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My Week Through Instagram: Week Four

Here is what week four looked like through me...through my Instagram lens of course.

Sunday: Started my morning with chai tea and a good book. Every morning should be so great.

Monday: Anthropologie tweeted that it was National Pie Making Day. I couldn't resist fixing up this apple pie again. I have been lucky to enjoy this delicious treat all week.

Tuesday: Trying more watercolors this week, this time peach tones.

Wednesday: My digital camera finally got fixed and came back to me. It was the sweetest surprise waiting for me on the porch when I got back from my evening walk.

Thursday: I made this adorable deer plaque and you can make it too! Here's the DIY.

Friday: After my first successful Blurb book I'm working on my second one. I spent Friday (and today) editing Italy images and compiling them into book form. 

Saturday: A chill Saturday at the computer. I had to represent my team and wear purple and gold. Go Lakers!

What did your week look like?

Follow me on instagram if you like. My username is laurenelisecrafted. Or see all of my pictures on the computer through Followgram. Happy weekend! 


Back From Thanksgiving, Goals Accomplished

Hi everyone!  I'm excited to be back today after the busy holiday last week (Thanksgiving if you are here in the US) and my lack of blogging.  Because this weekend was big for retail (Black Friday) I was swamped with work at Anthropologie.  I didn't do much shopping of my own, I am not one for the crazy hustle and bustle of holiday shopping.  Are you?  Did you find any great deals?  

But the time I got to spend appreciating the holiday and my family was just perfect.  We had a very small gathering this year at my house because some of our Arizona family was unable to come.  We missed them dearly but my holiday was just lovely and I wouldn't change anything about it.  My brother brought his girlfriend along and it was so nice to get and spend more quality time with her.  We took a walk together (with Scout) and talked about art, being creative, our futures...it was such an inspiring walk.  We all helped my Mom in the kitchen throughout the day, we snuggled under comfy sweaters and sat by a fire outside, had a yummy dinner, chatted, and finally ended the night watching one of my favorite movies Rear Window.  Simple and easy but perfect.

Another reason why the day was such a success was because I officially completed one of my Twelve by 2012 goals...I made an apple pie!  Well actually my brother, his girlfriend, and I all worked on the pie together but that made it way more fun.  The recipe is actually called an apple tart but it was basically a pie with an open top.  The recipe I followed was this one from Sprinkle Bakes.  This tart is hailed as the 'easiest ever' and I can say, it was a pretty simple recipe, even when you make your own dough like we did.  We were so excited making it because it was a first-time pie for all three of us.  It seemed like a ton of butter going into the pie in the beginning (we felt like we were doing some Paula Deen cooking) but in the end it didn't taste overly buttery.  It turned out so good...perfect warm {or cold} with a little vanilla ice cream.  It tasted so fresh, the apples were still crisp and had so much flavor.  I am so proud of my little pie and also finally accomplishing one of my goals.  I'll soon be accomplishing a few more so I guess I'm on a role now.

The messier the work station, the better the pie...this must be cooking law right?

Look at all that butter!  A lot is even hidden from view in this shot and of course a bunch went into the dough itself.

I guess I didn't take any post-baking shots with my camera but that is because we were too busy eating it and marveling at how delicious it was.  It was a beautiful golden brown.  I am very tempted to bake a second one (because the first one is gone) so maybe then I can try snapping a few shots of the completed pie.

And finally, just a few shots of our Thanksgiving.  My family, Mom and brother and I, on the right getting ready to eat.  I love this picture even though we are out of focus.  I am so thankful for these two people, my family.

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, how was your holiday?  Did you make anything spectacular?  Did you travel near or far?  But most importantly, did you spend it with the ones you love?  I hope you all did dear readers.


What I Want...Friday November 11th

Happy Friday all!  I haven't done a 'What I Want...' post in awhile so I thought I would bring it back today and share some of the things I am dreaming about for this weekend.  But before I get into that, I just wanted to say congratulations to Dominique who won our Font Friday Skunkling giveaway!  Enjoy Skunkling, it's such a great font.  Also if any of you are interested in free holiday printables featuring Skunkling, you can check out my design here and the other freebies from my friends here:

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So what are you dreaming about for the weekend?  I am wondering how mine is going to play out.  I know that I have some Anthropologie work but the Rose Bowl Flea Market is this Sunday so maybe I should go and officially complete one of my Twelve by 2012 goals.  While I ponder about my next few days, here is what I am dreaming about...

What I want to { eat } :: apple pie

Photo credit: Sprinkle Bakes

It is finally starting to feel like fall in Southern California and that means I'm craving apple pie, the go-to fall staple.  Now these are apple tarts but basically anything with apple, cinnamon, and a crust sounds scrumptious to me.  Don't those big granules of sugar look amazing?!  One of my 12 goals for this year is to bake my own apple pie and I am searching for a recipe.  I will probably bake my version for our Thanksgiving dinner which I will be sharing with my immediate family and aunt, uncle, and cousin.  Do you know of a perfect apple pie recipe?  Throw me any hints if you have them.

What I want to { buy } :: typewriter ribbon

Photo credit: Me!

I have had my cute little grey typewriter for awhile now and most of the keys are functioning ( a few stick sadly) but ever since purchasing it I have wanted to find some typewriter ribbon.  I think it would be so fun to type up some holiday cards and use it for packaging this year.  Some TLC definitely needs to go into my typewriter before I can use it but I hope to spend some quality time with it soon.  There is something so nostalgic and wonderful about it.  

What I want to { read } :: Uppercase Magazine 

Photo credit: Janine Vangool of Uppercase via Inward Facing Girl

I got this large package in the mail the other day and I was so perplexed at first.  Who is sending me something this large?  Wait, I don't remember ordering anything?  And to my surprise issue #11 was packaged inside.  I have done a quick scan of Uppercase's inspiring pages but have yet to really sit down and read it thoroughly.  I definitely am going to carve away some time this weekend to reading about fellow creatives and their beautiful work.  Uppercase is such a great publication, I definitely recommend it.

What I want to { do } :: package things with goodies from Present & Correct

Photo credit: Present & Correct, Old Gummed Labels

Do you know of Present & Correct?  This virtual shop is based in London and if you visit their site, packaging goodness awaits you.  Their items are inspired by vintage school supplies, stationary, and desktop items.  Some items actually are vintage with a limited supply while others just give a nod to good vintage design.  Their product styling and photography is perfect and each and every item is something I want to own.  The graphic designers who run the shop go on sourcing trips a few times a year to find the original products that they offer.  This packaging heaven gets me so excited about the holidays and the idea of wrapping up presents for friends and family.  

So what are your plans and dreams for the weekend?  Wherever you are, I hope you stay warm and snuggly if it's cold and enjoy these lovely November days.  Happy Friday!


Oak Glen Excursion

Hi friends! 

I am back from blog hiatus today and have a lovely post filled with all kinds of fun pictures for you.  I also have posts lined up for the rest of the week so be sure to check them out.  Lately I have been bad about blogging but the last few weeks have been busy ones for me so I have had to be a bit neglectful (not by choice of course...if I could throw loveliness at you everyday despite my schedule I totally would).  

Today I am going to recap on my fun Sunday excursion to Oak Glen, which is apple country here in Southern California.  Last year, my bestie Elysse and I headed up there for apple pie and other apple-related shenanigans and we decided to do a repeat this year (the only difference this time was the added company of Elysse's friend Mr. Tea - she picked that nickname and I rather like it so he will be referred to that from here on out).  Although there is not that much to do up in Oak Glen (especially for adults who are no longer intrigued by fake gun shows, wild west costumes, and petting zoos), I like the mountain woodsy atmosphere and with all the fall foliage, it definitely felt like autumn had arrived.  But for the most part, I go for the great company (thanks Elysse and Mr Tea!!) and the apple pie!  Last year, we got pie from Los Rios but on Sunday we decided to be adventurous and try something else in hopes of finding the best pie Oak Glen has to offer.  We chose Law's and were very happy with our choice.  The pie was really good, so good in fact that Mr. Tea and I both bought whole pies to bring home to share with others.  Here are some pie pictures:

Pie must be accompanied by ice cream.

Quickly devoured!

And the Law's sign...it is very retro but I like that about it.

Another stop on our journey was Snow Line Orchard for apple cider donuts.  Now these little donuts have kind of been a big deal to Elysse and I and we have been talking about them for awhile.  See Elysse's in-depth analysis on the apple cider donuts here.  The donuts were really good, mostly because they were super fresh (we watched them being made) and because they were covered in cinnamon and sugar (never a bad thing in my book).  There was a line out the door to get the donuts (like the country bumpkin version of Sprinkles) which we of course waited in.  Along with some cold apple cider, it was a tasty treat and we all enjoyed it.  The only downside was that Elysse wanted the donuts to taste more appley.

Cutey Elysse with the pie and then the show stopper...the apple cider (mini) donuts!

I do love them...they are delicious!

Old apple farm signage.  

The donut line...it had shrunk by the time I took this picture.

So that was our little excursion, or snack trek as Elysse would call it.  It wasn't too eventful but the company and food were great so I couldn't ask for more.  Maybe this will be a yearly jaunt that Elysse and I make and one day down the road we will be the hipster families sitting at the picnic benches with our flock of children (last year we enjoyed observing a group of families just like this and wondered if it was a sign of our futures).  

Here are some more images that capture our pleasant afternoon:

Chilled apple cider, yum!  After getting this shot I was scolded by the teenager working the cash register for taking pictures inside.  Yes, because clearly this picture is giving all of their secrets away.  How ever will they stay in business now that this picture is loose in the blogosphere?

I wanted to include these last two pictures for a couple of reasons.  One, I like all of the fall leaves and being able to see the seasons changing.  But the real reason for including them is because the picture on the right totally reminds me of Lord of the Rings.  I feel like that path exists in the Shire, no?  To me it has the same feeling as the road the hobbits are traveling on in the first movie when the ringwraiths are after them.  In that scene Frodo stares down a tree-lined path and it seems like the path is converging around him.  Ok, nerd enough for you?

Do you have any fall activities that you like doing?  Any places you escape to?  Have you tried delicious apple cider donuts?