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Font Love, Vol. XI

TGIFF!  Type friend Kerry of Super Swoon coined the term 'Thank God It's Font Friday' and I must admit that each Friday I very much agree with that statement.  As a lover of typography I look forward to discovering new favorites each week.  On this royal day, there are a few things to be excited about, other than the great fonts that we will be sharing.  First, a huge congrats is in store to our very own Alexandra from The Aerialist Press who will be graduating from Berkeley Law School soon.  Today she shared the news and pictures of the gorgeous graduation announcements that she personally designed.  Aren't these lovely?

photo: The Aerialist Press

What a true font-lover!  She included nine different ones.  The color scheme is so elegant and simple, which works perfectly with all the fonts.  I definitely spy a few favorites that we have shared in our Friday posts.  Big hugs to you Alexandra from me and all your Font Friday friends!

In other big news, today we welcome two new designers into our group.  Alison of Alison Owen Design will now be joining us, as will Laurel of Go Against the Grain.  Both Alison and Laurel have awesome first picks so be sure to check out their posts.     

And finally we can announce the winner of our font badge contest.  At first it was a tie between Kerry's TGIFF design and Alexandra's preppy logo but the tie was finally broken and Kerry won!

The winning design!  I'll be putting this up on my blog soon.

And finally we get to my font pick for the day.  I decided to highlight a font that is a part of one of the most recognizable logos in the wedding and fashion industry...Anthropologie.

photo: Anthropologie+You

As women, and lovers of all things beautiful, we know this logo all to well.  We've seen it a million times and I know that for me, that font is pretty ingrained in my memory.  But what font is it exactly?  I have done some research on the matter and have come up with a few possible contenders.  My favorite is Bodoni Roman:

What do you think?  Maybe this isn't quite the font that Anthropologie used but I think it's close and a great choice if you are wanting to replicate the famous logo in your own designs.  The versions on MyFonts are reasonably priced but if you are looking for something cheaper you can always go with the free version.  Filosofia Small Caps is also a possibility.  Which font do you think Anthropologie used?

You can find more font love favorites here:

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Eek, we're growing by leaps and bounds.  Love our group!  

Happy Friday and weekend everyone!


Anthropologie Finds: Paper Goods

Yesterday I did some browsing in Anthropologie, specifically focusing on cute paper goods.  Anthro collaborates with some really great artists so you can find beautiful work for a much more reasonable price.  For example, I love the work of artist Anna Bond, the mastermind behind Rifle Paper Company.  I have been admiring her work for ages now and would love to one day get invitations or calling cards personally illustrated by her.  A girl can dream!  But for now, I am able to enjoy Anna's work through Anthropologie.  She has a handful of different cards and card sets available in stores and online and like all of her work, they are just lovely.  I think I may buy a set for my holiday cards this year!  But yesterday I finally bought these illustrated recipe cards which I have been eyeing for ages.

So, so pretty!  And her packaging is spot on with the simple details.  This would make a great gift for the cook in your family.  

I also found these great illustrated cards by artist Jacqueline Schmidt of Screech Owl Design.  There is this playful and fun quality to her illustrations that really draws me to them.  There is also humor to her work and I love the juxtaposition of all the different animals.  She mostly draws birds but there are cards with polar bears, deer, and even a llama (considered buying that for Elysse).  Anthropologie only had a few of her cards but definitely check out her website for all her other designs.  My trick with little cards like this is to actually use them as mini artwork.  Cards are usually cheaper than prints so you can collect a whole bunch of little cards to compile for an art wall.  I'm saving up art like this for my own little collection.  

This next item combines two of my favorite things: letterpress and notebooks!  One can never have too many notebooks (my philosophy) and I have a bunch of Moleskines, wire-bound notebooks, and sketch pads lying all around my room and studio.  You never know when a great idea will pop into your head so I like to be ready.  Albertine Press created these simple little notebooks that have letterpress designs stamped into the front.  Letterpress is such an amazing art form and something that has been letterpressed feels so special to me.  I love the colors of these notebooks and the designs on them (especially the vintage typewriter!!).  I will cherish these babies and fill them with lovely ideas!

Finally, I have two Paris themed finds!  The first is a notepad by Parisian artist Nathalie Lete.  Her illustrations are really fun and have such a joyful quality to them.  The notepad I bought is an Eiffel Tower collage with photography, painting, and sewn details.  She actually has done a lot of work for Anthropologie, including plates, artwork, and rugs (just search her name on Anthro's website to see more of her amazing stuff).  

The second Paris item is this set of 80 decorated labels sold by Galison New York.  The illustrations were done by artist Jillian Phillips and they are the epitome of cute and sweet!  I think it's the little dogs and cat wearing French berets that won me over.  I cannot wait to use these for gift packaging this year.  They will look great on my presents in combination with red and white bakers twine.  

All of these items are bordering in the zone of being "too cute to use!"  I commonly buy things like this and then just want to stare at them and marvel in their beauty instead of actually using them.  But I must use them...it would be a waste not to!

Do you love paper goods as much as me?  Seriously, I'm addicted and have a problem.  I would buy everything in my path if I could.              


Love Cardigans

Sorry things have been a little slow here this week.  I had a busy Monday and Tuesday but I finally found some time to blog this morning.  Today this post will be devoted to one of my greatest passions...something I cannot live without...something that is so much a part of me and my style...cardigans!! 

I am a huge lover of cardigans and 9 out of 10 times, you will find me wearing one.  I am of the mindset that I can never own too many.  I walk into a store and make a beeline straight towards the cute, little, colorful sweaters.  Some would call themselves a shoe girl.  Well, I'm a cardigans girl!  I love stripped ones, ones with pretty lace and fabric ruffle details, solid color ones, and especially vintage ones.  One of my favorite sweaters is a bright red one that belonged to my grandfather.  Despite being a little big on me, I like knowing that my grandfather used to wear it.  It's comforting to me.  

So, considering this love affair, it makes perfect sense that I would love the trend of cardigans at weddings.  To me, they work on anyone: the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen.  This is a fun way to bring in a pop of color or a sweet detail.  And you don't have to wear them all day, you can bust out the sweaters for pictures and later on in the evening when it starts to get cold.  As a photographer myself (even an amateur one), I love taking pictures of the little details so having a few extra fun accessories will provide your photographer with even more photo opportunities.  

Check out some of these great cardigan examples:

Photos: Cameron Ingalls Photography 

This wedding was seriously one of my favorites!  I think the thing that draws me to it the most is the mustard color sweater the bride wore...I'm in heaven!  Not only do I love cardigans but my love affair with the color mustard yellow is equally large.  And she's adorned the sweater with a precious flower, even better!  I personally like bridesmaids that are all dressed differently but if you want them to all wear the same thing, this is a great way to do it.  All of the girls are wearing the same dress but the different colored cover-ups allow each girl's personality to shine through.  Despite having a few differences, this wedding party is still very cohesive.

Photo: Akil Bennett Photography 

Here are some more cardigan-clad bridesmaids.  This time they are all matchy-matchy but still equally adorable.  I am a big fan of the peach and grey color scheme going on here.  Yellow and grey is definitely something that is seen a lot so I like the variation that the peach provides. 

Photo: Elisabeth Millay Photography via Bonafide Bride

This bright red sweater and tea-length wedding dress combine for a great retro vibe.  To me, this bride looks so comfortable.  Although she looks flawless, there is this easy elegance about her. 

Photo: Braedon Photography

Although I like the color that a cardigan can bring to the pictures, a neutral palette can be just as spectacular.  I think this bride looks stunning.  I love her choice in sweaters and how it wraps for a flattering look.  This ensemble was perfect for her rainy day shots.  There is something amazing about neutral off-whites and whites paired together...kind of breathtaking! 

Photos: Jill Thomas Photography seen here and here

These pictures are some of my favorites for a few reasons.  I love Jill Thomas' photographs (seriously, one of my favorite photographers) so that probably helps.  Also, again we see the mixture of white, off-whites, and neutrals...love!  I also am really drawn towards the use of different textures here.  In the first image with the bridesmaids, we see a lot of different fabrics, lace, satin, cottons.  There are a bunch of small details that I really like.  Also the sweater/bolero cover-up that the second bride is wearing has some awesome, intricate beading detail that is quite lovely.  This images just make me so happy!

What do you think of the inspiration?  Are you as excited about cardigans as I am?  

I am always on the look-out for sweaters for my own collection so I put together a few favorites that I spotted recently.  I would buy all six if I had the money!

{ one :: Modcloth } { two :: Modcloth } { three :: J. Crew } { four :: J. Crew } { five :: Anthropologie }

{ six :: Ruche }


Tuesday Shoesday

First let me say, two days of blogging in a row, ya!  Compared to last week, this is amazing.  Hopefully I can do three tomorrow and really make myself proud/shock myself. 

So back to the point of this post...shoes!  I am very picky when it comes to choosing shoes for myself (not just any shoe will do) so it usually takes me awhile to make a decision.  And because I don't have tons of money to waste currently, it is all the more important that I make smart decisions when buying things like this (are they versatile, can I wear them with the most outfits, are they comfortable, etc.).  I have been needing to add a new pair to my wardrobe lately and so I have been on the look-out.  I have perused places like Zappos, Ruche, ModCloth, and Anthropologie countless times but was unable to commit to anything for various reasons (aka being extremely picky).  But last week I finally found something that fit my style and budget and I actually found it, committed to it, and bought it within a matter of minutes.  The shoes are from Bakers and they should be arriving today!

I have heard of Bakers but have never bought anything from them before.  These shoes were $30 on sale so I really couldn't resist.  I have been ogling over oxford shoes and have been searching for the right pair for me...hopefully these are it! 

I am loving all of the vintage-style shoes, like these oxfords.  Places like Ruche and ModCloth are definitely go-to sites for me because they have these styles that I like.  I must admit that although I like the look of heels and pumps, I rarely buy them.  I guess my feet have a low pain tolerance because I usually just won't put up with the hassle of heels.  There are always a few exceptions (like at parties where I know I will be sitting most of the time) but I just cannot comprehend how people wear heels all day at work, especially if you do a lot of standing.  I never know if I should salute these women for their bravery or criticize them for their stupidity.  To each their own I guess but I have definitely taken the flats route and I am happy with my decision (so are my feet)!  But I still fantasize about buying all kinds of fun heels.  Here are a few that I would definitely buy:

Shoes (from left to right): Ruche, Anthropologie, ModCloth (blue heel can also be found at Anthropologie)

Aren't they all beautiful?  I love all the different colors and the great, little details.  I wish I could justify buying them right now.

As I said I love flats too and it isn't just because they are practical and non-painful.  Many times they are just as adorable.  These few flats are some of my favorites right now.  They all have great colors and details too!

Shoes (from left to right): ModCloth, Ruche, Ruche, Ruche

Those white flats with the ruffle would be perfect for a wedding...or maybe just the reception afterwards when the bride wants to be more comfortable. 

So today marks my first Tuesday Shoesday post.  I got the idea from a few fellow bloggers who have started the trend, Abby from the Super Burbs, Sofia from Brancoprata, and Alison from The Knotty Bride.  Check out their most recent Tuesday Shoesday posts here, here, and here.  They have some great suggestions (some super high, sexy heels!). 

So while I was writing this my oxford shoes actually arrived!  I'm off to try them on, wish me luck!


New Discoveries

I have been such a bad blogger lately.  I have been getting more hours at my job with Anthropologie which is good but definitely bad for my blogging life.  Also, the last few days I have been helping a friend out with a project that has kept me busy.  So usually when I do get a little free time at night I just want to relax and not worry about a blog post.  My mini goal is to blog today, tomorrow, and then Friday to compensate for the week of silence.  I have a few crafts and DIYs planned for the near future but at the moment I will wow you with some "new discoveries" that I have found across the interwebz (yes, with a z).  I find new and awesome things all the time and sometimes it is just fun to share them with the world.  We can always use some lovely visual stimulation.


First, I must share an Anthropologie discovery that I am kind of obsessed with lately.  

So, I love vintage typewriters (I say that like there are tons of brand new typewriters to choose from...nope, mostly just vintage ones).  My dream is to own an Olivetti one day but until then I appreciate all artistic tributes to this pre-computers machine.  Hence my love for this top from Anthro.  It has little white typewriters on it.  Adorbs!  I have been eyeing it for awhile but resisted the urge because I cannot literally spend my entire paycheck on Anthro clothes/accessories.  But the top went on sale and with my employee discount it was very reasonable and definitely worth it.  I think the graphic is really fun and I think the print would look great on coordinating stationary and paper goods.  Pictures like the one on the left are definitely something I need to add to my little art collection.  Just search typewriters in Etsy and you will find all kinds of cute things (as expected).

Photos: LolasRoom and Anthropologie     


Another discovery is of the ceramic type.

Bethan Laura Wood is a London product designer whose blog I recently stumbled upon and who designs these stained teacups (along with other things) which I definitely must own.  I do not even drink tea but after purchasing these beauties I may be convinced to take up the habit.  These teacups are designed to "improve through use" or slowly reveal the design as the cup gets stained from tea.  The project is meant to revaluate the idea that with use/time, the value of products decreases.  I love the concept (and the bird design is precious) and I think it is a great assumption to prove wrong.  Some things only get better with age - including people.  :)

Photos: Bethan Laura Wood Stain Cup and Saucer


The next great find is a blog...Darjeeling Dreams

Here are a couple of screen shots from Darjeeling Dreams and hopefully you are as hooked as I was by the first sight.  I come across a lot of different blogs each week (sometimes each day) and since we only have so much time on this planet, you need to be picky about which blogs you will actually keep up with routinely.  There is no way I can look at everything so I need to determine what blogs/websites I will appreciate the most.  This is one I will definitely revisit.  The main focus is photographers/photography and food and what a great combination.  The recipes on there look delicious and from the first page alone there are a few that I want to attempt.  The blog introduces a lot of amazing photographers that post their work on Flickr, photographers who I may not have known about otherwise.  I love the dreamy quality of all the work that is posted here.  I think I love each picture more than the last.


My final discovery is a video (so exciting)!

Pictorial Webster's: Inspiration to Completion from John Carrera on Vimeo.


This video shows the bookbinding process of the Pictorial Webster's special edition book.  I have been interested in bookbinding lately (nothing like this, much more simple, handmade bookbinding for me thank you) and this video absolutely fascinates me.  Of course most book are not made this way.  All the Barnes & Noble books are made by machine I'm sure.  But I would imagine some editions are still made like this.  So much work goes into this.  Now our supply of books is endless.  I can get a book at the library, at my local Barnes & Noble, at Amazon.com, but in the past books were hard to come by and this video explains why.  The process was long and hard and it would have been impossible to produce millions.  Each book was like a little work of art.  This is clearly a dying craft but now that I am much more aware of how the process used to be, I will remember to appreciate books much more (this really wasn't a problem before...I LOVE books!). 


I hope you enjoyed my new discoveries as much as I did.  They all fascinate me in different ways and hopefully you will be equally intrigued.