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Whisker Graphics April DIY

Hi crafty friends! For today I'd like to share my April project that I created for Whisker Graphics. As you may know, I create a monthly DIY for the Whisker Graphics blog using their fabulous products (Bitty Bags, Divine Twine, and more) along with a handful of other talented ladies who contribute regularly as well. It is such a fun collaboration and I love trying to come up with innovative new ways to put a twist on these packaging products. And here is what I came up with for April...

I made these summery, nautical envelope liners. All I did was cut up bitty bags and fit them inside my envelopes. It is a simple project and the supplies are minimal. The best kind of project...easy and inexpensive!

I imagine these liners being used in pool party invites this summer, don't you? Or maybe BBQ bashes. Something about them feels poolside and makes me want to bask in the sun. Which is actually something I could do today in Southern California. It's going to be warm, mid-80s and probably 90s by tomorrow. Not quite spring weather but very common here.

Be sure to visit the Whisker Graphics blog to read more about this DIY. You can see all my other WG projects here. Just a little FYI, the 'Carte Postale' stamp is by my friend Tristan of Besotted Brand. And the 'hello, friend' stamp is by my friend Danni of Oh, Hello Friend. Both have beautiful shops which you should visit.

Happy Thursday!


Confetti Birthday Envelopes DIY

So I was a busy bee this morning putting together this confetti-inspired birthday DIY for Birthday Week. All you packaging lovers out there should like it. I transformed a basic glassine bag into a little envelope and added some washi tape. All these materials I had on hand so it was easy to throw together. And notice I said confetti inspired. Real confetti is lovely but kind of messy. These envelopes have no mess, just fun!

Here are the few quick steps to making this yourself...

You'll need a glassine bag and washi tape of course. A hole punch and an x-acto knife (or scissors) are also important. I also used a metal-edge ruler when cutting the bag but you don't necessarily need one. You'll also need a scrap piece of cardstock.

I used pink and turquoise washi but vary the color combinations based on the tape you have available. Rainbow colors would be perfect for a kid's party! A party with rainbow sprinkles and funfetti cake.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Have a creative day friends!


Lauren Elise Crafted Business Cards

Part of the fun of participating in a craft fair, besides selling pretty things, is getting your name out there and connecting with people.  One of the ways in which you do this is with a good business card.  Any card can direct someone to your site but if your card is unique and creative, it will stand out and hopefully resonate with your future clients and visitors.  I am a firm believer in making one-of-a-kind business cards and have been crafting my own since I got started.  I love the responses I get when people see the little details that I put into my cards.  I always hand stamp manila shipping tags with my information.  Washi tape is usually involved.  In the past I have placed each tag into glassine bags and then stitched them shut on my sewing machine.  These unexpected touches always make people comment, "Are these really your business cards?  But they're so pretty!"  

A few months ago I had to put together 400 business cards to go into swag bags for the Fizz & Frills event in San Francisco.  I wanted to do a little something different with my cards so I decided to opt out of the stitching detail for this particular event.  Instead, I put the tags into mini envelopes and made party flags for each one.  Here are some shots of what I created:

I love my custom letter stamp so of course I had to stamp a sweet message onto the envelopes.

I made the mini flags out of toothpicks and washi tape.  I was inspired by this image that I found on Pinterest awhile ago.  I just love packaging, don't you?  Yes, even business cards can get packaged. 

400 cards got out of hand pretty quickly and soon it was hard to stay neat and organized.  It slowly became chaos but I just love all the mini flags.  They are so cheerful and a sweet addition to these envelopes.  

Since I am busy working on my upcoming craft fair, ideas for packaging and branding and business cards are racing through my head.  I really loved the mini envelopes so I may go for those again.  I don't think I'll have enough time to make all of the flags but I'll come up with a cute equivalent.  Thoughts?  Ideas?

What makes a good business card to you?    


Crafted Bridesmaid Booklets

I am so excited to share a special project with you all today! 

Some of you may know that I am the maid of honor in my best friend's upcoming fall wedding.  I have known and been friends with Ashley since kindergarten so it is very special to be by her side for her big day.  But I was even more honored when she asked me to help design some elements for her wedding.  I designed and packaged her save the dates which turned out spectacular!  I plan on sharing pictures of those later this week so check back for that.  Today I want to share her bridesmaid's booklets.  Early on, Ashley and I started brainstorming about all the bridesmaid details: which girls Ashley wanted by her side (other than me!), what dress the girls would wear, what were the wedding colors, and where we wanted to party for the bachelorette weekend.  Even early on, we agreed on compiling a booklet to send to each girl.  Although emailing is easy, we wanted something a little more concrete and special.  I designed the booklet with pictures and Ashley wrote a personal message about each of her bridesmaids.  I think the girls will all really enjoy receiving this handmade gift in the mail and start to get excited about the upcoming festivities!

Here is what I came up with:

I'll start us off with some preliminary pictures that I took while finishing up the last little details yesterday.  I bound each book with book cloth and hand-stitched the binding.

The booklets were a little stiff at first and wanted to pop back open.  So I weighed them down with some books to keep them shut.  

My office assistant hard at work on her pillow.  The scary part about this pictures is that this is after my studio was cleaned.  Yes, this is organized or at least semi-organized for me.  You should have seen the disaster it was before.  I'm in the process of rearranging everything in my studio so right now, everything is kind of haywire.  I'm not loving it but hopefully soon everything will be fully organized and put back into place.

Ok, so back to those bridesmaid booklets...

I love button + string envelopes!  I just knew I had to use them here.  They make you feel like you're opening up something truly special and not just another regular envelope.

Each bridesmaid got her own little section in the book with a special message written by Ashley.  It was a personal touch that I loved.  Ashley wrote the nicest things about everyone.

I love maps and traveling (and Ashley is a huge traveler) so I designed this map to highlight everyone's journey to the wedding.  The red lines and dots represent Ashley and her fiancé's journey...so I marked their respective hometowns, the city where they met, where they are residing now, and where they got engaged.  The blue lines and dots represent where members of the bridal party will be traveling from to get to the wedding. 

And I used this great paper from Paper Source as the inside liner for the booklets.  It is a nice, subtle pattern and the color worked with Ashley's color scheme.  I am dreaming up ways I can use the scraps in some personal projects.  

What did you think of my booklets?  I think it was a great way to make something special for each of the girls.  I really enjoyed the bookbinding and definitely want to try more of that in the future.  Maybe try some mini books.  

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Check back in tomorrow with some big news!