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Custom Spools

Last week I was busy working away on an Etsy order for my bride J (I mentioned her here) who ordered some of my custom vintage spools.  She wanted to incorporate the "all you need is love" theme into her wedding so I embroidered the phrase onto the ribbon.  They will be incorporated into her super cute table design (yes, she has shown me pictures & has worked up something truly adorable) and each table will be adorned with its own spool.  I had originally intended the spools to be used as escort cards but having your favorite phrase embroidered onto the ribbon is another great idea and I think these will be a great addition to J's tables.

What do you think?

Since they're handmade and I do the stitching by hand, they are all a bit different (each of the spools is unique too).  I love these slight little differences!

I love the graphics on the vintage spools.

After gluing the ribbon to the spool, the last step was cutting the ends of the ribbon and making a flag shape.

Washi tape!!  I don't know how I lived without this stuff for so long.

All packaged up and ready to be sent to J!  Packaging up a handmade item and sending it off to someone is one of the best feelings.  I'm always a bit nervous, hoping my customer likes what I made as much as I do.  As a new designer, I have a special attachment to everything I create and want it to be received in the best possible way.  But it is so nice to send the package on its way!

So that is just a peek at something I've been working on.  I have a few other projects in the works that hopefully I'll be able to post soon.  I am super excited about all of the things I have been designing lately.  

Also, tomorrow is Friday which means a bunch of Font Friday goodness!  I can't wait to share my picks as well as those of my fellow blogger friends.  Be sure to stop by!   


All You Need Is Love...

Happy Monday!

The week has begun and it is already 1 pm here so I need to get busy.  I have a lot to accomplish this week including a handful of DIY projects (the results of which will be revealed to you all soon!) and a couple of Etsy orders.  I am so excited about my Etsy orders too but more on that in a minute...

First, a few pictures of my current office and craft space...my bed!  I've touched on this topic before (here) and yes it's true, I've set up shop in my bed again.  It is just too warm and comfy here, I cannot convince myself that working in my studio is a better option.  I love my studio and having a separate space to devote solely to my crafting but it is an outdoor patio-turned indoor space.  It is concrete slab with brick walls and it has no insulation or heating/cooling vented to it.  So basically I freeze when I'm in there.  I find it hard to even go in there now to grab something, just for a second.  Like I run in, run out as quick as I can to avoid frostbite.  It's heaven in the summer but hell during the winter so my solution...working from my bed!

This is a spoiler alert for an upcoming DIY!  It involves mason jars...get excited!

But back to the Etsy orders...I have been working with the most adorable bride on Etsy (I'll refer to her as J) and the whole experience has just been so fun.  I've had the pleasure of making a few things for J's handmade wedding, including some of my hearts-on-a-stick which are a favorite of mine!  We've chatted a bunch and she's let me in on her wedding details and even shared pictures with me of her adorably cute table decor.  I have loved interacting with her and helping her craft the perfect handmade wedding day.  The picture above highlights something else that I am working on for J this week.  I am making some spools for her, each personalized with the "all you need is love" message.  J could not have picked a better slogan and I know that this detail and all her other handmade lovelies are going to come together so beautifully for her big day!

Working with J has reminded me of the importance of Etsy.  It is such an amazing marketplace.  I am always finding new and beautiful things on there and it is important to me knowing that my purchase is going to help support some fellow artist or crafter.  As a buyer and seller on Etsy, I've seen first hand that Etsy does not just enrich the lives of those buying but also those selling.  I never would have connected with J or had the pleasure of making things for her had it not been for my online Etsy shop.  Buyers are obviously paying me to deliver a product but occasionally I get a buyer like J who is gracious enough to share with me her thoughts and plans for her wedding.  And that connection and interaction with a bride is oh, so nice.  Not only do I get to make something for her, but I get to make something for a friend!  So in conclusion, Etsy helps you make friends!  Crafty, wonderful friends!

Too mushy for everyone?  Well, tough...deal with my mushy!  I truly and honestly love connecting with other creative souls and the amazing world of the internet has allowed me to do so.  I am grateful!     


What I Want...Friday, October 29th

Ya it's Friday my friends! 

I know that most of you are excited because it is Halloween this weekend and you're planning on dressing up and getting into the spooky spirit of this holiday.  And to that I would have to say...good for you!  You see, Halloween is not my holiday.  I liked it as a kid (I guess) but now, as an adult, I just don't see the point much.  I know that many would consider this sacrilege and maybe you're right but to each their own.  My favorite holiday is probably Thanksgiving just because it is all about family and food and being thankful for what we have.  But ghosts, witches, black cats...meh.  Clearly, I'm not feelin' it.  So instead of Halloween, I choose these 'what i want' finds:

What I want to { do } :: take photographs with my new Polaroid camera

Last week I finally purchased a Polaroid camera off of Etsy.  I have been meaning to buy one for awhile but for whatever reason (usually money) this purchase was put on the back burner.  Now I just need some film and my new photo explorations can begin.  I can't wait!  I have been wanting to decorate my room with some Polaroids (hence this DIY here) and now I can finally do it!  I bought the camera from Shalet at Peculiar Momma.  Definitely check out her little shop, it is wonderful and she is the sweetest!  Not only does she have some other great vintage cameras but you can also find some really awesome treasures.  But my favorite has to be the vintage books.  I am such a fan of old books and their binding so naturally I would be drawn to these items in her shop.  Wanting these French and Italian cookbooks right now.  I also commend Shalet on her great shop photography.  Seriously, if you have good photographs, it makes people want to buy your items even more!  I always sways my opinion.  Hence my desire to buy everything from Peculiar Momma!

photo: Peculiar Momma (check out her blog too!) 


Where I want to { dwell } :: in a Modern Shed home

After perusing the most recent issue of Dwell, I discovered this ad for prefab homes called Modern Shed.  I have always liked the idea of prefab and the opportunity to create cheaper housing for people.  But a lot of "prefab" homes aren't all that cheap and I don't always love their aesthetic.  But I really like this design by Modern Shed.  Of course these structures aren't really sheds at all, they are spaces built with the intention of being lived in.  They are insulated and totally livable.  The example in the picture is larger but some of the designs are as small as 8'x10'.  These smaller sizes can become a home office or studio space and are a lot easier to install/build than a traditional home remodel or add-on.  I really like the message that the owners of Modern Shed are trying to convey with their homes: simplify life.  We really don't need to live in McMansions.  I totally stand behind this and want to apply this philosophy to my own life (yes, I need to get rid of a few things).  When home buying is in my horizon (it feels like that will be eons from now), I will definitely consider Modern Shed as an option. 

photo: Modern Shed


Who I want to { hug } :: Mondo from Project Runway

This is a totally new and random category for 'what i want fridays' but if any of you watched the season finale of Project Runway last night then you'll probably agree with me.  Mondo deserves a hug!  Why?  Because he totally should have won last night.  And not only was he the CLEAR winner, but he also seems like the cutest, sweetest guy ever!  I love his designs!  Yes, his prints are crazy and his colors are bold but amazingly, he makes it work (as Tim Gunn would say).  I don't know much about high fashion but I think things coming down the runway should be a little crazy and over-the-top.  These designs should spark our imaginations and take us into a dream-like fantasy land, showing us things we've never seen before.  I think Mondo's collection did that.  Gretchen, who won, has a nice collection with very wearable pieces but to me, all her stuff looks like it belongs at Urban Outfitters.  I'm disappointed with the final outcome, hence I want to give Mondo a huge hug and tell him he's amazing and that I would definitely like to rock some of his outfits!

photo: Mondo Guerra on Zimbio


What I want to { read } :: Mr & Mrs Globe Trot blog

Green Wedding Shoes featured the wedding of two photographers earlier this week.  It was a beautiful wedding and I loved everything about their day.  But now I'm even more interested in the travel blog that they are keeping.  You see, after they got married in September, they set off on a 6 month honeymoon where they will get to see the world (Eastern & Western Europe) and experience it together.  Holy cow!  This is the best idea EVER and I totally want to steal it.  After having traveled around Europe myself with my friends, I think it would be so great to make all of these fantastic memories with your new spouse.  I don't even know these people and yet I am so excited for them.  How fun!  And since they are photographers, the photos on the blog are beautiful.  I want to take some time this weekend to really read through the posts and devour all of the pictures.  Basically, to live vicariously through them, yes.  

photo: Mr and Mrs Globe Trot 


What I want to { obsess over } :: the Lakers

It's that time of year again kids!!  Yep, the basketball season has officially started and I am now back into Lakers mode.  See Kobe's face in the picture above...ya, that's how I feel now that basketball is back on.  I missed it for those few months.  Football = ugh!  Baseball = double ugh!  Hockey = who the heck watches that?  Basketball is my thing err, should I say, the Lakers are my thing!  I love this team and the energy that surrounds it.  And the fact that we're back-to-back champions, ya, that doesn't hurt either.  This season will be great...I can feel it!  So I am preparing myself for the months of crazy ahead, many moments of me yelling at the TV screen (they can't hear you, you know?), me adorning myself in purple and yellow on game days, and me scheduling my life around the games.  Oh yes, and me religiously hating on the Miami Heat (or more specifically Lebron James).  

photo: LA Times Sports


More Amazing Buttons!!

Ok, so after I finished the last post, I found a set of super awesome buttons.  Elysse might be the only one that would appreciate them though.

Photo: XO Handworks

Elysse and I have a thing with these funny creatures...probably because her family owns two alpacas.

Elysse found this beauty earlier today and shared it with me.  Hilarious!  I want it.

Photo: Paper Tiger Cards


New Discovery :: I-Top Button Tool

On a recent jaunt to Michaels (a quick trip in theory which really turned into me roaming the aisles for 45 minutes), I discovered a new tool in the scrapbooking section that is referred to here as my "new discovery" but which is really my "thing that I am coveting the most right now."  It's a button maker!  No, not the buttons-on-clothes type of buttons but the pin onto your shirt type of buttons.  I have had a fascination with them since seeing them used as favors at this wedding on OnceWed:

Photo: Union Photo 

Super cute right?  I like the idea of making a bunch of quirky ones that express your favorite thoughts and sentiments, like the "i heart chocolate banana cake" above. 

So what is this amazing, wonder tool?  It's the I-Top button tool by Imaginisce. 

Photo: Imaginisce

So if you're not excited about buttons as much as I am by now, then here is some more eye candy:

Photo: Off The Record

Photo: 1byliz

Photo: Bust My Button

Photo: Button Empire

Photo: Kikichoo

Photo: Sushipot Parts

Photo: Parsnip and Pear

Photo: Beanforest

Aren't they all fabulous!  I want to collect them all.  My favorites, at the moment, are the "all you need is love" pink ones.  Can't go wrong with Beatles lyrics!