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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twenty-Seven & Twenty-Eight

Here is post two today: this time I'm recapping weeks twenty-seven and twenty-eight of my Instagram photos. I am so excited to be more than half-way through this project of a photo a day. And I haven't missed a day yet so I'm proud of my progress. Are you doing any kind of daily photography project? How is it going so far?

Sunday: These pink blooms are prospering this summer. The trees are all around my neighborhood and a few are in our backyard. It's like springtime in summer.

Monday: A morning cup of chai tea. Yum.

Tuesday: I go through cycles of what I enjoy for breakfast. Right now I'm loving vanilla greek yogurt and granola. The cute Anthro bowls make it even more enjoyable. 

Wednesday: I shared this DIY project on the blog, a how-to for making your own gold air plant terrarium.  It is super simple and air plants are the easiest things to care for.

Thursday: We watched fireworks from our house this year. One show we could see from our front yard, another show from our deck in the back. I liked this shot of a single firework with the street lamps.

Friday: Spent the evening catching up with an old friend that I haven't seen in years. This included live music at a local outdoor music festival. It was my kind of evening.

Saturday: Someone has a sweet, old yellow Volkswagen in my town. Lucky!

And now for week twenty-eight:

Sunday: My teacup when it's all gone.

Monday: I love our local library. Actually I'm quite partial to all libraries. They are so special to me. And I love the smell of old books. Is that weird?

Tuesday: I picked up the classic Walden at the library. I have never read it. So far the pages are enlightening and quite the inspiration for a simple and natural life.

Wednesday: My Mom found this set of notebooks with this cute leaf graphic and she let me have one. I will always take a fresh, new notebook. I am a bit of a notebook hoarder actually. I have a handful in my desk that have yet to be used. A crisp, new notebook holds such possibilities don't you think? It's kind of magical. It is just waiting for you to fill it up with treasures.

Thursday: Brother came home for a few days. Whenever he is here the house is filled with music: he sings, plays guitar, standup base and piano. It is beautiful and comforting. I like having him home even if it is just for a bit.

Friday: Washi tape! This is just a small part of my ever-growing collection. My friend Nic just recently discovered how fabulous it is and now he knows how addicting it can be. Do we need to form a washi support group?

Saturday: I visited Unique LA's summer show yesterday in Santa Monica (fantastic show as usual!) and then got an early dinner with David (brother) in Silverlake. He is looking for an apartment out there currently. We stopped in at Food+Lab on Sunset. Perfect restaurant, my kind of place. Simple design with some industrial details, welcoming vibe and delicious food. Be sure to visit if you're in the area.

So that concludes my month-long recap for today and now I'm all caught up.

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My Week Through Instagram: Week Four

Here is what week four looked like through me...through my Instagram lens of course.

Sunday: Started my morning with chai tea and a good book. Every morning should be so great.

Monday: Anthropologie tweeted that it was National Pie Making Day. I couldn't resist fixing up this apple pie again. I have been lucky to enjoy this delicious treat all week.

Tuesday: Trying more watercolors this week, this time peach tones.

Wednesday: My digital camera finally got fixed and came back to me. It was the sweetest surprise waiting for me on the porch when I got back from my evening walk.

Thursday: I made this adorable deer plaque and you can make it too! Here's the DIY.

Friday: After my first successful Blurb book I'm working on my second one. I spent Friday (and today) editing Italy images and compiling them into book form. 

Saturday: A chill Saturday at the computer. I had to represent my team and wear purple and gold. Go Lakers!

What did your week look like?

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My Version of Starbuck's Chai Tea

Yesterday I discovered something truly amazing!  By mixing just a few ingredients I could concoct a chai tea that was a decent enough substitute for Starbuck's chai.  I mentioned this discovery on Twitter yesterday and someone responded saying that she would love to know the recipe...so here it is.  I am divulging all of my secrets! 

Now first, I must preface this by saying that I am not a big tea drinker.  I rarely drink the stuff and when I do, I like to add a bunch of sugar, milk, honey, whatever to mask the bland taste of the tea.  When I was little I used to call it "dirty water."  Chai tea is by far my favorite variety because to me, it has the most flavor.  I am also loyal to a particular brand of tea and that is Good Earth Tea.  Their Original Sweet & Spicy Blend is the only tea that I actually enjoy drinking plain (no milk, sugar, etc.).  For the last few mornings I have been making tea because I have woken up with a slight sore throat and I had been making the Good Earth Original until we ran out.  My Mom could not find anymore at the store so as a substitute, she bought Good Earth Vanilla Chai Tea.  On the box, this tea recommends adding milk and honey so I thought I'd give it a try and that is when I came up with this fabulous recipe!

Let me also preface this by saying, when I do go to Starbucks, the chai teas are the only thing I order.  I am not a coffee drinker (only occasionally do I have it...like when I eat breakfast with my friend Pat) and I'm not into the frappuccinos anymore.  In high school I used to get them a lot but now, they are just too sugary for my taste.  Also, I'd rather have my daily calories go towards actual food and not liquids.  But back to Starbucks, that stuff gets crazy expensive!  I don't know how people go there everyday.  It's like $5 each time.  If you get that everyday, that means you're spending $25-30 a week!  That's $100-120 a month!!  Ok, you guys can do math so you understand what I'm getting at.  That's a lot of money to be spending on just liquid.  

Although my version is not quite the same as Starbucks, I think it's a good substitute.  It's cheaper and less calories I'm sure.  So enough of my blabbing...here's the recipe:

- a packet of Good Earth Vanilla Chai Tea

- honey

- Vanilla Creamer - Originally I had wanted to use milk but we were out of it.  I think this creamer (this happens to be lactose free for you vegans out there) from Trader Joe's is actually better than milk because it adds a bit more of the vanilla flavor

- water

- your favorite mug!

Heat your water in the microwave (or however you get it hot) and then put your tea bag into the water to seep.  Add the vanilla creamer to taste.  I put in about 4 spoonfuls but you may want to adjust that amount depending on your own preferences.  Get about a half-spoonful of honey and stir into the tea.  And enjoy!  

I must add that another reason why I love these Good Earth teas is because each tea bag comes with a quote printed on the tab.  It is nice to read the inspiration each morning as you're enjoying your cup.  Today my quote was 

"When God made time, He made enough of it." -Celtic Saying

Thank you tea...that is definitely good advice!

Are you a big tea drinker and if you are how do you take it? 

Have a great Friday friends!