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DIY Stitched Fabric Tags

A late post today but better late than never, right?  I'm feeling a bit under the weather and am curled up in bed hoping that the extra rest will do my body good.  I hate feeling sick and having no energy but the good thing is that blogging doesn't take too much out of me so I think I can manage.  A few weeks ago a blog reader asked about some stitched fabric tags that I featured and wondered if I could share how to make them.  I am always willing to share my crafty methods with readers and I told her that I would turn it into a blog post so that everyone could reap the benefits.  So today I'm going to show you how to make fabric tags like this...

I recently made these tags for a bride who used them for wedding favors.  She gifted her guests home-made vanilla extract (yum!) in mason jars and the tags were a cute, rustic way to label the favors with the couple's names.  So clever and such a treat for the guests.  These tags are pretty easy to make and here are the steps I took to make them...

Step One >> Use a manila shipping tag as a size guide and trace onto your desired fabric.  I used a floral print I found at Joann's.  

Step Two >> Cut out what you traced onto the fabric either using a rotary cutter (like I did above) or some scissors.  

Step Three >> This is what your fabric will look like cut out.  I don't worry about fraying fabric edges because it gives it more of that rustic look.  But if you want clean edges, you could always put a fray-stop solution on the edges after cutting.

Step Four >> Cut out a piece of plain fabric (with no print), sized a bit smaller than your original shape.  Muslin works great for this because it's cheap and has that natural, vintage color.  I actually used natural drill fabric which has the same color as muslin but is thicker and has more texture.  Anything that you like the look of can work!

Step Five >> Stitch the two pieces of fabric together.  I used a sewing machine but if you don't have one, you could also stitch by hand (it will take a bit longer).  I just did one stitch along the top but you could add one along the bottom if you wanted.

Step Six >> Punch a 1/8" hole into the fabric using a hole punch.  I used a Crop-A-Dile eyelet setter which also has a hole punch built in.  A regular hole punch will do the job also.

Step Seven >> Using a Crop-A-Dile or other eyelet setter, set an eyelet in the hole you punched through the fabric.  The eyelet isn't completely necessary but I think it gives the tag a more finished look.  It also prevents fraying around the hole.

Step Eight >> Stamp your message onto the plain fabric.  This stamp set would be a great choice.  

Step Nine >> Before hanging or displaying the tag, I would back it with a paper manila tag (don't attach them, just string them together).  The paper tag adds stability to the fabric and also provides you with a surface to write a quick message or personal note.  

And there you have it!  A quick fabric tag all ready to be used for mason jar labels or even for packaging like I did here...

With the holidays approaching this is a great, handmade solution to store-bought tags.  And it really jazzes up a kraft paper bag, like what I did above, perfect for any occasion.  

I hope you enjoyed this DIY today!  Maybe make a bunch at one time and then you'll be set for months.  Or gift a bundle of them to a friend to use for her own packaging.  And like I did originally with the tags, use them for a sweet detail for wedding favors or even as an escort card alternative.

Happy Wednesday!  Now back to bed for me.


Vintage Fabric Inspiration + Finds

I am gearing up for my first big craft show so lately I have been on the hunt for supplies that will help me fill up my shop with some loveliness.  I have particularly been on the look-out for vintage fabrics in fun, flowery patterns.  I think I will ultimately end up shopping through Etsy (so easy and you don't have to spend any gas money) but that hasn't stopped me from browsing through the selection at local shops.  So far, my local options have been limited but I am still going to check out a few places.  

As would be expected, I have been relying on Pinterest a lot to give me more inspiration.  Vintage fabric loveliness to follow...

Dottie Angel pillows via SF Girl By Bay

Dottie Angel's stuff is just dreamy.  She is a sewing queen.  These pillows are like fabric collages with all that texture and pattern.  Sometimes too much mismatched pattern is a bad thing but these pillows are just right.  I wouldn't mind a few of these big pillows on my bed.  It would make it so inviting and snuggly.

In Color Order embroidery hoops

In my opinion, embroidery hoops are the perfect decor/display option.  They are super cheap, much cheaper than frames (Create For Less has great options) and yet they are doing the same job.  These hoops are filled with fabric but paper works also.  You can prop them up on shelves and tabletops or hang them on walls.  Such an easy way to redecorate with a pop of color.  

Vintage pillowcases photo by Jessica Claire, styling and flowers by Megan Gray of Honey & Poppies

A few more vintage fabric pillow cases.  These are more simple but still really sweet.  They would be perfect for a picnic or for creating comfortable outdoor seating like how they're used here.  

Carma vintage fabric-inspired wallpaper

Yep, apparently that's wallpaper and not fabric but it definitely fooled me.  I was just wondering how they got fabric to stick to the walls.  Carma is a Swedish company and even though I usually am not a big fan of wallpaper, this I actually like.  This particular paper is from their Room Seven collection which I particularly love.  Their prop styling is amazing as well.  

Olive Manna calico fabric ribbon

I honestly can say that I would order every single item in Natalie Jost's Olive Manna store if I had the money...no joke, every item.  But this calico ribbon is just granny chic goodness.  It does remind me of my grandma's fabric cupboard too.  When I was little I thought that cupboard was such a magical place filled with all kinds of crafty delights.  It was a good day when my brother and I were allowed to pick fabric and craft with it.

Raven and Matilda vintage fabric fat quarter

Great packaging on Raven and Matilda's part.  Definitely check out this sweet little Etsy shop for more fabric goodies.  Nothing beats a simple bit of twine and a manila tag...packaging perfection.  

While vintage shopping on Monday I was lucky enough to come across a few fabric pieces that I couldn't walk away from.  These yellow pillow cases are oh so cheerful:

I love yellow!

I also found this delicately embroidered hankie which I intend to use for display.  Sea foam green color like this always draws my attention.  The baby pink flowers are so beautiful too.

Are you a fan of vintage fabric prints?  They are definitely granny chic which is not everyone's style but I really like them when paired with modern elements to give the whole look a more contemporary feel.  I am a big fan of mixing old with new and little hints of vintage fabric is a great way to do that.  Happy Wednesday everyone! 


Featured: Postcards & Pretties DIY : Dessert Table Backdrop

Hi everyone!  Today I am sharing a super romantic and whimsical dessert table backdrop that I created for Chris of Postcards & Pretties.  Chris has been on vacation and she asked me, along with a bunch of other talented bloggers (see all of the posts here), to come up with a unique DIY for her readers as a guest post.  I was more than happy to oblige since I am such a P&P fan and I just so happened to have a little project in the works that I knew would be perfect.  So last week the dessert table backdrop that I came up with was revealed.

I have been wanting to do my own take on a dessert table backdrop for awhile now and this idea of hanging fabric circles is one my mind has been pondering.  So I decided to combine the two ideas together and I think the result is simple (it won't draw all of the attention away from your yummy desserts) but still dreamy and light and whimsical...all things I love.  

And it is hard to hate this backdrop when that delightful gold-sprinkled cake is sitting right in front of it.  Oh my, this cake was sure yummy!  I won't lie to you all, it was seriously $3 at Albertsons with some grocery store icing thrown on top of it.  But clearly $3 is the magic number because it was dang good (super moist).  My family and I feasted on it for a few days.

This DIY may seem complicated (someone commented that it looked tedious) and yes, it wasn't a quick project but the effect is definitely worth the time you put into it.  DIY doesn't always mean "quick" and if you are making some special handmade elements for your wedding, I recommend spending the time to get things beautiful and just right.  I am definitely a believer in details and having good craft.  In my own experience, when I put a little more time and effort into things, I usually like the outcome a whole lot better.  What about you?  When you see DIY do you expect it to be something you can finish in a flash?

Head over to Postcards & Pretties to see more pictures and a detailed description of how I made this dessert backdrop.  Also, check out my mason jar save the date that was also featured on P&P at the beginning of this year.  Does anyone remember this baby?!

I hope you all enjoy the DIY today.  Happy Tuesday!  


A Peek into my Weekend + My Dog

Happy Monday everyone!  A fresh, new week begins today and I am determined to have it be a productive one, starting with this early morning blog post to get things off to a good start.  I am juggling a couple of projects right now and I need to start crossing some major things off my to-do list in the next few days.  And so far, I am feeling good about it all (hopefully these good vibes continue throughout the week).  Because I like sharing, here are a few sneak peeks at some of my projects...

I am working with a bride who has a wedding coming up in September.  I am making a few handmade items for her big day, including yarn pom flowers (on the left) and some fabric tags for mason jars (on the right).  I can't wait to see the pom flowers come together, I just know they are going to be adorable at her wedding!  

Please forgive the ugly sandwich bag but inside you can see the fabric tags with the stitched detail.  These tags will be part of the favors for her guests.  

A lot of brainstorming continued this weekend as I plan for my first craft fair.  A lot of work definitely goes into these things, I can see that already.  Not only am I thinking about the product I want to sell at the fair but I need to figure out my decor and backdrops ASAP.  My family and I made a few trips to Home Depot to look at materials and to price things out.  I think I may need to scrap my original vision for this fair (I just don't think it will be feasible in the space) but I came up with a few other ideas that I am happy with and which should be easier to make work.  I'll keep updating the blog with progress as I finalize my ideas and start to actually put together these decor elements.

And finally, some cute dog pictures... 

It has been awhile since I shared Scout pictures and after snapping these images, I couldn't resist sharing her adorableness today.  I was testing out these mini bows (possible craft fair item?) and Scout seemed like the perfect model.  She really hates getting her picture taken (what a diva) but I managed to trick her into a few good ones, only possible with the promise of crackers as a reward.  

Notice the picture on the right...she is eyeing her cracker intently.  Her best shots do not come free.

Despite Scout not wanting to cooperate, the bows turned out really cute.  This one was small enough that it didn't bother Scout while wearing it.  I was a bit worried she might want to rip it off.  Excited she now has some party attire.

How was everyone else's weekend?  Were you productive?  Did you laze around?  Have fun?  I managed to work a bit but also enjoyed myself, watched a few movies, made some homemade margaritas, and relaxed.  A nice few breaks before I get busy with my to-do list this week.  Speaking of work, time to get to it... 


Airmail DIY

So remember when I did a post on airmail inspiration?  Ya, that post wasn't totally random.  I had an airmail-inspired project in the works and I was collecting images that were influencing me and helping me with my design.  Last week I shared the DIY on Emmaline Bride and today I'm sharing it here with you!

I am such a fan of stitching/embroidery details (can you tell by now?) and I liked using it here in order to give the airmail more of a three-dimensional look.  I used drill fabric which is such a great staple (I recommend having it around for all kinds of crafty projects) and it helps to give the project a rustic feel.  I printed the calendar directly on the drill fabric.  Yes, you can do that!  With a normal printer too, it's seriously amazing.  I'm going to print everything on fabric now!

This DIY would pair perfectly with a vintage, travel-themed wedding.  I envision tons of old postcards, maps, globes, paper airplanes, and suitcases.  I am such a fan of these old-time European details.

Are you interested in the other items in these pictures?  For styling purposes, I included paper pinwheels, old maps, and antique postcards.  The postcards and lace doily came from a local antique store.  The map paper is from an old atlas book also found at a local antique store.  The atlas was an amazing purchase because it is filled with maps from around the world.  I just cut out another page whenever I need.  I've used it for a bunch of projects so it was totally worth what I paid for it.  The pinwheels were also made with pages from that atlas (from the index in the back) and you can find the tutorial of how to make them on The Knotty Bride.  I used airmail washi tape that I purchased from Cute Tape (love their shop!).  And the airmail ribbon is from the Retro NaNa shop on Etsy.  The drill fabric is from Joanns but you can find it at any fabric store.  

See the full tutorial with all the pictures and detailed instructions on Emmaline Bride.

Happy Wednesday!