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Whisker Graphics May DIY

Hello dear readers! Another month passed means another Whisker Graphics DIY. If you don't know, I create a monthly DIY project for the WG blog using their fabulous products which includes the amazing Divine Twine and Bitty Bags (the shop is filled with other great paper goods too so be sure to check out all that it has to offer). Their products are a go-to for cute packaging and I use Whisker Graphics constantly for personal and work projects. But for these monthly DIYs I like to envision their products in different ways, sort of rethink their traditional uses. For May, I transformed a Bitty Bag into a piece of home decor. It is super simple and it only takes a few materials.

Remember the green bottle from my Mother's Day polka dot vase? It is a recycled apple cider bottle. I recommend any repurposed glass bottle for this project, just anything you can give new life to.

So how does it go from Bitty Bag to flower? I cut the bag into strips and then fringed the pieces. Then I just rolled up the fringe to get a sort of paper pom. Fluff up the fringe and it looks like a full flower in bloom. Use hot glue to secure as you go.

I found a dried branch outside, placed it in the bottle and then glued the flowers to the branch with hot glue. The whole process goes very quickly and you can finish the entire project in under an hour. A super simple weekend craft.

I love this minimalist arrangement and the defined shape of the curving branch. And since there is no upkeep, it is quite the ideal floral arrangement.

Bitty Bags come in a handful of colors so you could match any color scheme that you have in your home. Compliment the colors of the flower with the color of the bottle. You could even spray paint the bottle a certain hue to get a matching look. Visit the Whisker Graphics blog to see other DIYs by the design team and other examples of WG products. I hope you enjoyed this simple project. Happy crafting!


Whisker Graphics April DIY

Hi crafty friends! For today I'd like to share my April project that I created for Whisker Graphics. As you may know, I create a monthly DIY for the Whisker Graphics blog using their fabulous products (Bitty Bags, Divine Twine, and more) along with a handful of other talented ladies who contribute regularly as well. It is such a fun collaboration and I love trying to come up with innovative new ways to put a twist on these packaging products. And here is what I came up with for April...

I made these summery, nautical envelope liners. All I did was cut up bitty bags and fit them inside my envelopes. It is a simple project and the supplies are minimal. The best kind of project...easy and inexpensive!

I imagine these liners being used in pool party invites this summer, don't you? Or maybe BBQ bashes. Something about them feels poolside and makes me want to bask in the sun. Which is actually something I could do today in Southern California. It's going to be warm, mid-80s and probably 90s by tomorrow. Not quite spring weather but very common here.

Be sure to visit the Whisker Graphics blog to read more about this DIY. You can see all my other WG projects here. Just a little FYI, the 'Carte Postale' stamp is by my friend Tristan of Besotted Brand. And the 'hello, friend' stamp is by my friend Danni of Oh, Hello Friend. Both have beautiful shops which you should visit.

Happy Thursday!


Whisker Graphics March DIY

Happy Thursday friendlies! How is it Thursday already? How is it April (almost) already?! Time flies when you're busy and have lots on the horizon I guess. I am going to enjoy these last few moments of March since they are slipping away fast.

Today I want to share my monthly Whisker Graphics project. I create a monthly project for their blog using the fabulous WG products, Divine Twine, Bitty Bags...check out all that their store has to offer. It's a lot of fun and I'm joined by other talented bloggers who contribute their own projects on a regular basis too. See all of the creative projects over on the Whisker Graphics blog. For March I made up some Mod-inspired party flags using Bitty Bags.

This is a quick and easy project that can be pulled together right before a party. The colors are bright and cheerful and will instantly spruce up your party decor. And these flags would work for both adult and children's events. The mod style feels more mature but the colors keep it youthful. To see the materials I used, visit the post on Whisker Graphics, browse around, and say hi to the WG team. 

Thanks for visiting Lauren Elise Crafted today. Have a great day!


Whisker Graphics February DIY

Happy Tuesday everyone! Did you all see I'm on Facebook now?! Check out the little 'like' box on the right sidebar over there. ------> I'm kind of excited about it. Looking forward to connecting with everyone in a totally new way. 

Today I'm going to share my February DIY that I created for Whisker Graphics. If you don't know, I do a monthly project for them which highlights their wonderful products. We've been collaborating since July so this is my eighth project. See my past projects here. For February I decided to spice up some regular pencils using Bitty Bags. I must admit I was inspired by these lokta pencils which are carried by Anthropologie. I have a set of them myself and they are so fun. I wanted to recreate that look using the Bitty Bag material.

The Bitty Bags are lightweight, made from glassine-like material so I knew they wouldn't need much to stick them to the pencils. Modge Podge turned out to be the perfect adhesive. It is sticky enough and it dries clear so I didn't worry about applying it carefully. It got everywhere but it didn't matter. 

I used the new vertical-stripe bags but Whisker Graphics has a handful of cool patterns which would work just as well. I think I want to try some other materials next. Maybe tissue paper or wrapping paper so that I can get different patterns and textures. 

Visit the Whisker Graphics blog to see the full materials list and my write-up. I think I will put together a full tutorial with pictures soon so that everyone can get a better visual of what I did. Check back for that.

These would make for great party favors, don't you think? I would wrap them up with a little pad of paper for easy gifting. And I think they work for kids and adults too. I would love to receive them. I don't write with regular pencils too often (I usually opt for mechanical pencils) but these frilly ones will definitely encourage me to jot more notes. And the colors are so cheerful, it would be hard to ignore them.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY today. Happy crafting friends! 


Whisker Graphics October DIY + A Giveaway

It's the middle of October and that means I get to share my October Whisker Graphics DIY with you today.  Plus I get to announce another giveaway!  Yep, that's right, another giveaway especially for my readers.  October is sure turning into one fun month here on the blog.  But first, lets take a look at the project I came up with and get creative.

I am a big fan of the Bitty Bags and Little Bitty Bags that Whisker Graphics offers.  The prints are really fun and perfect for party favors.  And for those of us who like to keep it simple, there is a whole new line of plain kraft and glassine bags.  Basically Whisker Graphics has created packaging heaven!  I knew I wanted to highlight the Bitty Bags in my project this month but I had already done a treat bag DIY.  I wanted to do something different and rethink how to use a typical bag.  I have seen people make cards out of paper lunch sacks before and so I worked that idea into making a mini notebook from this red polka dot bag.

I am a collector of little notebooks and have a stash of them in my desk.  I carry them around constantly and find them useful to jot down inspirations and ideas when I come up with something on the go.  This DIY would be perfect for just that, an easy way to make your own little book of inspiration.  Or if you have kids, have it as a doodle pad for when they get bored.  This is an easy and inexpensive little option for those of you who can't get enough paper goods like me.

Another great thing about using the Bitty Bags as notebook covers, you get a built in little pocket where you can stash pictures or pens or paper keepsakes.  Moleskine notebooks have pockets built in and I absolutely love that feature.  It was a happy accident that my version turned out to have them as well.  

If you want to see more pictures and the supplies I used to make this project, head over to the Whisker Graphics blog.

And now that we've had our daily dose of crafty, we can get to the giveaway!  Whisker Graphics is offering a $15 gift certificate to one of my lucky readers.  This is good for anything in their shop, Divine Twine, Bitty Bags, stickers, calendars, etc.  The hard part will be deciding what to buy but I think you guys are up to the challenge.

Enter the giveaway by following Whisker Graphics on their blog or by liking them on Facebook.  After following them, let me know by leaving a comment on this post.  You can enter the giveaway starting today (10/20) and ending next Wednesday (10/26).  I will pick a winner Thursday morning and announce it that day.  I'll then get in touch with the winner through email so be sure to leave me an email where I can reach you.  Good luck everyone!