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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twelve

Before I nod off to bed on this Saturday night, I thought I would share my Instagram pictures from the last week, week twelve of 2012. When I do these weekly recaps I'm reminded of how many visually interesting things I encounter each day. There really is beauty all around and I am so glad I've challenged myself to this 'picture a day' project so that I can document all that is lovely.

Sunday: My big goal last weekend was to make some major headway on my crocheting. I have been struggling for awhile but I finally started to get comfortable with it and on Sunday I was able to make up a few little squares of single stitches. It is quite small but I am quite proud of it!  

Monday: This is just a sneak peek of a custom pennant I'll be making for an upcoming wedding. Just pink + muslin + a little jute twine...a great combination.

Tuesday: I was doing more work for a wedding on Tuesday, this time cutting burlap strips. I love using burlap and it really does look great when finished but while cutting and working, it's just a mess! Fuzzy burlap pieces were everywhere and it made me feel itchy.

Wednesday: For lack of a blog post, I shared a few Instax pictures of my brother and me. These snapshots make me happy and remind me of all the crazy hopes and dreams that we, as young, creative entrepreneurs, have right now.

Thursday: I scored these new citron-colored denim from Anthro and I am in love with the brightness. It is the perfect infusion of color into my wardrobe this spring. I might just have to do a fashion post soon highlighting them.

Friday: I pass this arrow all the time in the parking lot but for whatever reason it caught my eye on Friday in particular. I like the bold, graphic statement.

Saturday: Much of my day was spent watercoloring which included about 100 of these pink-washed place cards (also for a wedding)(also I'm only half-way done). The pink is very light and hard to notice in the picture but the subtle hue is so feminine. Even I can be a sucker for pink!

So that was week twelve for me. What did your week look like?

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Teaching Myself Crochet

Happy Monday everyone! Did you all have a nice weekend? Here was my Sunday summed up: sleeping in, crochet, getting hailed on while taking a walk, more crochet, a glass of wine, and the Lakers game. It was pretty perfect after a few late nights. It has been a goal of mine for awhile now to teach myself crochet. I am so inspired by the beautiful handiwork I see online and I figured it was about time that I learned this skill. It hasn't been easy going at it alone but after watching a few YouTube videos, dissecting some diagrams on websites, and reading tutorials I think I have finally gotten comfortable with the chain stitch and single crochet stitch. Next I would like to add a few more stitches to my repertoire and possibly try and follow a pattern.

Oh my, I'm so proud of my little creation. It's quite cute! I definitely labored to get to this point though. Yesterday I finally had a major breakthrough and it all started to make sense. And then I busted out single stitches like crazy.

Has anyone else tried to teach themselves crochet? It's hard! Originally I bought this crochet kit which included a little booklet with instructions and diagrams. It was helpful to an extent but when you are truly new to something, the wording and terms just don't make sense. I got frustrated a lot because I felt like the instructions would skip certain steps. Now that I have figured it out, I look back on those instructions and totally 'get it' but before it was like trying to decipher a foreign language. If you're learning like me, I'd definitely recommend videos. It helps to see and hear the steps. I really liked Hectanooga1's crochet videos. She has a ton of tutorials but also just basic stitch how-tos.

Are you currently struggling to learn a new craft technique? It can be a frustrating process but with YouTube and so many helpful and informative blogs, it makes learning a new art much easier. Don't you agree?

Good luck with whatever you're working on!


My Week Through Instagram: Week Eleven

Happy weekend everyone! Week eleven of 2012 has come and gone and today I want to recap the things I did over the last seven days through my Instagram pictures.

Sunday: I was busy finishing up a project and photoshoot on Sunday. Lacking a real model, I got to pose myself for the pictures and I dressed up in my bridesmaid dress to add some color and fanciness to the shots. I am so in love with the color.

Monday: I jotted down some hopes and dreams for my third year of blogging and business and styled and photographed them with these mini clothespins. Mini things are adorable!

Tuesday: Feeling a bit tired and achy, I set work aside for a mid-day rest on the couch. Sometimes you just need a nap.

Wednesday: Continuing with birthday week, I photographed a DIY and just had to include this sprinkled cupcake into the shots. And afterward I got to eat it, yum.

Thursday: My brother's band Mojo Stone had their big second album release party/show on Thursday night and it was such an event. It was an amazing venue with a super talented lineup. Mojo rocked it and sounded great. I am constantly awed by how they continue to mature and evolve their sound as a group. I am one proud sister! Also, you can buy their new album Strange Honey on iTunes now. How cool is that?! 

Friday: I made this practical and cute ampersand pinboard to help declutter my desk and I showed you how to make it too.

Saturday: I have been spending some moments this weekend revisiting crochet. I am trying to teach myself and it has been a struggle (it's hard!) but I'm finally seeing some progress. Slowly I'm getting a feel for it thanks to YouTube videos, multiple websites, and a booklet. I'll get there eventually. I think the struggle will be worth it in the end. 

So that was my week eleven. What did yours look like?

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Renegade Finds: Shannon Gerard & Plants You Can't Kill

Over the next couple of weeks I will spend a few posts sharing my Renegade Craft Fair finds and highlighting the artists that are behind those fabulous handmade products.  There were tons of more amazing artisans at Renegade and sadly my wallet forced me to walk out of too many booths empty handed.  I think I would have bought something from everyone if I could have...there were just that many talented people there.  Today I want to highlight Shannon Gerard and her incredible Plants You Can't Kill.

Shannon is an illustrator but also a talented crochet artist.  Her Plants You Can't Kill series was the highlight of her booth at Renegade this year.  This mini cactus might have been the first purchase I made that day actually.  I spotted it right away and knew I couldn't walk away without purchasing one.  Although I have managed to keep a handful of succulents and aloe plants alive, I appreciate Shannon's attempt to provide sustainable greenery for those of us not horitculturally-inclined.  Everyone deserves a bit of greenery in their lives, even if the greenery is made up of yarn.  

Crochet is a particular interest of mine right now too.  I bought a how-to book and kit awhile ago and have been trying to teach myself.  I have to admit that crochet is not the easiest thing to pick up.  I have been combining the book directions with youTube videos but so far I can only make little blobs.  And not the best looking blobs either.  Shannon's work just blows my mind because it is hard for me to imagine making the intricate shapes she does.

Here are a few more pictures of Shannon's plants from her Tumblr blog & taken by her:

This is what she has to say about them:

"These pretty little cacti, aloe plants, flowering pots, ferns and other botanicals look darling on the windowsill but are particularly resonant with those of us who can’t keep the real thing alive.  After dozens of failed attempts at indoor gardening, I just decided to crochet plants my own damn self."

What I also appreciate about Shannon's work is that she uses her crochet to bring attention to important causes.  For example her Boobs & Dinks project was an educational exhibit, which included test kits, meant to inform the public about the importance of early cancer detection.  In a similar style, her Playing Doctor kits were a non-traditional but fun alternative to sex education.  I love the idea of spreading the word through crochet art and encourage the practice of educating the public through art.  I would love to see more projects like this.

Aren't the crochet plants great?  They would make a fabulous house warming gift.  I am going to pot a few mini succulents to display next to my little cactus and place them all on my windowsill.  

Want to see more of Shannon Gerard's work?  Visit her here: website : blog : tumblr : shop