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DIY Mini Cake Stands

About a month ago, I was lucky to attend a cake party with local bloggers and fellow creatives.  It was one of the best parties I have ever attended...and not just because of all the delicious cake (although that didn't hurt).  Danni and Ruby spoiled their guests with such a warm and inviting atmosphere and I felt like we were all long-lost friends after just a few bites of cake.  Lucky for us, the party had a DIY station and we were able to take something away to remember all the fun.  We each got to make and take home mini cake stands which were made up of vintage plates and glass candlesticks.  Here is the picture from the party: 

Today I wanted to show a few pictures of the cake stand I made.  I really like the plate that I ended up with and it's just the right size to fit on my night stand and hold little trinkets.  I love having this sweet reminder of our party...every time I see it I think, when are we having the next get together?!

You don't notice from above but from the side, you see that the bottom of the plate is a little uneven.  I love this unique wonkiness to it.  Sometimes that is what you get with vintage but in my opinion, that is what makes vintage all the better.  It's one of a kind and special.  

Usually my little dish holds my favorite jewelry pieces.  I hate concealing pretty jewelry in boxes so I like to leave my favorite pieces out for me to enjoy.  How do you organize your jewelry?  I have been trying to perfect a way for awhile now but slipping my favorite pieces into vintage dishes seems the best for me.  This way they are somewhat organized but still out in the open.  

Here my mini cake stand is showing off one of Danni's creations, a pocket watch necklace.  I love this necklace!  I've worn it to death and it still looks great.  I've smacked it against stuff at work before and I'm always worried to look down, thinking it will have damaged it.  But not yet...it's a trooper.

Want to make your own mini cake stand?  It's super easy.  You seriously only need three components.  Search Etsy or local antique/thrift shops for some vintage plates and glass candlesticks.  Once you have found some favorites simply glue the two together with some Loctite glass glue, which you can pick up from Home Depot.  Leave the stands upside down for 24 hours for them to completely seal and dry.  And voila!  You have yourself a unique mini stand...use it for cupcakes or for jewelry like me.

Parties are always better when you get to make and take a favor home.  Have you ever done a DIY at a party or received a super cute favor?  I'm starting to think all parties should involve a little DIYing!

Happy Wednesday!