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DIY Stitched Fabric Tags

A late post today but better late than never, right?  I'm feeling a bit under the weather and am curled up in bed hoping that the extra rest will do my body good.  I hate feeling sick and having no energy but the good thing is that blogging doesn't take too much out of me so I think I can manage.  A few weeks ago a blog reader asked about some stitched fabric tags that I featured and wondered if I could share how to make them.  I am always willing to share my crafty methods with readers and I told her that I would turn it into a blog post so that everyone could reap the benefits.  So today I'm going to show you how to make fabric tags like this...

I recently made these tags for a bride who used them for wedding favors.  She gifted her guests home-made vanilla extract (yum!) in mason jars and the tags were a cute, rustic way to label the favors with the couple's names.  So clever and such a treat for the guests.  These tags are pretty easy to make and here are the steps I took to make them...

Step One >> Use a manila shipping tag as a size guide and trace onto your desired fabric.  I used a floral print I found at Joann's.  

Step Two >> Cut out what you traced onto the fabric either using a rotary cutter (like I did above) or some scissors.  

Step Three >> This is what your fabric will look like cut out.  I don't worry about fraying fabric edges because it gives it more of that rustic look.  But if you want clean edges, you could always put a fray-stop solution on the edges after cutting.

Step Four >> Cut out a piece of plain fabric (with no print), sized a bit smaller than your original shape.  Muslin works great for this because it's cheap and has that natural, vintage color.  I actually used natural drill fabric which has the same color as muslin but is thicker and has more texture.  Anything that you like the look of can work!

Step Five >> Stitch the two pieces of fabric together.  I used a sewing machine but if you don't have one, you could also stitch by hand (it will take a bit longer).  I just did one stitch along the top but you could add one along the bottom if you wanted.

Step Six >> Punch a 1/8" hole into the fabric using a hole punch.  I used a Crop-A-Dile eyelet setter which also has a hole punch built in.  A regular hole punch will do the job also.

Step Seven >> Using a Crop-A-Dile or other eyelet setter, set an eyelet in the hole you punched through the fabric.  The eyelet isn't completely necessary but I think it gives the tag a more finished look.  It also prevents fraying around the hole.

Step Eight >> Stamp your message onto the plain fabric.  This stamp set would be a great choice.  

Step Nine >> Before hanging or displaying the tag, I would back it with a paper manila tag (don't attach them, just string them together).  The paper tag adds stability to the fabric and also provides you with a surface to write a quick message or personal note.  

And there you have it!  A quick fabric tag all ready to be used for mason jar labels or even for packaging like I did here...

With the holidays approaching this is a great, handmade solution to store-bought tags.  And it really jazzes up a kraft paper bag, like what I did above, perfect for any occasion.  

I hope you enjoyed this DIY today!  Maybe make a bunch at one time and then you'll be set for months.  Or gift a bundle of them to a friend to use for her own packaging.  And like I did originally with the tags, use them for a sweet detail for wedding favors or even as an escort card alternative.

Happy Wednesday!  Now back to bed for me.


Behind the Scenes for Emmaline Bride

A few weeks ago I posted this bunting favors DIY that I shared over on Emmaline Bride.  Today I wanted to show a few behind the scenes pictures of my setup for capturing that particular project.  For the most part, I try and put a lot of effort into styling my work in order to present it in the best possible light.  The outcome doesn't always match the original vision but I am proud of what I put together and I learn new things from each and every shoot (it's a huge learning process).  Because I am always fascinated in how other people create their images, I would like to feature what I did today in hopes that someone else might find it interesting.  I am far from any kind of styling, photographing expert but I do the best with the materials that I have.  

For this DIY, I wanted to really highlight the favor itself and have a pretty zoomed-in perspective on those little details.  I also wanted to place the muslin bag on some interesting textures to coordinate with my creation.  Looking for something rustic and made of wood, I ultimately settled on this old drawer which I turned upside down.  I also found this vintage tablecloth and used it because of the bright pop of blue and yellow color.  Everything was shot on the concrete floor in my studio.

As is typical, Scout found it necessary to wander through my setup and investigate everything.  She found the baby succulent particularly intriguing and since she has a history of destroying innocent plants, I made sure to watch her carefully.  With each set of pictures I take there seem to be a handful of Scout shots.  Maybe she likes getting her picture taken after all?

I envisioned this shot of me standing in the confetti (why are shoe shots so fun?) in heels but before capturing a good one, I took a few duds like the picture above.  And because Scout was around, I tried her out with a foot shot of her own...

She was squirming a bit so I couldn't really get her paws in focus.

You would never know from the final pictures (thank goodness) but I looked like a mess that day too.  I guess that is the beauty of photo shoots.  Behind the scenes can be chaos but as long as you don't know from the final result, everything is good.  I was basically in pajamas but then teetering along on my very high heels.  A hilarious sight to be seen I'm sure.  But despite the above non-beauty, the final pictures were pretty lovely...

Although I must say that my muslin favor bags kind of blended in with the vintage tablecloth...so if I could go back I would change that a bit and make the favors stand out more on their own.  So another lesson learned with another set of great DIY pictures of my projects.  

So there is a little sneak peek into the magic of my pictures...or complete non-magic as these pictures clearly point out.  Do you enjoy styling and putting together little photo shoots?  The term photo shoot implies something so glamorous but I am afraid mine are far from it.  But maybe this is the norm.  Do your glamorous photo shoots include pajamas and plant-hungry dogs?  Jealous?   


Whisker Graphics August DIY

Another month has passed (wow!) and that means another Whisker Graphics DIY that I get to share with you all.  If you haven't heard, I am part of the Whisker Graphics Design Team which shares original DIY ideas twice a week over on the WG blog.  All of us seven ladies are working with the same materials, Divine Twine, Bitty Bags, and the other stickers and digital downloads available in the Whisker Graphics shop.  But despite starting with the same materials, we all come up with such different ways to craft with them.  It is such an inspiring project to be a part of and so I have to give a big shout out to all the other ladies who are involved.  If you're looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out each of their respective blogs:

:: Ashley N. Newell 

:: Ashley Harris

:: Carly Robertson

:: Jenny Dixon

:: Keisha Campbell

:: Michelle Philippi

So for my August project I used just a few materials to make some cute treat or favor bags.  

From Whisker Graphics, I used their Striped Bitty Bags in aqua and pink and also the orange and blueberry Divine Twine.  I filled the bags with treats and then tied them shut with the twine.  Finally I made some fabric buttons with the Dritz button cover kit (I found mine at Joanns) and fabric scraps in complimentary colors.  The buttons are super easy to make and the kit comes with everything you need.  You can glue or double stick tape the buttons onto the bags.  Or glue a pin back to the button so that your guests can wear them as pins once they have enjoyed their treat.

Be sure to check out the Whisker Graphics blog to see this post today.  I will be back next month with another creation.  Any suggestions on what I should make?  Maybe I will do something wedding related for September.  I will definitely be in wedding-mode next month.  I have my friend's wedding where I will be the maid of honor as well as a client's wedding who am helping do different handmade decor elements.  Busy, busy this coming month!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Happy Thursday! 


Featured: Emmaline Bride DIY : Bunting Favors

Hi blog world!  I am so sorry to have been away for so long...I hate when I don't have the time to post frequently but finding time the last few weeks has been challenging.  I had two major deadlines for projects that I had to finish last week on Wednesday and then on Thursday I was on planes and in cars all day headed back to Vermont for my cousin's wedding.  I am still in Vermont and it is absolutely beautiful.  I am enjoying my vacation so much.  I have all kinds of pictures to share soon but the rest of this week will continue to be slow because hey, I want to enjoy my vacation!  

Today I wanted to share a DIY with you that was posted yesterday on Emmaline Bride, a favorite handmade wedding resource for me.  If you are looking for some unique favors, this is the DIY for you.  

I teach you how to create little bunting pins for your guests and 'PARTY' muslin bags which you can fill with candy or confetti.  The essential party favor!  

To see the full DIY post with all the pictures and directions, visit Emmaline Bride

I will be talking more about these fabric pins and sharing more advice and resources soon...I promise!  I apologize for the quick post today but I am off to explore Quechee, Vermont.  Happy Tuesday friends!