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Font Love, Vol. XIII

Sorry about the lack of a Font Friday post last week (it was right before my class and my to-do list was WAY too long to blog).  I have seriously been so swamped these last few days...I feel like I'm running around from one thing to the next.  I am looking forward to Saturday because the only thing I have planned is a much-needed trip to the hair salon.  I may do a little cleaning, write some handwritten letters to pen pals, and do some personal crafty projects.  And then Sunday I'm going to a friend's graduation party so this weekend should be relaxing.  Cheers to that!

And now for some fonts!  I graduated with a degree in architecture and that design background introduced me to the beauty of mid-century modern design.  I am such a fan and I truly appreciate the clean lines and simplicity of the modern aesthetic.  And this is why Regia Sans Pro caught my eye.  

Oh, it's so lovely!  Designed by Latinotype (who have an awesome collection of fonts...check them out!), Regia Sans Pro has that great modern look.  But it also includes ligatures and swash characters so you can have some fun with it.  I think it is perfect for logos.  I love these examples that Latinotype have given us.  For me, these pictures really sell the font and highlight the versatility of Regia Sans.  

And they have a sense of humor!

So what do you think of Regia Sans Pro?  Do you like that modern look?

Check out more Font Friday goodness from all of my friends.  Last week while I was away, our group grew by a few more so be sure to welcome our latest additions.  

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Wow!  There are 17 of us now, including me.  Am I leaving anyone out?  Happy Friday everyone and here's to another lovely Font Friday!


Font Love, Vol. XII

TGIFF type friends!  

Some great fonts have already been shared around the blogosphere this morning and I am about to share a few more of my favorites with you again.  Yep, that's right...I have two fonts today.  Consider it a special treat for mother's day.  One is completely free also!

The first is Pepito!

Isn't it lovely?  I just discovered Pepito this morning and that is probably because it just made its debut a few days ago.  Pepito is designed by Fenotype designer Emil Bertell and it is a non-connected version of Pepita Script.  I am in love with all the swashes and ornaments.

Pepito has a great set of stylistic and contextual alternates too so you get plenty of variation in the type.  I think all of those swashes would make this font great for invitation design.  

Oh and the super awesome news is that Pepito is on sale.  Normally it is $20 but right now you can get it for only $13!  Both prices are a total steal but I love the $13 price tag.  A perfect gift for the font loving Momma in your life.  

The second font I wanted to share today is kind of a joke but it totally makes me smile.  Have you guys seen Llama Font yet?

Llama Font is pretty genius in my book.  I have to thank my bestie Elysse for showing it to me.  We have a thing with llamas and frequently share llama-ish finds with each other.  The obsession probably stems from our mutual love of The Emperor's New Groove.  Does anyone else understand the amazing amaznigness that is this movie?  If you do, we'll be instant friends.  Also, I can do a mean impression of Yzma from this movie.  If you don't know what this means than please disregard.  :)

I'm sayin' it in llama!

 So yeah, that's Pepito and Llama Font, two great fonts for today.  If you want to see more type (possibly more of the serious nature) than be sure to check out my font friends:

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And I want to welcome a new member to our group, Vicki & Barb of Curly Willow DIY.  Vicki wrote me this morning asking if she could get involved with Font Friday and of course I welcomed her with open arms.  All type lovers are welcome, especially when they have an awesome first pick to share with us...that is also free!  Check out Vicki's first Font Friday pick!  Any other font lovers out there?

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Mother's Day!  What special things are you all planning?  I need to get organized because my Momma definitely deserves some love this year.  Have a great weekend!


Font Love, Vol. XI

TGIFF!  Type friend Kerry of Super Swoon coined the term 'Thank God It's Font Friday' and I must admit that each Friday I very much agree with that statement.  As a lover of typography I look forward to discovering new favorites each week.  On this royal day, there are a few things to be excited about, other than the great fonts that we will be sharing.  First, a huge congrats is in store to our very own Alexandra from The Aerialist Press who will be graduating from Berkeley Law School soon.  Today she shared the news and pictures of the gorgeous graduation announcements that she personally designed.  Aren't these lovely?

photo: The Aerialist Press

What a true font-lover!  She included nine different ones.  The color scheme is so elegant and simple, which works perfectly with all the fonts.  I definitely spy a few favorites that we have shared in our Friday posts.  Big hugs to you Alexandra from me and all your Font Friday friends!

In other big news, today we welcome two new designers into our group.  Alison of Alison Owen Design will now be joining us, as will Laurel of Go Against the Grain.  Both Alison and Laurel have awesome first picks so be sure to check out their posts.     

And finally we can announce the winner of our font badge contest.  At first it was a tie between Kerry's TGIFF design and Alexandra's preppy logo but the tie was finally broken and Kerry won!

The winning design!  I'll be putting this up on my blog soon.

And finally we get to my font pick for the day.  I decided to highlight a font that is a part of one of the most recognizable logos in the wedding and fashion industry...Anthropologie.

photo: Anthropologie+You

As women, and lovers of all things beautiful, we know this logo all to well.  We've seen it a million times and I know that for me, that font is pretty ingrained in my memory.  But what font is it exactly?  I have done some research on the matter and have come up with a few possible contenders.  My favorite is Bodoni Roman:

What do you think?  Maybe this isn't quite the font that Anthropologie used but I think it's close and a great choice if you are wanting to replicate the famous logo in your own designs.  The versions on MyFonts are reasonably priced but if you are looking for something cheaper you can always go with the free version.  Filosofia Small Caps is also a possibility.  Which font do you think Anthropologie used?

You can find more font love favorites here:

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Eek, we're growing by leaps and bounds.  Love our group!  

Happy Friday and weekend everyone!


Font Love, Vol. X + A Contest

It's Font Friday again!  And I'm happy to report that today is no average Friday either.  Earlier this week, my font friends and I decided that we needed some kind of badge to proudly display on our sites, forever reminding the world that we are addicted to good type.  Since we're all designers by trade, we took it upon ourselves to each create a design.  Kerry of Super Swoon created a few little rules for us to follow and today we will all be sharing our creations and then voting for the one we like best.  I have seen some fabulous badges already this morning and I will be adding mine to the mix...but at the end of the post.  Patience friends!

First, I'm going to be sharing my Friday pick...Lobster.  Lobster is a free (yes free!) font by Pablo Impallari and it is pretty amazing don't you think?
















 image: Impallari

I love its boldness and all the ligatures that allows each word to flow so beautifully.  What is a ligature you ask?  Ligatures are the linked pairs of letters, like the 'o' and the 'g' in 'typography' above.  When a type is crafted by hand, an artist will alter each letter slightly to fit and flow with the letters next to it.  There are 79 subtle ligatures in Lobster so it has more of a hand-crafted feel.  

I downloaded Lobster to use in a project the other day and have been a bit obsessed with it ever since.  I knew I had to share it here.  Pair it with a skinny font and you have a great combination of bold and thin.  What do you think of Lobster?  Worth it for a freebie?  I think so!

Now for the contest and my badge design!  I drew inspiration from the classroom because I think of us fontophiles as teachers, educating each other about the best type.  Here is what I came up with:


Like it?  We all agreed that the hardest part of this contest was choosing just a few fonts to use in the design.  My design allowed me to sneak in a few more favorites than usual.  

But don't stop here...check out more Font Friday picks and see other badges from my friends:

♥ Alexandra from The Aerialist Press

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♥ Kerry from Super Swoon

Happy Friday + weekend everyone!


Font Love, Vol. IX

I always love the end of the week because that means Font Friday!  I've been silent on the font-front for awhile so I'm excited to be back today.  And we're all in luck because I have a super good one to share too.  And all my friends are sharing some awesome finds as well so be sure to check out their picks.  

Today I'm introducing: Cheap Pine

If you're anything like me, you're obsessed with the art of letterpress and its ability to transport you to a different era.  It makes me feel all nostalgic and long for a simpler, technology-free time (not for too long though, my computer and iPhone eventually call to me).  But with letterpress revival we can seriously have our cake and eat it too and have a bit of the old with the new.  

This font is a great nod to the wood type from bygone eras.   And like many of our favorites, HVD Fonts gives us options with this font family, to have or to not have a shadow on the text.  Extra bonus: special glyphs are available too so you get those arrows and vintage, finger-pointing hands.  Who doesn't love those?

And $35 for the entire family is a pretty reasonable price tag too.  And if you can't get enough letterpress font goodness, check out Shelton, also by HVD Fonts:


For those of us that don't own letterpress machines, these fonts are some fun alternatives.  

Craving more fonts?  Check out my friend's blogs:

Lauren :: {Palm Papers} - she is our most recent friend.  Welcome Lauren!  Check out her first pick which also has a fun nostalgia to it.  

Jenna & Elizabeth :: {Little Bit Heart}

Kerry :: {Super Swoon}

Chelsey :: {Fourth & Folded}

Steph :: {Bubblerock}

Jenny :: {Hank & Hunt}

Alexandra :: {The Aerialist Press} - if you're interested in actual letterpress, Alexandra's work is a must-see

Jen :: {Blush Printables}

Happy Friday & weekend!

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