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A Holiday E-zine Contribution

Yesterday, along with my project that appeared over on Emmaline Bride, another one of my DIYs made its debut!  Not too long ago, Aleah and Nick Valley of Valley and Co asked if I would like to contribute a project for their first holiday e-zine they were putting together.  I had previously created this s'mores DIY for them and was so excited and honored to get to work with them again.  They are such a great duo and I really enjoy their tweets, blog posts, knowledge of the industry, and just overall kindness and support! (thanks guys!) I had to work quickly so I decided to create some cute, one-of-a-kind wrapping details that would inspire people to wrap beautiful presents this year.  

I must be completely honest with you...I am not known for being a great wrapper.  Don't be fooled by this DIY or my general knowledge of crafty things.  I kind of suck at it.  Usually I wait until the last minute (on buying the gifts and on wrapping) and then just throw everything into bags to eliminate stress.  So in all actuality, this DIY was not only intended as inspiration for Valley and Co readers but also for myself.  This year I want to wrap some bomb presents and this project has gotten me pretty pumped.  I have all the materials (bakers twine, kraft paper, velvet ribbon, washi tape, pretty paper, etc) so I have no excuse.  If nothing else I should hold myself accountable for blogging purposes.  Will I hold up this end of the bargain?  If you see blog pictures of my presents, then you'll know I made an effort...if you don't see blog pictures then...well...you get the idea (shame).  

So without further ado, here is a sneak peek picture of my Valley and Co-style holiday wrapping:

And to see the entire project with all the pictures and how-tos, take a look at the ezine here.  My work begins on page 30 but peruse the entire thing for decor inspiration, beautiful photos, gift guides for everyone in the family (including dogs), and helpful tips!  Enjoy!