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Pinterest Picks, Vol. II

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week.  I am busy getting ready for my DIY class this Saturday (you can still sign up to attend...enter the giveaway here!) as well as trying to get regular work done as well.  Time flies!  I was busy on Pinterest the other day looking for some lace inspiration so I decided to do a little roundup here of my favorites.  Lace things are really lovely and they usually have that vintage and feminine touch that I love.  These lacey things are no exception.

source: Oh, Hello Friend :: photography: Christian Cruz & Hope Feathers :: lace decorations: Ruby of Cakies

These lace decorations were just a smidgen of the beauty that was seen throughout Danni (of Oh, Hello Friend) & Nick's wedding.  I am in love with these lace chandeliers.  This would be an easy DIY (just glue ribbons of lace to an embroidery hoop and hang) and an unexpected way to use lace in your party or everyday decor.  The color variation is nice too.  You could tea-stain the lace to get different hues.

found via: Once Wed :: photography: Polly Alexandre

In keeping with the wedding theme, this lace dress is absolutely stunning.  The back is so dramatic, lovely, and delicate.  The dress is by Elie Saab, the Elie Collection, and I must admit that this bride sells this dress for me.  I'm not as impressed with it on the model.  Polly Alexandre's pictures and styling definitely don't hurt either.  These flowy sleeves are really dreamy and anything-but typical, which I really appreciate.

found via: Creature Comforts :: source: Sodapop Design

And now for something DIY and crafty...this doily print bowl is the perfect lacey touch.  Unfortunately I am very unfamiliar with clay-making but projects like this make me want to experiment.  I think you could try a bunch of different items and leave impressions in the clay for different textured looks.  This little bowl would make the perfect handmade gift.

found via: The Art Room Plant :: source: Emilie Faif  

Ok, major swoon-fest happening over here.  How beautiful are these globes?  I envision hanging these above your bed so that every time you wake up you are greeted by these dreamy lace clouds.  This is actually an art installation done by Emilie Faif, a Parisian textile artist.  Check out her portfolio.  I love her installations and that she makes sculptural pieces out of needle and thread.  But wouldn't these globes be amazing for use in a wedding?!

found via: Style Me Pretty :: photography: Michael & Anna Costa :: cake: Sweet & Saucy Shop :: design & styling: Joy De Vivre Wedding Design & Coordination

This cake definitely falls into the category of too-pretty-to-eat.  The lace detailing is so intricate and I cannot even imagine how much time went into it.  I also love that it is yellow.  The Sweet & Saucy Shop always wows me with their cake designs.  I think they are consistently coming up with new ideas that are so original and beautiful.

source: romanticPINK, Lace Princess Sticky Tape

I think this lace tape needs to be my next craft packaging purchase.  This would look perfect on presents wrapped in kraft paper.  Also, this Etsy shop, romanticPINK is filled with all kinds of goodies, basically I'm in craft heaven, so check it out.  

found via: A Desert Fete :: source: Nespoon 

Nespoon is the work of a street artist and this lace doily installation was one that was done at Oak Beach on the Baltic Sea.  I love this project and it really intrigues me but there is something eerie about it too...I think because it reminds me of spider webs.  But I would love to be strolling along the beach and find something like this.  I wish there was more street installation art where I lived but sadly in the suburbs of Southern California, it is not too common.  

I hope you enjoyed my lace inspiration today.  Happy Wednesday! 


My Christmas Wrapping

Are all of you experiencing the extreme-laziness-limbo-between-Christmas-and-New-Year's syndrome?  Is it just me?  I have yet to get myself back on a normal schedule.  I have been sleeping in, relaxing, reading, wearing my pajamas for half the day, and watching movies (I think I watched four today: Death at a Funeral, Julie & Julia, About a Boy, and Be Kind Rewind).  A small part of me feels guilty for all the idleness but an even bigger part says that it is totally natural to act this way before starting the new year.  And I'm so excited for the new year too, hopefully filled with lots of awesome projects, collaborations, and fun new undertakings for me!  But before I jump into all that, I am basking in my moment of nothingness.  How about you guys?

Today I want to share a few snapshots of my Christmas wrapping.  Our Christmas was very low-key and we didn't have thousands of presents (more my style actually - I'm fortunate enough to be given so much throughout the year), which was a good thing because I put off all of my wrapping until the day of.  I was really busy with work up until Saturday so wrapping was squeezed in at the last minute.  I worked for a couple of hours, decorated my plain kraft paper with a few fun details, and then called it a day.  Everything was simple but personalized and because I could do it quickly, it allowed me to spend more quality time with my family on Christmas.  

Kraft paper, bakers twine, washi tape, velvet ribbon, paper doilies, and manila tags...these are my go-to items!

Considering it was a last minute job, I was pretty happy with the results.  Hopefully next year I will have a little more time to devote to wrapping.  I rarely run ahead of schedule at Christmastime though.

What are your favorite items to use for Christmas wrapping?  And is anyone else as bad as me, wrapping their presents on Christmas Day?  Come on, 'fess up!