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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twenty-Two

Happy weekend friends! Are you having a nice one so far? I have to say mine has been quite lovely. I have read, I wrote a couple letters yesterday (something I haven't done in SO long), I ate a yummy meal with my family last night. I'll be picking up my camera today and taking photographs. All the things that make for a nice few days. What have you been up to?

Here is my Instagram recap of last week, which was week twenty-two of 2012.

Sunday: These are some filler flowers that we picked up from Trader Joe's. I like filler flowers by themselves so these got put on display in a mason jar. They were a little messy and had a very Dr. Seuss quality to them.

Monday: We also scored these peonies from Trader Joe's, the last bunch. We just finally had to throw them away but these flowers were so beautiful all week. I was seriously captivated by them and how they changed colors and transitioned from closed-up buds to magnificent blooms. I took a bunch of pictures to capture the different stages and I'll be sharing them this week.

Tuesday: I did a DIY project this weekend and used electrical tape for the first time. I really liked it! These orange and purple colors were unexpected and I might try them out in my packaging more often.

Wednesday: Home Depot was actually selling flowers in these vintage-looking crates. This one is a welcome addition to our front porch.

Thursday: I sat outside in my backyard two days this week. It was rather warm but better in the shade and it just felt good to get out and see some sun. I worked and sketched out new ideas for upcoming projects. This old chair of ours is my favorite piece of patio furniture. It was my grandmother's and I remember it from her house when I was little.

Friday: I made up some scrambled eggs in the morning and was surprised to see this batch all stamped. An unexpected detail.

Saturday: I devoted some time to writing letters, something that I've been 'meaning to do' for far too long. It felt good to sit at my desk and just write. The only writing I do normally is on the computer. I used this old typewriter paper that has this amazing texture and these neat red lines at the margins. Now if only I could get my typewriter working then I'd really be set.

So that was a peek into my week twenty-two. What did yours look like?

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Backyard Blooms

Southern California weather is so crazy. Yesterday rain threatened the southland and dark, gloomy clouds hung over our heads all day. Apparently it did rain closer to the coast, in San Diego and Los Angeles, but it stayed dry where I am, east of LA. And this morning I wake up and what do I see? Clear, sunny, blue skies again. You would never imagine yesterday's gloominess after today. Those of you who are getting tired of winter probably think I'm crazy. And you're right. I shouldn't complain about sunny skies.

Yesterday in my styling vignettes feature I included some fruit tree blooms from my backyard. Today I wanted to share a few pictures I captured of our blooming tree. 

For now it seems winter has passed us by and because of this fruit trees are blooming like crazy. They are so beautiful and cheerful. As I walk around my neighborhood I spot so many spring hues. You can't help but feel inspired. 

Bees were buzzing around the flowers. I was so surprised to actually catch this little guy in action. 

If you are still surrounded by winter gloom, hang in there. Spring will come. And it will be all the more wonderful when it does. 

Have a beautiful Wednesday!


Taking It All In

One of my absolute favorite blogs to read is written by stylist, photographer, and author Pia Jane Bijkerk.  I love to devote a decent amount of time over at her blog, just soaking up her lovely images.  She lives in Amsterdam, a city I visited and enjoyed so much, and whenever she writes about the city, I feel like I'm there!  She really takes me away and I imagine all the sights, smells, and sounds again (In all honesty, I'm living vicariously through her a bit).  I particularly enjoy her images of the canals through the seasons because the canals are this beautiful and integral aspect of Amsterdam. 

A few days ago, Pia wrote about the freshly fallen snow that had blanketed Amsterdam in white.  She included some spectacular shots of the snow-covered boats in the canals and some bicycles that had been left out in the cold.  The images are truly amazing and you should definitely check them out (along with all her other gorgeous posts).  For a true Southern California girl, seeing that much snow is pretty mind-blowing.  Pia also talked about taking a break from her work to venture out into the cold and to explore her wintry city.  She inspired me to do the same, to take some time just to walk outside and appreciate my surroundings.  I was cooped up a lot this weekend working on a project deadline so it was nice to just exist outside for awhile.  I brought along my camera (of course) just as Pia had done.  Although my environment is not as dramatic as Amsterdam, it is still very beautiful.  Our trees have finally turned and some have started to loose their leaves (I realize that this phenomenon happened months ago for most parts of the world but it takes Southern California awhile longer to get to this part).  I am lucky to have a quintessential fall tree sitting right outside my window for me to admire from time to time.  It truly is a beautiful time of year!  

Go outside and enjoy your surroundings for awhile.  Snow or sunshine, you can still appreciate it!       


Nikon 50mm f1.4 lens

So I recently rented two lenses from Rentglass for a couple of weeks.  This concept of lens rental is so awesome and the pricing is very reasonable.  I have been wanting to buy the Nikon 50mm f1.4 and 35mm f1.8 lenses for some time but since that isn't in the budget now, Rentglass provides a great alternative.  Both lenses take amazing photographs and the only downside is that now I want to own them even more.  I did a photoshoot on Saturday using only the 35mm and I'm super happy with the results.  It is amazing how well the lens performs in low light, easily doing a better job than my current equipment.  It will be hard returning this stuff because I'll have gotten a glimpse of what I could have.  One day!  


I will post the first part of the photoshoot tomorrow but today I am showcasing some pictures I took with just the 50mm in my backyard.

What are these?  Tangelos, kumquats?  A group of us couldn't decide the other day...I think they are kumquats.


And my favorite picture (or series of pictures):

This pomegranate was blowing in the wind, hence the varied focus points.  Despite being cracked open and dried up, I think it was a beautiful find.


I am so glad I rented these lenses.  I've had so much fun exploring with them!