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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twenty-Three

Hi everyone! I'm a little late to start off this week. Yesterday was nonstop finishing up a couple of projects. But I'm getting back into blogging today by recapping last week. Last week was number twenty-three of 2012! Can you believe it? We are almost halfway through the year. At the beginning of this year I set a little goal for myself which was to post a picture (at least one) to Instagram each day. I haven't missed a day yet and I am so proud I've come this far. I think it will be so fun to look back at the entire year in December through my pictures. Are you working on a daily project this year? How is it coming? Have you set goals like this for yourself in the past and how did they turn out?


Sunday: While my brother is away on tour, all his stuff is getting stored here at home including his fabulous Mac computer. This computer is amazing (and it runs so much quicker than mine) but the thing I'm really jealous of is this gigantic screen. Oh my! It makes working in Photoshop so easy. At least I have it all to myself until he gets back.

Monday: I spent the day styling and shooting a little gardening scene and this is a snapshot of the work in progress.

Tuesday: It has been awhile but I finally sent out some snail mail. I packaged up a couple of sweet goodies to loved ones using my favorites: glassine bags, tags and twine.

Wednesday: This shot is from my daily walk with Scout. This is a small private orange grove along one of our routes. I just like the old wood sign. It says, "Please - No Bikes."

Thursday: The weather is getting warmer which means shorts are starting to make an appearance. I rediscovered my dragonfly bloomers and wore them to work paired with a grey blazer. I couldn't resist pairing them with my oxfords.

Friday: All the jacaranda trees are going crazy in our neighborhood right now. They have the most vibrant purple flowers. They might be super messy but when they drop all of their violet blooms it is so magical. Like a carpet of purple.

Saturday: I had an early shift at Anthropologie on Saturday and as I waited to go in, I noticed these neat door handles. Quite the whimsical detail. It pairs perfectly with the salvaged wood doors.

So that was a peek into my week twenty-three. What did yours look like?

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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twenty & Twenty-One

I am playing catch-up here on the blog again late at night. I did say that May was going to be a whirlwind for me and I was pretty right about that. The blog has definitely suffered because of it. Feeling good about June though and hoping to get back into the swing of things. But tonight I want to recap my last two weeks through Instagram.

Week Twenty

Sunday: I had to wrap up a present for some family so I decided to use this adorable heart paper I bought awhile ago. Isn't it adorable?! A navy bow and tag were just the right touch for an adornment.

Monday: Chalkboard and jute twine...just a little peak into the DIY project I was finishing up. I'll share more this week.

Tuesday: My brother and his band left on their summer music tour on Sunday and I couldn't let him leave without giving him a few rolls of film. He has taken up photography and is quite the talented fellow. I cannot wait to see what he captures.

Wednesday: I was perfecting these little fringe flowers which became my May DIY for Whisker Graphics.

Thursday: The finished product, a simple branch with my handmade fringe flowers. I used the fabulous products from Whisker Graphics for this craft. See how I made it and view more pretty pictures here.

Friday: This long week called for a little treat...some Pinkberry. Confession: I would eat this everyday if I could, especially in the summertime. It is so refreshing.

Saturday: A quick trip to the antique store (originally to check out an old typewriter) yielded these vintage portraits instead. I am super inspired by these characters and the type and graphics at the bottom of the frames. Looking forward to doing something with them.

And now for a recap of Week Twenty-One.

Sunday: A little vignette I styled awhile ago but am still loving. Amazing stamp from my friend Tristan of Besotted Brand.

Monday: Working on my next DIY for Houzz. A friend commented that it looked very hardcore but I assure you it is actually pretty simple.

Tuesday: Paint splatters. It might not be intentional art but it is beautiful just the same.

Wednesday: I sat at my computer all day, glued to the screen. It was crunch-time finishing up a project for a client. I worked into the wee hours.

Thursday: This cheerful pink flower is blooming all over my neighborhood right now. I love how it is thriving. We finally discovered that it is called Mexican Primrose. We actually bought some at Home Depot to grow in our own front yard.

Friday: And of course we came away from Home Depot with a succulent too. One can never have enough.

Saturday: After work, I tried on a few new items at Anthropologie including this color-blocked beauty (the dress does not appear to be online...weird since it is pretty new to our store). I'm pretty in love with it, the cut and color are quite perfect. So far I'm resisting it but we'll see how long that lasts. ;)

So that was week twenty and twenty-one for me. What did yours look like?

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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twelve

Before I nod off to bed on this Saturday night, I thought I would share my Instagram pictures from the last week, week twelve of 2012. When I do these weekly recaps I'm reminded of how many visually interesting things I encounter each day. There really is beauty all around and I am so glad I've challenged myself to this 'picture a day' project so that I can document all that is lovely.

Sunday: My big goal last weekend was to make some major headway on my crocheting. I have been struggling for awhile but I finally started to get comfortable with it and on Sunday I was able to make up a few little squares of single stitches. It is quite small but I am quite proud of it!  

Monday: This is just a sneak peek of a custom pennant I'll be making for an upcoming wedding. Just pink + muslin + a little jute twine...a great combination.

Tuesday: I was doing more work for a wedding on Tuesday, this time cutting burlap strips. I love using burlap and it really does look great when finished but while cutting and working, it's just a mess! Fuzzy burlap pieces were everywhere and it made me feel itchy.

Wednesday: For lack of a blog post, I shared a few Instax pictures of my brother and me. These snapshots make me happy and remind me of all the crazy hopes and dreams that we, as young, creative entrepreneurs, have right now.

Thursday: I scored these new citron-colored denim from Anthro and I am in love with the brightness. It is the perfect infusion of color into my wardrobe this spring. I might just have to do a fashion post soon highlighting them.

Friday: I pass this arrow all the time in the parking lot but for whatever reason it caught my eye on Friday in particular. I like the bold, graphic statement.

Saturday: Much of my day was spent watercoloring which included about 100 of these pink-washed place cards (also for a wedding)(also I'm only half-way done). The pink is very light and hard to notice in the picture but the subtle hue is so feminine. Even I can be a sucker for pink!

So that was week twelve for me. What did your week look like?

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For You // For Home, Volume I

Hi friends! Today I'm starting a new inspirational series similar to my Fashion & Florals post. Coming from an architecture background, I am still constantly inspired by interiors and beautiful home styling. And I am a firm believer that a well designed, well lit space can make all the difference. This series will be a juxtaposition between spaces and interiors, for home, and shoes and accessories, for you.

Today I'm inspired by the color mustard and I have paired some strappy sandals with an elegant and grand bedroom. 

for you {Anthropologie, shoes by Seychelles}

for home {Mel Yates Photography via This is Glamorous}

I am swooning over those shoes. I am currently looking for some new sandals too and this pair is definitely a contender. The colorblocking feels modern but the t-strap shape is very vintage. They come in two other cute colors as well. The green and nude version is so cheerful and appropriate for the upcoming spring season.

Are you starting to shop for spring? Bought any cute sandals yet? Has anyone bought Seychelles before? They look comfy but you can never tell with shoes. Online shopping is always a gamble but these shoes just might be worth it for me.

Have a great Tuesday.


Anthropologie in the Spring

Hi everyone! It's time for a super late post on this Thursday evening. How was your day now that it's almost over? The last few days I've been busy helping out the visual team at my Anthropologie. I work there part-time, just as a sales associate, but occasionally they call me in to help with visuals. It's fun, creative work (but hard work) and it's nice switching up the job description every once in awhile. The store is going through a lot of changes for spring and not only are we getting in fresh, new apparel and home decor but also changing up the displays and concepts. It's exciting! I snapped a few iPhone pictures and thought I would share some of the spaces at my Anthro. Each store is different so if you go into your local store, you'll find new designs and interpretations. Here is what spring is looking like...

The lamps in the bottom picture just got installed and I love the character they have. They remind me of the Pixar lamp. Even though they are stationary, they convey a sense of movement which I like. This concrete-looking slab thing in the bottom picture is actually a headboard for a bed display. That cubby is quite ingenious, don't you think? I wouldn't mind having something like that beside my bed for my little odds and ends.

Those ceramic juicers in the top picture are my new favorite thing. We have an electrical orange juicer at home which is quite convenient and easy but nothing can beat the look of these hand painted ones. The store is always stocked with fresh plants and flowers but recently we've been putting out a lot of cacti and succulents. Being a succulent aficionado, I of course approve of this decision. Actually if you look at those plants on that top shelf, there are two on the left that have long tendrils hanging down. The one on the right is not a real plant. It's made out of braided/twisted yarn and rope. Now that's a plant you can't kill.

Those green lily pad looking things hanging in the top picture are made out of wax. I helped make and install them. You dip a water balloon in hot wax which is how they get their shape. They are like those chocolate bowls that I have been seeing all over Pinterest. They aren't easy to make though and it definitely takes some time to master the skill. 

Mostly I'm just really excited about all the color we're seeing in the store. It is very fun after all the muted tones and neutrals that you see at winter. What are some of your favorite design details at Anthropologie?

If you don't have an Anthro nearby, check out their Flickr stream anthropologie+you for ideas and inspiration.