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The Life of Peonies, a story in pictures

These five buds made their way to our home through Trader Joe's. They were the last bundle of peonies available, possibly passed over by other shoppers since they were still dormant. At the time of purchase I tried to remain optimistic about the flowers opening up. Only hours after settling into their new home, they started to spread their wings. Over just a few days, these flowers went through magnificent color transitions, so much so that it was hard to believe they were the same bunch. Deep magentas to summery peaches to bright whites. For a few days I was captivated by these blooms, in awe of them each time I passed the dining room table. With every new stage I had to pull out my camera and document the beauty.

There is such beauty in life, in all the stages.

Happy Monday!


LA Arts District Adventure

Alright everyone, this is my second post of the day. My first was to announce the awesome record release show my brother and his band Mojo Stone are putting on in Silverlake on March 15th. I will be there and I suggest any other LA locals should come and support too. The music will not disappoint.

I want to show a little more Los Angeles love today and share some pictures I took yesterday in the arts district in downtown. I met my brother there so that I could retrieve my digital camera from him and also spend some time catching up, getting food, and enjoying the perfect weather. The arts district seemed like the perfect spot since it's relatively small with some neat pockets with cool graffiti and architecture.

I would say the main stretch is Traction Avenue which is where we spent most of our time. There is a small art/architecture supply store on Traction and I have been going there since my freshman year at USC architecture school, eight years ago. The area has really developed and become a destination, there are a lot more trendy restaurants and art galleries around. Old warehouses are getting converted into new lofts and more apartment buildings are springing up so the streets have a lot more life. It's a great spot to sit and people watch.

The toy district is adjacent and you can find some old, fading signage on abandoned warehouses.

Colorful murals and intricate graffiti and street art are on every corner. It makes the area feel vibrant.

David (brother) and I had four cameras between the two of us, plus two iPhone cameras. A bit much but I bet the people in this neighborhood are used to picture-takers.

New apartments on the right, old church and buildings on the left. Uber-trendy German restaurant Wurstküche straight ahead. It appears to be a major scene. We ate a few doors down at the Novel Cafe. I really recommend this place. The food and drinks are great and it has an inviting atmosphere. It has been on Traction since I started coming here. 

We couldn't resist getting dessert at The Pie Hole, a fairly new establishment in the arts district. This place was perfect, my kind of atmosphere and design. It felt very European with the bistro chairs on the street and since it was a beautiful day, David and I opted to sit outside for our pie consumption. It has very simple, minimal design inside but some beautiful furniture and design details. I'd say their delicious pie is the main thing on display. It was so yummy! We tried two flavors, Mexican Hot Chocolate and one called The Lonely Pie which consists of chocolate and peanuts and crushed up potato chips...kind of like a Twix bar in a pie. It sounds weird but it was great, salty and sweet. 

And boy did those pies get devoured. Yum.

I had such a nice, relaxing afternoon. This is a favorite pocket of LA for me and of course the company couldn't be beat. Yes, the trip prevented me from doing some work but sometimes you just need to stop and eat some pie. Happy Thursday everyone!


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday lovelies! I'm so sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. I hated not writing but I've been a bit under the weather the last few days and needed some time to rest. Already I'm feeling better today and expect to have some great posts to share next week, like a last minute DIY freebie for Valentine's Day on Monday. Since I don't have any projects to post, I decided to share some personal pictures of my dog Scout. It's been awhile since I did a doggy post and it felt right for Friday. She's awful cute!

How can I resist that face? It's impossible, I can't. She gets away with everything. 

This is her proper pose where she crosses her legs. Oh, so lady-like.

I rediscovered these two pictures on my hard drive and had to share them. Too funny! Scout had torn apart her bedding and the stuffing was everywhere. She actually liked sleeping on it. It looked like she was sleeping in a cloud. She has nice, new replacement bedding now.

So very comfortable. 

She loves sleeping in her kennel. I think she feels safe and secure in there. Check out that bed head!

And for fun, I did an animated gif of Scout so you could get a better idea of her personality. I used Make A Gif which is easy and free.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Backyard Blooms

Southern California weather is so crazy. Yesterday rain threatened the southland and dark, gloomy clouds hung over our heads all day. Apparently it did rain closer to the coast, in San Diego and Los Angeles, but it stayed dry where I am, east of LA. And this morning I wake up and what do I see? Clear, sunny, blue skies again. You would never imagine yesterday's gloominess after today. Those of you who are getting tired of winter probably think I'm crazy. And you're right. I shouldn't complain about sunny skies.

Yesterday in my styling vignettes feature I included some fruit tree blooms from my backyard. Today I wanted to share a few pictures I captured of our blooming tree. 

For now it seems winter has passed us by and because of this fruit trees are blooming like crazy. They are so beautiful and cheerful. As I walk around my neighborhood I spot so many spring hues. You can't help but feel inspired. 

Bees were buzzing around the flowers. I was so surprised to actually catch this little guy in action. 

If you are still surrounded by winter gloom, hang in there. Spring will come. And it will be all the more wonderful when it does. 

Have a beautiful Wednesday!


Ferrara, Italy

Hi friends! How is everyone's Monday going so far? Today I have some photographic inspiration to share with you, some of my own photographs that I took a few years ago. When I was living in Italy and going to school there I was based in Como but being in Italy you have to travel around to experience as much of the insanely beautiful country as you can. Today I'll share a few of my pictures from Ferrara a small, medieval town in Emilia-Romagna (close to the Veneto). 

I spent most of my weekend editing these images and compiling them into a Blurb book. This will be my second book with Blurb. I just loved seeing my Amsterdam pictures bound together so I'm on a role now with my second one. Hopefully a third, fourth, fifth will all come soon after too. For years these images lived on my external harddrive but I wasn't able to appreciate them. Now these books can sit on my shelf and I can open them up whenever I need a pick-me-up. 

Ferrara is the perfect, quaint Italian town. The historic center is easily walkable and bicycles are everywhere (it's the Amsterdam of Italy!). There is fantastic Renaissance architecture, as well as even older buildings. Cars are not allowed into certain parts of the center so it is quiet and very pedestrian friendly. It is not a main stop on Italian tours but I am so glad that we stopped there. 

We were part of the bike culture and rented our own. Hours of entertainment ensued.

The old city walls are now converted into a raised walkways for bikers and pedestrians. You can see up over the city and get away from cars. Such a nice spot. I wish my walking route looked like this every night. 

And yes, that is me on a zipline having the time of my life. We found this children's park on the edge of the city with this mini zipline and an oversized slide. Good thing there weren't any kids around because these twenty-somethings sure got a lot of use out of these toys. 

Aw, these pictures make me happy. A good way to start off a Monday. Has anyone ever been to Ferrara? What spot are you dreaming about this week?