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Birthday Party Roundup

How is your Thursday going friends? I have a busy and long day ahead of me which includes my brother's big show tonight. I'm so excited for him and can't wait to hear him and his band play their new songs live. Live is always better. Any LA locals looking for something to do tonight? You should stop by!

It's my 2nd blog birthday, which I've been celebrating this week, and with birthdays come birthday parties. Unfortunately we can't all get together for one big party since blogging takes place in a virtual world but that can't stop us from celebrating. Today I want to throw a virtual party of sorts and highlight a few favorite decor elements which I am currently loving. This way we can all be involved and have mini parties with ourselves in front of our computer screens. Not quite the same but I think all of these goodies will put you in the birthday mood anyway...

Rifle Paper Company


Banter Banner

Potter & Butler

Bake It Pretty

Mademoiselle Chipotte

This would be such a lovely party to attend. Everything is so cheerful. What items would you have at your virtual party?


Confetti Birthday Envelopes DIY

So I was a busy bee this morning putting together this confetti-inspired birthday DIY for Birthday Week. All you packaging lovers out there should like it. I transformed a basic glassine bag into a little envelope and added some washi tape. All these materials I had on hand so it was easy to throw together. And notice I said confetti inspired. Real confetti is lovely but kind of messy. These envelopes have no mess, just fun!

Here are the few quick steps to making this yourself...

You'll need a glassine bag and washi tape of course. A hole punch and an x-acto knife (or scissors) are also important. I also used a metal-edge ruler when cutting the bag but you don't necessarily need one. You'll also need a scrap piece of cardstock.

I used pink and turquoise washi but vary the color combinations based on the tape you have available. Rainbow colors would be perfect for a kid's party! A party with rainbow sprinkles and funfetti cake.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Have a creative day friends!


Lauren Elise Crafted Turns 2!

Happy Friday dear friends! I totally had something else planned but late last night I discovered that today, March 9th was an important event. And I had to make note of it here since it concerns the blog. Exactly two years ago today I started Lauren Elise Crafted. Yep, it's my birthday!

I won't lie, this birthday snuck up on me a bit. I kept assuming it was sometime next week. But according to my calendar March 9, 2010 was the day Lauren Elise Crafted got started. I read my first post ever last night and couldn't believe how my reasons for starting this blog then and my reasons for continuing to blog now are still very similar. I was super excited about beginning my journey into blogging. I am still just as thrilled to be here. I continue to see new things, create new things, meet new people that makes this whole journey completely worthwhile.

Two years ago I was looking for a place to share my ideas and inspirations publicly and to connect with people through this creativity. That is still my goal today. My favorite part about blogging is sharing my projects with you all and talking about it and learning from each other and inspiring each other. That is why I am here.

As I reflect today, I am amazed by all that has changed and yet equally amazed by the similarities between Lauren Elise Crafted on day one and Lauren Elise Crafted now on day 732. These two years have been good to me and I mostly have you wonderful readers to thank for that. I appreciate you all visiting, for commenting, for pinning my images, for collaborating with me, for liking me on Facebook, for having me make something for you...for following along with my journey. No matter how small, the interactions are meaningful to me.

So happy birthday to me, to this blog! The next two years excite me like no other and I cannot wait to continue doing the things I started out doing in March 2010. Thank you again for being a part of it. Next week will be Birthday Week on the blog and I'll be recapping my year (see my first year recap here) and doing some other fun DIYs and celebratory things. So do check back to enjoy the fun. Happy weekend to you all!


Rose Bowl Flea Market: Goal Achieved

About a month ago I was so excited to discover that my birthday fell on a weekend that would not only include Renegade LA but also the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I have been wanting to visit the flea market for sometime now and some of you may remember that it was one of my Twelve by 2012 goals to visit before the new year. When my friend Elysse and I planned out the weekend we decided a trip to Pasadena couldn't be left out. And lucky enough, we got my brother to tag along too which was a perfect birthday present because I love spending time with him.

All three of us were Rose Bowl newbies so we weren't sure what to expect on Sunday. I have heard many great things, especially about how large it is but nothing could have prepared us. The fair is huge! We covered a lot and as we were getting ready to leave, I think we naively assumed we had seen most of it...so, so wrong. It seemed to stretch on forever and there were a lot of areas we completely missed or just quickly ran through. I'm not sure if one could actually see the entire thing in one day. But what we did see was so amazing, such a visual delight with so many curious knick knacks and collectibles. There was a lot of junk but also some fantastic finds.

This booth was a favorite, stocked with beautiful vintage glass bottles. They had them separated by color and they just shimmered in the sunlight. $3 per bottle is a pretty good price too. I find that in antique stores, little glass vials like this can get quite expensive ($10, sometimes $15 each). I want to know the stories behind each bottle, don't you? Where did they come from? How old are they? What was in them?

Rugs were big, I saw a lot of them. When I get serious about finding myself a rug for my room I may need to go back and seriously look at prices. Rugs can be so expensive.

There were a lot of vintage military booths selling things like these old metal ammo cases. I like the wood chests...they would make for some good storage. Cool brother on the right.

Industrial stamps with wood handles.

Any booth with cameras was a must-stop for David and me. This one was definitely a delight.

More old cameras of course. Also, neat vintage matchboxes. Sometimes the graphic design on these is really great.

A booth of vintage fabrics and sewing odds and ends.

And we couldn't end the weekend without some official documentation of our smiling faces. Elysse with her purchases...she found the most cool stuff including a $10 working typewriter. It was originally $15 but she got the price down. Way to heckle Elysse!

David and me. Look at that sweet old camera he has. He got that beauty for $35 a few weeks ago. I have camera envy.

Oh yes, and proof of the documentation that was going on. Thank you Elysse for the picture.

I gave each of them their own little portrait that I took with my Fujifilm Instax Camera. A nice reminder of the day I think. 

I am proud that I have completed 3 of my 12 goals. That doesn't sound too great but I think I'll be completing a few more soon. I probably won't finish all 12 but the whole point is to encourage and I may not have done some of these things without this encouragement. So I'm happy with the progress so far. Are you doing Twelve by 2012? How is your progress?


I Am 26 Now

Hi blog friends! How was everyone's weekend? I must say that mine was quite wonderful. Saturday was my birthday and I was lucky enough to have a birthday weekend packed with some of my favorite activities and surrounded by my most favorite people. It really was perfection and I am feeling so thankful for such a special few days. I am one lucky 26 year old. 26! Wow, it's hard to believe sometimes but I am really excited for this next year. I think 26 will be a good one because I have all kinds of hopes and dreams for the upcoming 2012 year. So far my mid-20s have been an interesting time, full of a lot of soul searching and sometimes struggle but I think that is what your 20s are about and so far I am really happy with who I am becoming and how I am defining myself as me. Also I am lucky to have fabulous, supportive people around me so without them, who knows where I would be. Thank you lovelies, you know who you are...I probably don't thank you enough but you're the best.

I have fun pictures to share from my jaunts this weekend and I look forward to posting those. I am also accomplishing more and more of my Twelve by 2012 list which makes me happy. Have a lovely Monday all.   

This picture of me was taken by my bestie Elysse yesterday...thanks for the photo friend!