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New iPhone

Almost two weeks ago I finally broke down and bought a new iPhone. If you follow my Instagram feed, you might already know about my utter excitement to have a new bit of technology. My old iPhone was just about four years old and throughout this year it has been moving at a snail's pace (no wonder, four year old technology is ancient). Finding something on the map was nearly impossible unless you wanted to wait an hour. It kept kicking me out of Instagram which made it hard to post my daily photo. Just forget about web browsing. Despite these quirks, I did manage to live with it for quite some time. It's amazing how we adapt when we're too cheap to pay $100 to upgrade.

My new phone is spectacular but what I love the most is the camera. The pictures on it are so much better and clear and crisp. Phone photography has become fun again and I want to capture as many pretty things as I can. So far I have only been using Instagram to edit my images but that has kept me entertained because of all the new filters and effects that I couldn't access on my old phone. But now I'm wanting to branch out and try some other editing apps.

Here are a few scenes I have captured recently.

What are your favorite apps to use for photo editing and processing? I recently discovered VSCO Cam and I'm pretty intrigued. I love the simple adjustments. Have you tried this one?

I wish everyone a happy weekend! I have work to do but hopefully I'll get to enjoy a few moments and snap some iPhone pictures along the way too.

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Reader Comments (3)

If Snapseed is still free you should check that out! I think it's definitely worth the $5, but it's featured as the app if the week...really user friendly and lots of control over the final product. Vsco Cam has been wonderful, if I'm killing time I use both to edit :)

June 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBobbi

Thanks for the suggestion Bobbi! I'll have to give Snapseed a try. It looks like you can do much with it which is definitely awesome.

June 12, 2012 | Registered CommenterLauren Elise

Ooh my plan is up in October & I should be able to upgrade my iPhone too & give the hubby the one I use now! I misty use instagram too but some others apps I have used are vintage cam, hipstamatic, diptic, pocketbooth & labelbox. Happy snapping xoKatie

June 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKatie @ Sweet Rustic

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