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Behind the Scenes Wedding Details

Today I'm sharing some more behind the scenes shots of the details I'm putting together for an upcoming May wedding. I already posted these pictures of the pennant flags and place cards and a few months ago I even shared the custom burlap banner I made for the bridal shower. So you have come along on this journey a bit with me, seeing all the handmade details as they develop. This morning I took some pictures of the programs and menus. The menus are done (big thanks to my Mom for tying most of those bows) and the programs are just about finished. Just a few more days of work.

Here are the printed programs, ready to go into the burlap covers.

This is a small stack of bound programs. They are all hand-bound with pink embroidery floss. All they need now are the muslin labels.

When they are all finished, the programs will have these muslin labels attached to the front. The labels have the couple's names and wedding date stamped onto them. I think these will be such a nice keepsake for the guests. And to the right is my Trader Joe's bag stuffed with completed programs. There is probably 75-80 in there.

And the big box of menus. We had to make 200 of these!

Everything looks great in my home but it will look even better at the wedding mixed in with all the rest of the decor. I cannot wait to see the professional photos from this event.

What are you busy working on this week?  


My Week Through Instagram: Week Seventeen

Ya, so I'm finally getting around to blogging this week. Not doing too good so far but I have double posts coming at you today to make up for it. First I'll start with my recap of last week, week seventeen of 2012. Last week was nonstop wedding preparation for my big deadline coming up and I'm finishing up little things this week too. The end is in site and I cannot wait to see it all completed and be able to turn it over to my bride. I'm so happy with how things are turning out.

Sunday: I decided to start the day off right and scramble up some eggs with red peppers for myself. Freshly squeezed orange juice too. It was so yummy! And it really doesn't take that long. I should do it more often.

Monday: This is a mini peek at a project I'll be able to share with you all soon. Do you recognize that font? It's my new favorite thing: Jacques and Gilles!

Tuesday: Busy days call for easy hair. I threw my locks up in a top knot for ease while working. My hair has gotten so long (it hasn't been this long in years...it's usually around shoulder length) and it occasionally gets in the way of things.

Wednesday: Some days a mid-day cereal treat is in order. And then other days a cinammon cereal treat is in order.

Thursday: I cut out this little vinyl heart and stuck it to my studio window. It looks like my heart is floating off in the sky.  

Friday: These are the menus I designed and am currently putting together. The food for this wedding looks quite delicious so every time I read it I get hungry. 

Saturday: On my walk I looked up to see these little airplane streaks. They were so vibrant in the deep, blue sky. 

So that was my week seventeen. What did yours look like?

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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twelve

Before I nod off to bed on this Saturday night, I thought I would share my Instagram pictures from the last week, week twelve of 2012. When I do these weekly recaps I'm reminded of how many visually interesting things I encounter each day. There really is beauty all around and I am so glad I've challenged myself to this 'picture a day' project so that I can document all that is lovely.

Sunday: My big goal last weekend was to make some major headway on my crocheting. I have been struggling for awhile but I finally started to get comfortable with it and on Sunday I was able to make up a few little squares of single stitches. It is quite small but I am quite proud of it!  

Monday: This is just a sneak peek of a custom pennant I'll be making for an upcoming wedding. Just pink + muslin + a little jute twine...a great combination.

Tuesday: I was doing more work for a wedding on Tuesday, this time cutting burlap strips. I love using burlap and it really does look great when finished but while cutting and working, it's just a mess! Fuzzy burlap pieces were everywhere and it made me feel itchy.

Wednesday: For lack of a blog post, I shared a few Instax pictures of my brother and me. These snapshots make me happy and remind me of all the crazy hopes and dreams that we, as young, creative entrepreneurs, have right now.

Thursday: I scored these new citron-colored denim from Anthro and I am in love with the brightness. It is the perfect infusion of color into my wardrobe this spring. I might just have to do a fashion post soon highlighting them.

Friday: I pass this arrow all the time in the parking lot but for whatever reason it caught my eye on Friday in particular. I like the bold, graphic statement.

Saturday: Much of my day was spent watercoloring which included about 100 of these pink-washed place cards (also for a wedding)(also I'm only half-way done). The pink is very light and hard to notice in the picture but the subtle hue is so feminine. Even I can be a sucker for pink!

So that was week twelve for me. What did your week look like?

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My Week Through Instagram: Week Ten

Happy Monday morning everyone! This time change seems to have done me in and I feel a bit behind already. Clearly I'm playing catch up this morning since my Instagram recap post is happening on a Monday instead of the weekend. An official 'birthday week' Monday post is coming later (promise) but I had to stop and share week ten with all of you.

Sunday: I spent a little extra time sleeping in, reading in bed, and just relaxing on Sunday morning. It felt good.

Monday: I worked up a possible program idea for a wedding using burlap and pink/peach details. I got a lot of nice compliments on Instagram (thanks guys!) but it was especially nice to hear that the bride loved it too. Moving forward with this design now.

Tuesday: I got to watercolor again today. Even though it was for work, it was relaxing and fun.

Wednesday: I had to go into Downtown LA to retrieve my digital camera from my brother. We spent some time catching up and eating pie at a new favorite spot The Pie Hole. As you can see, the pie was yummy and it got devoured.

Thursday: Working on more burlap details for a wedding, this time simple bows for the menus. 

Friday: March 9th is my official blog birthday (I'm 2 now!) and to celebrate I'm kicking off 'birthday week' here on the blog. I'll have some fun things to show you so stay tuned.

Saturday: A birthday just isn't complete without cupcakes so I stopped by a local place to pick up a few. I'm going to be taking some pictures of those fun sprinkle ones today. Can't wait!

So that was my week ten of 2012. What did your week look like?


Custom Burlap Banner

Hi everyone! I just have time for a super quick post. I am working all day at my part-time job at Anthropologie helping with displays (hence minimal time for blogging). I'll try and take a few pictures to share the stuff we're working on. With spring coming in, our store has been making a lot of neat changes to help usher in the season. Everything feels really fresh and exciting.

I just wanted to show you this custom burlap banner I made for a client a few weeks ago. I made it for the bride's shower but it will also get used for photos on the day of the wedding. Cute right? Pink and burlap is definitely a great combination, feminine and rustic. I'm busy making a few other fun details for this wedding and I cannot wait to share them. It's really going to be a beautiful affair.

Enjoy the banner and sorry again for the quick post. Have a great Tuesday!