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My Week Through Instagram: Week One

Happy Saturday all! Posting on a Saturday is new for me but I hope to keep it up with this regular installment called 'My Week Through Instagram.' A goal for the year is to post at least one picture to Instagram each day and then recap the week here on Saturday with a post. Not only is it fun to review my favorite pictures each week and remember all that I did but just imagine all the images I'll have by the year's end! Well, 365 to be exact, that's no secret. Although 2012 is a leap year so I guess I'll have 366 (assuming all goes well and I snap a picture each day). This project is a way to encourage myself to share more through Instagram and use that as an outlet for connecting. So here goes nothing...my first week through the Instagram lens (be prepared to see a lot of pictures of my dog):

Sunday: Scout exhausted from the Southern California heat.

Monday: The sunset from my front door.

Tuesday: Working on embroidery for an Etsy order.

Wednesday: DIY-ing it up using my new glitter tape.

Thursday: Walking around town, visiting an abandoned old theater.

Friday: My Anthro work outfit for the day.

Saturday: A relaxing morning doing cross-stitch.

So that's that! A quick little post. If you use Instagram and would like to follow me, my username is: laurenelisecrafted...I'm always looking for new friends. You can also see my images on the computer at Followgram. Happy Saturday everyone!

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Reader Comments (2)

Love this! Instagram and Hipstamatic are the two things that make me wish I had an iPhone or an Android phone... everyday pictures just don't look as cool when snapped on my increasingly crappy Blackberry camera.

January 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterElysse

A fruitful week indeed! Be happy always! -Sarah-

January 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPoster Printing

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