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Pinterest Picks, Vol. V

Happy Friday friends! Another week has gone by and once again the weekend is upon us. Do you have any fun plans for the next few days? I am in the process of writing an article for Houzz about gardening and springtime flowers so I have that on the brain. And I have been pinning a lot of floral and plant inspiration over on Pinterest lately so I thought I might share a few DIYs I've discovered around the blogosphere that would make for the perfect weekend project. Just a few ideas to kickstart some creativity this weekend. If you want to get your hands dirty (and I mean literally if you are planting something) you might want to start with these simple techniques.

Mini Jar Terrariums // photography & styling by my friend Jenny of Hank & Hunt // via Hellobee

Dull & Shiny Planter // photography & styling by AshleyAnn Photography // via DesignSponge

Metallic Can Vases // styling by my good friends at Valley & Co. // photography by Elle G. Photography

I especially love the last project because it is so, so easy. Just grab a few cans out of your recycle, dab some paint on them and you have an instant new piece of decor. Isn't it amazing how much of an impact you can make with something so inconsequential? Like something you would normally throw out? We are lucky to have so "much" in our lives. I think, when we can, it is crucial to repurpose.

Have a lovely weekend! 


Mood Board Inspiration

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I want to share a blog post that really struck a cord with me personally and that got me inspired as a creative. Last week the lovely Holly of Decor8 talked about the practice of making physical mood boards in her post Mood Board Books to Inspire. Like a journal of sorts, Holly has been creating these inspiration boards since she was a kid, collecting little odds and ends that struck her fancy and then arranging them into physical, tangible boards. She described using them for not only work purposes but for personal reasons as well and a board might capture her specific feelings at a certain point in her life. Not only were these boards providing her with inspiration in the present but she could open old books and be inspired by past collages as well. What a lovely thought! Her words inspired me to act and create my own board.

I have been working with this cerulean blue color this week and this beautiful hue has made such an impression. I think of Mediterranean waters and Greek islands when I see it. As I was working away I noticed other treasured items around my studio that all felt like they belonged together. I started compiling them on my desktop. I remembered Holly's words and felt good infusing new life into these pieces. Not all are necessarily worth keeping (some might even be considered trash) but for whatever reason I kept them because they spoke to me. Instead of stuffing things into drawers, I like the much more creative alternative of mood boards.

Holly then went on to say, "I believe that the more you either write down or visually share with yourself and/or others, the more you capture your imagination in a sense and freeze it,  perhaps it helps put you on your way to gaining a bit more clarity as you make your way through life." I thought that was so beautifully put and I definitely agree. My dreams don't always feel real until I verbally express them to myself or my loved ones and I think making these mood boards is a great exercise in getting better at expressing one's creativity. I get a lot of ideas but many don't get translated to paper and I quickly forget. If I could have flushed out these ideas and started to physically represent them, who knows how much they could have inspired me.

I definitely recommend reading Holly's post and looking at her beautiful boards because she has shared quite a few pictures. As a creative person I think it will give you just the right amount of encouragement. It has for me. Obviously tools like Pinterest allow us to make mood boards efficiently and quickly all the time but there is something so great about tangible items. They have a texture and spirit to them that can't be conveyed over the internet. 

Holly challenged her readers to make more of these personal boards over the next year and see if they help in gaining a better sense of self. I am looking forward to taking up this challenge but more importantly learning how to better articulate my ideas by visually describing them. 

Do you create mood or color boards like this? For you, what is the most effective process for expressing your ideas? 


In My Studio: Watercolors

It's Wednesday already! This week is flying by quickly for me. How about you? I am a very happy designer right now and I'm fortunate to be working on some very exciting projects with clients who trust my style and who are kind enough to let me experiment. I couldn't ask for better collaborations.

Yesterday I was testing my watercolors again to perfect a color palette for one of these projects. I have really fallen in love with watercoloring lately and I think it has to do with the pretty gradations of color you get with each brushstroke. Also the texture of the strokes and the texture of the paper produce a lovely effect. Each mini color experiment is such a fun discovery trying to mix the right hues.

My favorite is the mixture of mustard and aqua. They compliment each other so well. This has to be one of the prettiest messes my desk has ever been subjected to. 

I cut out some vinyl letters, stuck them to the paper, and then painted over them. When you remove the letters it looks like this, a letter inverse of sorts.

I had to document with my Instax Mini

On the left, it looks like I just mixed colors on my cutting board but if you look closely I mixed them on a thin piece of plastic plexiglass. It was the perfect stand-in paint palette. And when it dries up it looks really neat.

So that was a little peak into my studio work this week. What projects are you working on? Do they involve cheerful colors? I must say, the inspiring colors make the work hardly feel like work.

Happy Wednesday!


Pinterest Picks, Vol. IV

Happy new week friends! I know I have a busy one ahead getting caught up on things that I slacked on last week because family was visiting. How about yourself? I thought I would start us off this Monday with some color inspiration that I have been pinning over on Pinterest. Our sunny, clear, shorts-wearing weather has vanished today and it is instead cloudy and windy. The moody weather has encouraged me to create some moody palettes with deeper and richer hues. I tend to gravitate toward light colors, pastels, and neutrals but occasionally you need to throw in something a little more bold. I think these palettes are a nice mix of both.

1 // lovefool416 on Flickr  (this makes me want to drink another cup of morning tea)

2 // Taverne Agency, styling by Sibella Court & photography by Mikkel Vang (both Sibella & Mikkel have amazing portfolios, check them both out for more lovely pictures)

3 // Roost via Anthology Magazine (food stylist and photographer Caitlin creates the most beautiful images and I love how she contrasts light and dark in her shots - the food looks yummy too and you would never guess that her recipes are grain, gluten, sugar, lactose, and starch free)

What colors are inspiring you lately?

If you want to follow my pins and see more of the things that are inspiring me, here is my Pinterest profile and boards. Have a colorful day!


Fashion & Florals

Happy Monday blog friends! How was everyone's weekend? Mine involved working mostly and then some lazy downtime. On Saturday I was putting together Valentine's cards for a client. I am really happy with how they turned out, very cute. Pink and feminine, perfect for Valentines. I'll be able to share them here soon. On Sunday I went to work at Anthropologie. After my shift I stayed to try on a bunch of our new arrivals. We have a lot of new stuff in the store and it is starting to feel like spring in there with all the pops of color. Today I want to highlight a favorite piece, the Carolinae Top.


carolinae top // the nouveau romantics 

I am not inspired by green too often in fashion. There are some lovely green hues but I don't always gravitate towards them at first. This silky top is definitely an exception. The color is perfect for spring. I love the few unexpected pops of coral that appear on the print too. Definitely follow the link to see the back detail because it is so flattering and romantic. The cut and drape are pretty perfect if you ask me. It is a boxier, cropped style but Anthro has been seeing a lot of that lately. I am rather fond of them. Has anyone else tried this on? What did you think?  

I wanted to pair this top with some floral inspiration. Like the top, this arrangement is mostly greens and creams with a tiny splash of peach. Beautiful isn't it? Elizabeth Lewis, the creative director behind The Nouveau Romantics, is one of my favorite floral stylists. She has such amazing style. Her arrangements are so natural and organic. Visit her beautiful portfolio if you're looking for a Monday pick-me-up.