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Crafted Fashion: Chunky Knit Cardigan

Happy Tuesday friends!  Today I wanted to share a new garment that I recently added to my wardrobe, one which I think is a great deal and a good look.  At this time of year I love seeing all the chunky knits that the stores are stocking.  They look so cozy and inviting.  I just want to snuggle up by a fire and read a good book...in my chunky knit sweater of course.  But being from Southern California I don't necessarily need to be adding ten new sweaters to my wardrobe each season.  Not only would this not work for my budget but it just wouldn't be needed in our climate.  I have been eyeing a few at Anthropologie but all of them are over $100 and just out of my price range.  I came to terms with the fact that a chunky new sweater was out of my reach this season until...

I went to Target a few weeks ago and stumbled upon this beauty!  Not only was this chunky knit cardigan the perfect cozy, over-sized look I was going for but it also had this lovely Nordic inspired pattern woven into it.  The colors suited me and my wardrobe and the toggle closures were a cute detail.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that it was only $29.99!  Head on over to Target or check out the Fair Isle Cardigan Sweater on their website if this sweater (and price!) spark your interest as much as it did for me.  It is super comfy and it has definitely kept me warm (although I'm not in negative below weather).  The only thing I would change about it is to add two pockets to the front.  I have another sweater with front pockets and I keep wanting to put my hands somewhere when I where this new one.

The rest of my outfit came from Anthropologie.  Because I work there it is just too easy to look for pieces there, be lazy, and not have to venture out to other stores.  Not super creative in terms of fashion I realize but sometimes you have to go for what is easy.  The Pilcro pants are from this season.  They aren't available online anymore but you might be able to find them in the sale section at your local store.  The top and beanie are from last year.  The cute little typewriters on the top are so whimsical and fun!

What new pieces have you recently added to your wardrobe?  Any favorites?  Any other awesome Target finds out there?


Crafted Fashion: The Maxi Skirt

Today I'm talking fashion because it has been on my mind lately.  I don't consider myself a fashion expert {far from it} and usually just buy items that intrigue me at Anthropologie {it's convenient because I work there and because I get a discount}.  Since my fashion budget is limited I don't like spending too much time searching for pieces because the more time I spend searching, the more I want to buy.  But I love to transition into fall so I have been wanting to devote a little energy into picking some autumn pieces that will work for me in the coming months and into the new year.  I hope to find some classic pieces that will work with a lot of stuff and allow me to make a handful of outfit combinations.  I am pretty obsessed with blazers right now so my goal is to find a few more of those this year as well as add more cute skirts {I hate pants on me so I prefer skirts and dresses as bottoms...oh yeah and leggings, who doesn't love comfortable leggings?}.  

Another piece that my mind has been grappling with is the popular maxi skirt.  They have been pretty big this year and at first I was totally against them.  Slowly over the summer months my loathing began to subside and now, seeing the cute fall maxis, I have definitely been intrigued to buy one for myself.  And that's just what I did the other day at work.  I found a simple and classic maxi in our sale section and brought it home to try out with some outfits.  Here is the skirt I bought and some awesome fashion inspiration found on Pinterest:

mustard maxi {via The Sartorialist} & black maxi {via Stockholm Streetstyle} & Anthropologie maxi

I definitely had doubts about the maxi working with my body type and I think that is why I resisted buying one for so long.  Have you ever done that?  Sometimes you are your biggest obstacle when it comes to trying new things {never an easy task}.  Today I tried the skirt on with a bunch of my clothes and I am surprised to say that I do like the skirt.  I still am not 100% sure I'm going to keep it but as far as maxis go, I think this is a good one for me.  The color will work great in fall and winter, it's light enough to transition into hotter months, it has enough weight to be slimming and not feel bulky, etc.  And the best part, I created a bunch of different outfit combinations so I know there is a lot of versatility in the piece, the best thing for those who are budget conscience.  Here are some of the outfits I quickly threw together this morning...

Are you into the maxi skirt?  What are your favorite things to wear with it?  Thoughts on if I should keep mine?  

If you have any fashion obstacles like me, I'd recommend trying it out and seeing if you can make it work with your wardrobe.  Sometimes in life we are always surprised by the smallest things.  Life is too short not to try a maxi!

Happy Wednesday friends! 

Oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already.



Oh, poor blog...it was so neglected last week.  Sadly I didn't get to blogging even once and I am so ashamed.  I cannot imagine why I wasn't able to fit in one post at least.  Forgive me blog...I am back today.

At the beginning of June, Holly of Decor8 wrote this post about her love of stripes.  She asked other blog lovers to participate in Stripemania and to celebrate by taking a picture of themselves wearing stripes.  Almost 300 bloggers participated and sent pictures to Holly.  Stripe lovers from around the world were united and you can now check out all of the pictures on Pinterest.  I loved seeing everyone's outfits!  And how neat is it to have bloggers from all over come together and share a common interest.  

I am most definitely a card-carrying stripe lover so of course I participated.  I wore stripes yesterday and snapped a few photos.  

Those striped shoes are just about my most favorite thing ever.  I love them and am terribly saddened by the fact that one day, I'll need to get rid of them.  I got the shirt at H&M, cheap and simple, and the flower pin at Anthropologie.  

But my love of stripes is not just exclusive to clothes...I enjoy it on all things...

Like these pinwheels from BHLDN!  

Or this delicious pink layer cake from Call Me Cupcake!

Or this sweet bow on this bride's dress!  Picture by Erin Hearts Court.

Every drink tastes better with a stripey straw!  Straws from Shop Sweet Lulu (this shop is filled with completely adorable party supplies so definitely check it out).

Are you a stripe lover too?  Does that cake picture make you want cake now or is that just me?  Happy Monday! 


What I Want...Friday, October 29th

Ya it's Friday my friends! 

I know that most of you are excited because it is Halloween this weekend and you're planning on dressing up and getting into the spooky spirit of this holiday.  And to that I would have to say...good for you!  You see, Halloween is not my holiday.  I liked it as a kid (I guess) but now, as an adult, I just don't see the point much.  I know that many would consider this sacrilege and maybe you're right but to each their own.  My favorite holiday is probably Thanksgiving just because it is all about family and food and being thankful for what we have.  But ghosts, witches, black cats...meh.  Clearly, I'm not feelin' it.  So instead of Halloween, I choose these 'what i want' finds:

What I want to { do } :: take photographs with my new Polaroid camera

Last week I finally purchased a Polaroid camera off of Etsy.  I have been meaning to buy one for awhile but for whatever reason (usually money) this purchase was put on the back burner.  Now I just need some film and my new photo explorations can begin.  I can't wait!  I have been wanting to decorate my room with some Polaroids (hence this DIY here) and now I can finally do it!  I bought the camera from Shalet at Peculiar Momma.  Definitely check out her little shop, it is wonderful and she is the sweetest!  Not only does she have some other great vintage cameras but you can also find some really awesome treasures.  But my favorite has to be the vintage books.  I am such a fan of old books and their binding so naturally I would be drawn to these items in her shop.  Wanting these French and Italian cookbooks right now.  I also commend Shalet on her great shop photography.  Seriously, if you have good photographs, it makes people want to buy your items even more!  I always sways my opinion.  Hence my desire to buy everything from Peculiar Momma!

photo: Peculiar Momma (check out her blog too!) 


Where I want to { dwell } :: in a Modern Shed home

After perusing the most recent issue of Dwell, I discovered this ad for prefab homes called Modern Shed.  I have always liked the idea of prefab and the opportunity to create cheaper housing for people.  But a lot of "prefab" homes aren't all that cheap and I don't always love their aesthetic.  But I really like this design by Modern Shed.  Of course these structures aren't really sheds at all, they are spaces built with the intention of being lived in.  They are insulated and totally livable.  The example in the picture is larger but some of the designs are as small as 8'x10'.  These smaller sizes can become a home office or studio space and are a lot easier to install/build than a traditional home remodel or add-on.  I really like the message that the owners of Modern Shed are trying to convey with their homes: simplify life.  We really don't need to live in McMansions.  I totally stand behind this and want to apply this philosophy to my own life (yes, I need to get rid of a few things).  When home buying is in my horizon (it feels like that will be eons from now), I will definitely consider Modern Shed as an option. 

photo: Modern Shed


Who I want to { hug } :: Mondo from Project Runway

This is a totally new and random category for 'what i want fridays' but if any of you watched the season finale of Project Runway last night then you'll probably agree with me.  Mondo deserves a hug!  Why?  Because he totally should have won last night.  And not only was he the CLEAR winner, but he also seems like the cutest, sweetest guy ever!  I love his designs!  Yes, his prints are crazy and his colors are bold but amazingly, he makes it work (as Tim Gunn would say).  I don't know much about high fashion but I think things coming down the runway should be a little crazy and over-the-top.  These designs should spark our imaginations and take us into a dream-like fantasy land, showing us things we've never seen before.  I think Mondo's collection did that.  Gretchen, who won, has a nice collection with very wearable pieces but to me, all her stuff looks like it belongs at Urban Outfitters.  I'm disappointed with the final outcome, hence I want to give Mondo a huge hug and tell him he's amazing and that I would definitely like to rock some of his outfits!

photo: Mondo Guerra on Zimbio


What I want to { read } :: Mr & Mrs Globe Trot blog

Green Wedding Shoes featured the wedding of two photographers earlier this week.  It was a beautiful wedding and I loved everything about their day.  But now I'm even more interested in the travel blog that they are keeping.  You see, after they got married in September, they set off on a 6 month honeymoon where they will get to see the world (Eastern & Western Europe) and experience it together.  Holy cow!  This is the best idea EVER and I totally want to steal it.  After having traveled around Europe myself with my friends, I think it would be so great to make all of these fantastic memories with your new spouse.  I don't even know these people and yet I am so excited for them.  How fun!  And since they are photographers, the photos on the blog are beautiful.  I want to take some time this weekend to really read through the posts and devour all of the pictures.  Basically, to live vicariously through them, yes.  

photo: Mr and Mrs Globe Trot 


What I want to { obsess over } :: the Lakers

It's that time of year again kids!!  Yep, the basketball season has officially started and I am now back into Lakers mode.  See Kobe's face in the picture above...ya, that's how I feel now that basketball is back on.  I missed it for those few months.  Football = ugh!  Baseball = double ugh!  Hockey = who the heck watches that?  Basketball is my thing err, should I say, the Lakers are my thing!  I love this team and the energy that surrounds it.  And the fact that we're back-to-back champions, ya, that doesn't hurt either.  This season will be great...I can feel it!  So I am preparing myself for the months of crazy ahead, many moments of me yelling at the TV screen (they can't hear you, you know?), me adorning myself in purple and yellow on game days, and me scheduling my life around the games.  Oh yes, and me religiously hating on the Miami Heat (or more specifically Lebron James).  

photo: LA Times Sports


Love Cardigans

Sorry things have been a little slow here this week.  I had a busy Monday and Tuesday but I finally found some time to blog this morning.  Today this post will be devoted to one of my greatest passions...something I cannot live without...something that is so much a part of me and my style...cardigans!! 

I am a huge lover of cardigans and 9 out of 10 times, you will find me wearing one.  I am of the mindset that I can never own too many.  I walk into a store and make a beeline straight towards the cute, little, colorful sweaters.  Some would call themselves a shoe girl.  Well, I'm a cardigans girl!  I love stripped ones, ones with pretty lace and fabric ruffle details, solid color ones, and especially vintage ones.  One of my favorite sweaters is a bright red one that belonged to my grandfather.  Despite being a little big on me, I like knowing that my grandfather used to wear it.  It's comforting to me.  

So, considering this love affair, it makes perfect sense that I would love the trend of cardigans at weddings.  To me, they work on anyone: the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen.  This is a fun way to bring in a pop of color or a sweet detail.  And you don't have to wear them all day, you can bust out the sweaters for pictures and later on in the evening when it starts to get cold.  As a photographer myself (even an amateur one), I love taking pictures of the little details so having a few extra fun accessories will provide your photographer with even more photo opportunities.  

Check out some of these great cardigan examples:

Photos: Cameron Ingalls Photography 

This wedding was seriously one of my favorites!  I think the thing that draws me to it the most is the mustard color sweater the bride wore...I'm in heaven!  Not only do I love cardigans but my love affair with the color mustard yellow is equally large.  And she's adorned the sweater with a precious flower, even better!  I personally like bridesmaids that are all dressed differently but if you want them to all wear the same thing, this is a great way to do it.  All of the girls are wearing the same dress but the different colored cover-ups allow each girl's personality to shine through.  Despite having a few differences, this wedding party is still very cohesive.

Photo: Akil Bennett Photography 

Here are some more cardigan-clad bridesmaids.  This time they are all matchy-matchy but still equally adorable.  I am a big fan of the peach and grey color scheme going on here.  Yellow and grey is definitely something that is seen a lot so I like the variation that the peach provides. 

Photo: Elisabeth Millay Photography via Bonafide Bride

This bright red sweater and tea-length wedding dress combine for a great retro vibe.  To me, this bride looks so comfortable.  Although she looks flawless, there is this easy elegance about her. 

Photo: Braedon Photography

Although I like the color that a cardigan can bring to the pictures, a neutral palette can be just as spectacular.  I think this bride looks stunning.  I love her choice in sweaters and how it wraps for a flattering look.  This ensemble was perfect for her rainy day shots.  There is something amazing about neutral off-whites and whites paired together...kind of breathtaking! 

Photos: Jill Thomas Photography seen here and here

These pictures are some of my favorites for a few reasons.  I love Jill Thomas' photographs (seriously, one of my favorite photographers) so that probably helps.  Also, again we see the mixture of white, off-whites, and neutrals...love!  I also am really drawn towards the use of different textures here.  In the first image with the bridesmaids, we see a lot of different fabrics, lace, satin, cottons.  There are a bunch of small details that I really like.  Also the sweater/bolero cover-up that the second bride is wearing has some awesome, intricate beading detail that is quite lovely.  This images just make me so happy!

What do you think of the inspiration?  Are you as excited about cardigans as I am?  

I am always on the look-out for sweaters for my own collection so I put together a few favorites that I spotted recently.  I would buy all six if I had the money!

{ one :: Modcloth } { two :: Modcloth } { three :: J. Crew } { four :: J. Crew } { five :: Anthropologie }

{ six :: Ruche }

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