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Baking Cookies

Happy Thursday everyone! Yikes, how is it Thursday already? This week is sure flying by. Even though this is a hectic week for me, it is nice to take a few moments for myself and just forget about the deadlines and the looming to-do list. You know, so I don't go completely crazy. Yesterday I decided to spend my lunch hour baking cookies, just because. Well actually I did it because we were out of cookies at my house and I am a firm believer that a house should never be cookie-free. 

To fix the cookie situation, I got to work making these Sea Salt Nutella Sugar Cookies, recipe via Cookin' Canuck, which I have actually made before. My family made them at Easter and they were a huge hit. I had to scrape around for ingredients a bit this time so they turned out differently than the first batch but they are still delicious. It's hard to go wrong with Nutella.

My version definitely isn't the most beautiful looking but who cares when your cookie is yummy right? These cookies are definitely crowd pleasers. I think it's that mix of salty and sweet. Dessert brilliance!

What are some of your favorite types of cookies? My ultimate favorite is snickerdoodle but these might be a close second.

When you have a busy schedule, what kind of things to you do to give yourself a little break?