from the freeway in the picture on the left. 

Dog pictures!  Both were taken by me.  I was doing a creep-attack shot on the left.

So here is the film version of my DIY that I did for Emmaline Bride last week.  I love how these turned out, especially the shot on the right.  It is neat to do a direct comparison between the film and digital results. 

And here are a few I snapped while shooting my Knotty Bride DIY. 

Thank you for humoring me while I shared this personal journey of mine.  Film photography has been something I've been meaning to get into and experiment with and I'm so glad I can share my pictures here.  I have a bunch of other fun things to share this week so stay tuned...they will be much more relevant than just my own personal pictures. 

Happy Monday friends!

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Reader Comments (3)

;) You are a pro!!!! These look great!

March 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSofia @ Brancoprata

ok your post just convinced me to buy the diana camera.

March 7, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterpostcards and pretties

This is so, so cool. I, like you, want to get into photography more. So happy to see you take it up!

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