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For You // For Home, Volume I

Hi friends! Today I'm starting a new inspirational series similar to my Fashion & Florals post. Coming from an architecture background, I am still constantly inspired by interiors and beautiful home styling. And I am a firm believer that a well designed, well lit space can make all the difference. This series will be a juxtaposition between spaces and interiors, for home, and shoes and accessories, for you.

Today I'm inspired by the color mustard and I have paired some strappy sandals with an elegant and grand bedroom. 

for you {Anthropologie, shoes by Seychelles}

for home {Mel Yates Photography via This is Glamorous}

I am swooning over those shoes. I am currently looking for some new sandals too and this pair is definitely a contender. The colorblocking feels modern but the t-strap shape is very vintage. They come in two other cute colors as well. The green and nude version is so cheerful and appropriate for the upcoming spring season.

Are you starting to shop for spring? Bought any cute sandals yet? Has anyone bought Seychelles before? They look comfy but you can never tell with shoes. Online shopping is always a gamble but these shoes just might be worth it for me.

Have a great Tuesday.


Working from my Bed

I have a desk but I choose not to use it. 

Now that the weather is finally getting colder, I prefer to setup my workspace in my bed, underneath all of my warm covers and blankets.  This is one of my favorite spots.  I feel warm, happy, secure, comfy. 

At some point I will need to leave my bed so that I can accomplish other projects but as I wake up and catch up on my favorite blogs, I am happy where I am, under my covers. 

Some people like going into an office everyday, having that separation between work and home.  But I prefer it this way.  Home truly is where my heart is.  ♥

Here are some dreamy bedroom images to give you a little inspiration for the day! 

Happy dreams!

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