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Styling Vignettes: Garden Roses

Even though we're moving into summer, flowers are very much in bloom here in Southern California. I still see a lot of varieties on my daily walks. We have a few flowering plants in our own garden but nothing too extensive, and most of them were planted by the previous owners. Our garden additions have mostly been succulents for their easy maintenance (our track record with flowers isn't the greatest). We do have a large rose bush in our backyard, it sits right outside my window actually. I like it when it grows wildly and doesn't get trimmed. Blush pink and magenta buds bloom all over it. We occasionally snip a few and bring them inside. Last month I collected a few of these springtime roses and had to document their beauty before putting them in a vase.

This vintage wood caddy was something I found while antiquing and I used it as a display piece for my craft fair last year (that seems like ages ago now). Normally it is in my studio holding crafting supplies but it seemed like the perfect flower carry-all. I love the wood tones mixed with the pink and green hues in these shots.

I hope this provides you with a little inspiration on this Wednesday. Have a lovely day!


The Life of Peonies, a story in pictures

These five buds made their way to our home through Trader Joe's. They were the last bundle of peonies available, possibly passed over by other shoppers since they were still dormant. At the time of purchase I tried to remain optimistic about the flowers opening up. Only hours after settling into their new home, they started to spread their wings. Over just a few days, these flowers went through magnificent color transitions, so much so that it was hard to believe they were the same bunch. Deep magentas to summery peaches to bright whites. For a few days I was captivated by these blooms, in awe of them each time I passed the dining room table. With every new stage I had to pull out my camera and document the beauty.

There is such beauty in life, in all the stages.

Happy Monday!


Whisker Graphics May DIY

Hello dear readers! Another month passed means another Whisker Graphics DIY. If you don't know, I create a monthly DIY project for the WG blog using their fabulous products which includes the amazing Divine Twine and Bitty Bags (the shop is filled with other great paper goods too so be sure to check out all that it has to offer). Their products are a go-to for cute packaging and I use Whisker Graphics constantly for personal and work projects. But for these monthly DIYs I like to envision their products in different ways, sort of rethink their traditional uses. For May, I transformed a Bitty Bag into a piece of home decor. It is super simple and it only takes a few materials.

Remember the green bottle from my Mother's Day polka dot vase? It is a recycled apple cider bottle. I recommend any repurposed glass bottle for this project, just anything you can give new life to.

So how does it go from Bitty Bag to flower? I cut the bag into strips and then fringed the pieces. Then I just rolled up the fringe to get a sort of paper pom. Fluff up the fringe and it looks like a full flower in bloom. Use hot glue to secure as you go.

I found a dried branch outside, placed it in the bottle and then glued the flowers to the branch with hot glue. The whole process goes very quickly and you can finish the entire project in under an hour. A super simple weekend craft.

I love this minimalist arrangement and the defined shape of the curving branch. And since there is no upkeep, it is quite the ideal floral arrangement.

Bitty Bags come in a handful of colors so you could match any color scheme that you have in your home. Compliment the colors of the flower with the color of the bottle. You could even spray paint the bottle a certain hue to get a matching look. Visit the Whisker Graphics blog to see other DIYs by the design team and other examples of WG products. I hope you enjoyed this simple project. Happy crafting!


Discarded but Still Beautiful

Hi friends! This week is still a little quiet here on the blog and for that I apologize. I am trying to be better but it is definitely a busy time with lots to do. I did not think May would be quite so crazy. Is your May like this too?

Today I wanted to share a few pictures I took while I was styling my Mother's Day polka dot vase last week. I picked flowers from our rose bush in the backyard. The light pink hues were the perfect compliment to the kraft paper and white polka dots and it was a sweet and easy DIY project.

Whenever you work with flowers, there are always discarded pieces that don't quite make the cut. You pick away leaves and wilting blooms so that the best specimens make the final arrangement. But these rejected scraps are still beautiful and last week I took a moment to appreciate the leftovers.

Sweet baby rose.

Even the discarded parts of life can be beautiful.

I think that is an important sentiment to remember as we hustle and hurry through life. Don't you? It is natural to discard and forget things but even then there is a lovely simplicity that we should all try and appreciate from time to time. The little things can sometimes be so big.

I hope this gives you a bit of pretty inspiration on this Wednesday. Happy day to you!


A Preview of Things to Come

Hi dear readers! I'm just dropping in quickly today to say hello and give you a preview of what I will be posting tomorrow. I have a floral post to share, a Mother's Day DIY that can be quickly put together in time for Sunday. Flowers are a very traditional gift for Mom but I took some simple blooms and packaged them in a not-too-typical fashion. I think it is important to show Mom how special she is and a lovely little bouquet like this would be a good place to start. Be sure to check back tomorrow. 

Thank you for your patience these last few weeks as I finish up all these wedding details (see my progress here and here). I am turning everything over to the bride on Thursday (the wedding is Saturday) and I cannot wait to be completed with everything. It has been really fun making it all but it is always a relief to finish a big project. Next week I can devote a little more time to blogging and get back on track here.

So be sure to visit tomorrow for my Mother's Day DIY project. 

What are you planning for Mother's Day?