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Lauren Elise Crafted Turns 2!

Happy Friday dear friends! I totally had something else planned but late last night I discovered that today, March 9th was an important event. And I had to make note of it here since it concerns the blog. Exactly two years ago today I started Lauren Elise Crafted. Yep, it's my birthday!

I won't lie, this birthday snuck up on me a bit. I kept assuming it was sometime next week. But according to my calendar March 9, 2010 was the day Lauren Elise Crafted got started. I read my first post ever last night and couldn't believe how my reasons for starting this blog then and my reasons for continuing to blog now are still very similar. I was super excited about beginning my journey into blogging. I am still just as thrilled to be here. I continue to see new things, create new things, meet new people that makes this whole journey completely worthwhile.

Two years ago I was looking for a place to share my ideas and inspirations publicly and to connect with people through this creativity. That is still my goal today. My favorite part about blogging is sharing my projects with you all and talking about it and learning from each other and inspiring each other. That is why I am here.

As I reflect today, I am amazed by all that has changed and yet equally amazed by the similarities between Lauren Elise Crafted on day one and Lauren Elise Crafted now on day 732. These two years have been good to me and I mostly have you wonderful readers to thank for that. I appreciate you all visiting, for commenting, for pinning my images, for collaborating with me, for liking me on Facebook, for having me make something for you...for following along with my journey. No matter how small, the interactions are meaningful to me.

So happy birthday to me, to this blog! The next two years excite me like no other and I cannot wait to continue doing the things I started out doing in March 2010. Thank you again for being a part of it. Next week will be Birthday Week on the blog and I'll be recapping my year (see my first year recap here) and doing some other fun DIYs and celebratory things. So do check back to enjoy the fun. Happy weekend to you all!


A Cake Party with New Friends

Hi everyone!  I have a bunch of lovely eye candy to share today.  I am so excited to finally post about a blogger's party that I was invited to by the ever-so-sweet Danni of Oh, Hello Friend (one of my favorite blogs ever) and hosted by Ruby of Cakies (super inspirational and crafty!!).  And lucky for those of us attending, this wasn't just any party, it was a cake party!

That's right, yummy cakes were the main course.  Everyone was asked to bring a cake (or cupcake) along with a pretty cake stand to share with the group.  Aren't all the cakes so lovely?!  Everyone did such a good job and everything was so delicious (I enjoyed the leftovers for a few days afterward).  

Ruby has such a lovely home, filled with unique and vintage treasures.  Danni brought along some of her own props too but she pulled a lot of the decor from Ruby's personal collection.  We gathered outside on the patio (under twinkly lights!) and dined around this beautiful rustic table, something I would love to add to my own personal collection (when I get a home someday).  

Eclectic, rustic chairs and each one was different.  Ruby has great style when it comes to these vintage pieces.  

My cake was the chocolate bundt cake you see in the first image.  It was actually a root beer chocolate cake (I got the recipe from Joy the Baker).  I absolutely love root beer so I would have liked more of that flavor but it was still delicious.  There was a consensus that the cake tasted like a tootsie roll, definitely not a bad thing.  The cake above was a funfetti cake made by Linda, who did a wonderful job on decorating it.  Funfetti cakes always bring me back to my childhood.

This purple cake was so mini and cute!  The lovely Myra made this one.  She has some stellar cake decorating skills.  She took a class apparently.  Her skills definitely came in handy for this party.

OMG yum!  Ruby made this strawberry shortcake and it was delicious.  She promised to share the recipe over on her blog soon and I can't wait.  I would love to recreate it.  The strawberries were so refreshing and it was super light.  A perfect summer dessert.  Our plates were all mismatched antique store finds.  Such a cute idea to have a bunch of unique dishes like this.  Matching dinnerware is definitely overrated.

So much cute stuff!  Danni and Ruby did such a good job putting it all together.

Ruby has three lovely daughters and two other girls joined the party so a kid's table was set up adjacent to ours.  They were having their own mini cake party complete with homemade play dough for after-meal crafting.  

Ruby with her girls, Soul, True, and Brave.

On the left are our napkins.  They were almost too pretty to use.  On the right is our dinner.  Ruby was kind enough to make us some sustenance with these mini pizzas.  They were so good...another recipe I wouldn't mind having.  The basil was fresh...from Ruby's garden...seriously she is super woman.  

We got little sprinkle favors to take home, with pretty calligraphy tags by Ruby.  Much too cute to eat.

And if the sprinkle favors weren't enough, Danni and Ruby set up this DIY station and everyone made their own mini cake stand.  Mine turned out adorable (I'll share pictures soon) and I plan to keep jewelry in it on my desk.  These crafty girls thought of everything and us guests were so wowed by their efforts.  Everything was so personal and special.  

Last image from oh, hello friend.

But when you mix super cute details with bloggers, this is what you get!  It was paparazzi style for about 30 minutes.  It was too funny (the neighbors probably thought we were freaks...and possibly the kids too) but everything was so lovely, it had to be captured on camera/multiple cameras.  

I can't thank Danni and Ruby enough for including me.  Even if you took away the yummy cake and pizza and the cute decor, I still had such a great time meeting all of these fabulous bloggers and creatives.  We chatted into the evening hours and it was so nice to have deep conversations about all things blogging, crafting, traveling, photography, and Anthropologie.  I can't wait for the next party!  Let's start planning friends!

Thank you to all my new friends that I was so lucky to meet: Lillian {unstitched}, Myra {double sided tape}, Henny and Lucy {utterly engaged}, and Linda {parked together}.  See some of the other posts about this party here, here, here, and here.

Do you have any get togethers with local bloggers and creatives in your area?  This was so fun and I would love to plan other meetups like this in my area.     


Pinterest Picks, Vol. II

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week.  I am busy getting ready for my DIY class this Saturday (you can still sign up to attend...enter the giveaway here!) as well as trying to get regular work done as well.  Time flies!  I was busy on Pinterest the other day looking for some lace inspiration so I decided to do a little roundup here of my favorites.  Lace things are really lovely and they usually have that vintage and feminine touch that I love.  These lacey things are no exception.

source: Oh, Hello Friend :: photography: Christian Cruz & Hope Feathers :: lace decorations: Ruby of Cakies

These lace decorations were just a smidgen of the beauty that was seen throughout Danni (of Oh, Hello Friend) & Nick's wedding.  I am in love with these lace chandeliers.  This would be an easy DIY (just glue ribbons of lace to an embroidery hoop and hang) and an unexpected way to use lace in your party or everyday decor.  The color variation is nice too.  You could tea-stain the lace to get different hues.

found via: Once Wed :: photography: Polly Alexandre

In keeping with the wedding theme, this lace dress is absolutely stunning.  The back is so dramatic, lovely, and delicate.  The dress is by Elie Saab, the Elie Collection, and I must admit that this bride sells this dress for me.  I'm not as impressed with it on the model.  Polly Alexandre's pictures and styling definitely don't hurt either.  These flowy sleeves are really dreamy and anything-but typical, which I really appreciate.

found via: Creature Comforts :: source: Sodapop Design

And now for something DIY and crafty...this doily print bowl is the perfect lacey touch.  Unfortunately I am very unfamiliar with clay-making but projects like this make me want to experiment.  I think you could try a bunch of different items and leave impressions in the clay for different textured looks.  This little bowl would make the perfect handmade gift.

found via: The Art Room Plant :: source: Emilie Faif  

Ok, major swoon-fest happening over here.  How beautiful are these globes?  I envision hanging these above your bed so that every time you wake up you are greeted by these dreamy lace clouds.  This is actually an art installation done by Emilie Faif, a Parisian textile artist.  Check out her portfolio.  I love her installations and that she makes sculptural pieces out of needle and thread.  But wouldn't these globes be amazing for use in a wedding?!

found via: Style Me Pretty :: photography: Michael & Anna Costa :: cake: Sweet & Saucy Shop :: design & styling: Joy De Vivre Wedding Design & Coordination

This cake definitely falls into the category of too-pretty-to-eat.  The lace detailing is so intricate and I cannot even imagine how much time went into it.  I also love that it is yellow.  The Sweet & Saucy Shop always wows me with their cake designs.  I think they are consistently coming up with new ideas that are so original and beautiful.

source: romanticPINK, Lace Princess Sticky Tape

I think this lace tape needs to be my next craft packaging purchase.  This would look perfect on presents wrapped in kraft paper.  Also, this Etsy shop, romanticPINK is filled with all kinds of goodies, basically I'm in craft heaven, so check it out.  

found via: A Desert Fete :: source: Nespoon 

Nespoon is the work of a street artist and this lace doily installation was one that was done at Oak Beach on the Baltic Sea.  I love this project and it really intrigues me but there is something eerie about it too...I think because it reminds me of spider webs.  But I would love to be strolling along the beach and find something like this.  I wish there was more street installation art where I lived but sadly in the suburbs of Southern California, it is not too common.  

I hope you enjoyed my lace inspiration today.  Happy Wednesday! 


What I Want...Thursday, April 28th

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you may remember the 'What I Want Friday' posts that were a regular feature here many months ago.  Basically I shared what I was currently swooning over, the places I was dying to go to, the things I was wanting to make, the food I was wanting to eat, etc.  They were fun and a chance for me to write a personal post without it revolving around my dog.  I shared these things on Fridays because they were my dream wishes for the upcoming weekend.  Since my Fridays are dedicated to fonts, the personal Friday posts got put on the back-burner...until now!  I am bringing back the 'What I Want' posts but now they will show up on Thursdays.  So here are the things I am loving right now and my thoughts on how I would {ideally} spend my weekend.

What I want to { do } :: organize a pretty & inspirational studio space

photos: Holly Becker's workspace via Decor8 

When I think of inspiring spaces, Decor8 always comes to mind so of course I am in love with this image of Holly Becker's office.  That huge picture board is pretty much office perfection and it is great how the whites and neutrals really allow the colors to pop.  I am in the midst of a studio rearranging and it has been a pretty slow process.  I get overwhelmed quickly because I have so much stuff and trying to find homes for everything is tough.  How do you guys do on big projects like this?  Usually I'm all amped about it and I do a bunch of work in the beginning but once I get frustrated things slow down and the project gets drug out.  Right now my studio is in the 'disaster phase' and it is driving me crazy.  This weekend I plan to devote some time to it and I will channel my inner Holly to come up with a space like this, simple.  I probably won't finish this weekend but the goal is to make some progress.

What I want to { craft } :: a coffee table made of wood pallets

photo: Happy Serendipity via Papernstitch

Crafting this coffee table goes along with the organizing that I'm planning for this weekend.  I would like to make a tiny sitting area in my studio so that I can relax between projects and read or look up inspiration.  I found this table DIY on Papernstitch and I think the industrial feel of it would be perfect in my space.  The cheap price tag of the project also intrigues me and it would be fun to make something at a large scale like this again (I haven't done it since college).  I need to go on a hunt for wood pallets because you can sometimes find them thrown out behind grocery stores or stores that sell large items like furniture.  Maybe Home Depot would have them...hmm...need to start looking.

Where I want to { go } :: Los Angeles flower market

photo: Jacqueline Jaszka via Love Your Chaos  

I actually will be going to the flower market soon to get ideas for a bride's wedding but I wish the LA market was closer so that I could wander over on random days and browse for fun.  I do enjoy having fresh flowers to brighten up my workspace but there are not many options where I live.  Occasionally I will buy bundles from Trader Joe's but I usually don't like bouquets that have been pre-arranged.  This bouquet above is so beautiful and I wish I could have those blooms on my desk right now...in my perfectly cleaned and organized studio.  Such a fantasy!  Also if you like pretty, pretty pictures, check out this photographer's blog A Happy Day...lovely work!

What I want to { buy } :: glitter heels

photos: Zara

I'm not quite sure why I'm super obsessed with glitter pumps but I am.  This Zara version is pretty ideal for me too because the price tag is not astronomical and the heel height is not sky-high.  Paired with a simple outfit of blacks, whites, or neutrals these shoes would be a fun stand-out piece.  Fortunately this year, I have a few good reasons to splurge on some fun heels (normally I never spend money on heels) so keeping my fingers crossed that these babies or something similar will find their way to my closet and onto my feet.  

What I want to { eat } :: s'mores cakelettes

photo: Desserts for Breakfast

If these cakelettes are even half as good as they look, it would be a success!  I mean s'mores are amazing and cake is pretty amazing so a s'mores cake should be fan-freakin'-tastic!  I was looking at the recipe and it is a little challenging, especially for someone like me who is master chef skills deprived, but I think the struggle would be worth it.  These are lovely photos too and the styling is perfect and simple.  The mini cake stand is too cute!  Yummers!

So what are you craving and dreaming about for your weekend?