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Custom Burlap Banner

Hi everyone! I just have time for a super quick post. I am working all day at my part-time job at Anthropologie helping with displays (hence minimal time for blogging). I'll try and take a few pictures to share the stuff we're working on. With spring coming in, our store has been making a lot of neat changes to help usher in the season. Everything feels really fresh and exciting.

I just wanted to show you this custom burlap banner I made for a client a few weeks ago. I made it for the bride's shower but it will also get used for photos on the day of the wedding. Cute right? Pink and burlap is definitely a great combination, feminine and rustic. I'm busy making a few other fun details for this wedding and I cannot wait to share them. It's really going to be a beautiful affair.

Enjoy the banner and sorry again for the quick post. Have a great Tuesday!  


Craft Fair Giveaway

Hi friends!

Today I have something super fun to share...a giveaway!  I just had my first craft fair this last weekend and I want to celebrate by offering a few of those special items to all of you, my awesome blog readers.  I actually have two of my favorite embroidery projects up for grabs.  Excited to see what they are?  Here is what you can win...

The first option, one of my bunting embroidery hoops.  I absolutely love these.  Bunting is just so cheerful and it definitely puts you in the party spirit.  I have bunting around my room not for any particular reason but just because.  This little hoop will let you add some mini bunting into your life.

The second option, my heart mason jar embroidery which depicts a favorite e.e. cummings poem.  I believe I have shared this project before on the blog and it is definitely a favorite.  

I am excited to send these two guys off to new homes.  I made them with love and can't wait to gift them to two lucky readers.  

The rules of the giveaway...

Enter the contest by commenting on this blog post below.  You can only enter once with one comment ( you can comment more but it won't increase your chances of winning).  Say whatever you like in the comment...say hi, let me know about a favorite project, tell me my dog is super cute...anything will do.  You have until Friday 10/14 to leave a comment.  Everyone and anyone can enter (yes, that means international friends too!).  Over the weekend I will choose the winners and announce them on Monday 10/17.  I will pick one name for the bunting embroidery and one name for the heart embroidery.  With your single comment, you are entered into the giveaway to win either embroidery hoop.  Good luck everyone!

Also, if you don't happen to win either prize, you can find both in my Etsy shop.  If you mention that you're a blog reader I will take away the shipping charge and knock $2 off the price.  This deal will remain in effect until 10/28.  I just love my readers and want to make pretty things for you!  Enjoy! 


Burlap Bachelorette Banner

I have a busy day of sewing and making ahead of me but I wanted to drop in to the blog for a minute and share a recent project of mine.  I was asked to make some custom items for a bride's bachelorette party that were to be made out of burlap.  This bride is incorporating burlap into her wedding for a shabby chic, rustic look and her wedding planner thought it would be fun to tie that design element into the bachelorette party too.  One of the items I created was this banner:

I really love the pink and grey combination mixed with the burlap, a great juxtaposition of girly and rustic.  Burlap has such a great texture and it is such a versatile material in my opinion.  I think you can dress it up and down and do all kinds of things with it.  I just know this bride's burlap wedding is going to rock because there are so many great design possibilities with this material.    

I hope the bride enjoyed her custom burlap banner and had a great bachelorette party.  I had a lot of fun making these items for her.

Are you a fan of burlap?  Have you incorporated it into your wedding or home?  Check out my burlap inspiration board on Pinterest to see more creative ideas with this material.


Confetti Lab: Decor & Display

Last week I promised Confetti Lab pictures and today is finally the lucky day!  I have a whole bunch to share, not just of my table display but also of the work setup by the other fabulous vendors who participated.  Today will be super picture heavy and then in future posts I will talk more in depth about my own display and share some tips for pulling off a similar look.  Many of the display ideas that I used at Confetti Lab could be done on a larger scale for a party or wedding.  I like to use simple design elements and Confetti Lab was no different...most of the items used in the display are readily available and fairly inexpensive.  

First, I'll start off with some pictures of the party area which took place in an outdoor space behind The Wedding Pantry.

All of this awesome decor was done by the uber-talented Lauren of A Fabulous Fete.  Please check out her blog for crafty ideas...she is SO talented.  I really love her style and she did such a great job transforming The Wedding Pantry into Confetti Lab.  I am in love with those triangle table runners she made.  

This fiesta sign was a big hit.  It is hard to tell in this picture but it was wired with light bulbs around the edge of the sign.  Such a great prop!  I love how Lauren mixed wood elements with a lot of simple paper details (tissue paper, crepe paper).  

Lauren does amazing calligraphy (check out her Etsy shop with some of her personalized products) so of course the fiesta sign and these margarita signs are her handiwork.  I had never met Lauren before and one of the first things I asked her on Thursday was if she had taken calligraphy classes.  It is hard to believe but she has never taken classes and just picked it up on her own after being given a calligraphy pen.  Seeing her work in person has definitely inspired me and now I want to run out and buy a pen to start practicing.  

The table above is of the margarita bar...there were three yummy varieties to choose from.  I tried pomegranate and rosemary lemon and both were delicious!

Crepe paper garlands + twinkly lights = perfect party ambiance.  

Lauren was also selling her cute mini cake stands in a plethora of fun colors.  See her shop for more options.

Next are some pictures of the vendor area, which is where my table was setup.  

Everyone got a favor bag to take home with them filled with some goodies and vendor information.  S'mores kits were also handed out to everyone made by yours truly.  They were a big hit!  I was glad everyone took them because I didn't want to have to lug 50 bags of s'mores treats home with me.  That could be dangerous to have around the house.  The cute booth on the right was done by Blair Britt of Joie de Vie Paperie and Blair Britt Events.  Blair had all kinds of cute party and wedding decor, like crepe garlands, stamped tags, and coffee filter flowers.  You can see more of her work at The Wedding Pantry too so if you're local, be sure to visit.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Jen, a stylist for Stella & Dot jewelry who was super sweet and had a great display with all kinds of lovely pieces.  Since meeting Jen, I have been checking out the Stella & Dot website and have fallen in love with this arrow necklace.  I rarely buy jewelry (most of the pieces I wear everyday were passed down to me from family members) but this one intrigues me.

And finally we have pictures from my table display!  I wanted to use my table to not only sell and display a few of my handmade items but also to inspire Confetti Lab attendees.  I think everyone liked what I did and I heard a lot of "Oh, how cute!" throughout the night.  

A shot of everything.

I used a handful of vintage crates to help display everything and to give the table some height and depth.  Word of advice, antique stores charge crazy amounts for soda crates.  The cheapest I found were in the high 20s, low 30s (each!) which to me seems like a lot.  Pepsi crates are cheaper than Coca Cola crates though, hence mine are Pepsi.  One Coke crate I saw was $75!

Other than a few orange flowers, I used succulents and cacti that I purchased at Home Depot.  They went great with the desert theme of Confetti Lab.

Since DIY is my thing, I couldn't avoid setting up a DIY station at my table.  I sewed little stuffed hearts that everyone could write their names on and either wear as name tags or take with them as a memento.  These would also make adorable gift wrapping toppers.  

Bunting buttons!  These are my new favorite thing.  Anything with bunting is adorable!

Lots of cute props!  I embroidered Lauren Elise Crafted onto twill ribbon for easy signage.  

I filled a few mason jars with dry beans and coffee beans and loved the look (the coffee also smelled delicious).  It was such an easy detail but also unique enough to really stand out.  Definitely one of my favorite ideas.

My business cards were stored in that vintage cigar box on the left.  You can't tell in this picture but white, dry beans also lined the inside of that box.  My business cards are on manila tags which are then stitched into glassine bags.  A lot of people would pick them up to look but then set them back down.  I think they thought the cards were a part of the display.  Next time I will need to make a "take me" sign.

So that was my display!  What do you all think?!  There were a few details that I didn't get to (ran out of time) but overall I was super happy with what I put together.  It took a lot of work but it was so worth it and a valuable learning experience (especially if I do some craft fairs in the future).  Let me know what you think and I'll share more about the process soon.

Also, the official pictures, taken by the talented Ed of Up Imagery, will be coming soon and I cannot wait to share those too...I am sure Ed will have a lot better shots of the overall Confetti Lab experience.  I was pretty much focused on snapping shots of my table.

Happy Tuesday!  


Just Something I'm Working On...

You can do amazing things with some fabric scraps...like these garlands!  These babies will make their official debut soon on Emmaline Bride.  I've been working on DIY #3 for the EB blog and I'm really happy with the results.  These garlands are not part of the actual DIY (I can't spoil the surprise too much!) but instead were used as background decor for the pictures.  For me, part of the fun of doing these DIY tutorials is the opportunity to style some pictures.  I like to highlight whatever I have made and photograph it in the best possible way.  It is all a great learning experience for trying to get the best pictures.  

In random news, it has been freezing and raining in SoCal lately.  A week ago I was sweating to death and now I'm bundled up in sweaters.  I feel like my body is out of whack because of the temperature shifts.  And I've been exhausted lately...I'll blame it on the weather.  But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  I'll take sweaters over sweat any day.  Good night!