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Crafty Window Remodel

This morning I decided that I wanted to do a quick crafty project before I went to work this evening (ya for work at Anthropologie!!).  Quick crafts are always great because if a project gets drug out over numerous days my brain will sometimes have an ADD moment and lose focus.  I like making little things to have around my room and studio because it makes me happy to be surrounded by my own special creations.  I am proud of {most} everything I create and I am of the belief that all handmade items should be displayed proudly (if someone, including yourself, took the time to make something, the least you can do is show it off).  


For today, I decided to tackle my studio windows.  I have all these amazing windows in my studio which let in all this great light (sadly this is a negative thing in the summer when it is 100 degrees here).  I did not want to change the windows or block the view I have into our green backyard but I did want to create some cute garlands for decoration.  Here are my windows before my crafty intervention:

Scout was on hand to lend her support!  She quickly retreated to her comfortable bed in the other room because apparently this concrete was not cutting it.

I decided to make a garland of triangle shapes out of craft/butcher paper.  You could easily use a grocery store paper bag too.  I made a template out of cardstock, traced them onto the butcher paper, and then cut them out.  Finally, fold them in the middle.  

I made two sizes of the triangle shape.  On the larger ones (pictured above) I stamped black dots.  I love polka dots!  I didn't have a circle stamp so I improvised and used a pencil eraser.

Finally, I glued the triangles onto baker's twine.  EASY!!

Here are the mini triangles.

And now for the results...my new and improved crafty studio windows:

Super cute!  Maybe I'll make more mini garlands in the future and add to my current window display.  I am a fan of all garlands and I don't think they should be limited to special occasions only.  Garlands for everyone, everywhere, anytime. 


Crafty Purple Garland

Over the past few days I have been working on a fabric pom pom garland.  I have been wanting to make this since I saw the tutorial on the OnceWed blog here.  It turned out to be pretty easy and very fun and because it is so cute, I decided to gift it to my friend Elysse (read this girl's blog...she's the funniest!).  Isn't she lucky?  This first garland is purple in honor of Elysse...this girl loves her purple.  No seriously, LOVES it...like it is half of her closet.  Our closets definitely are on opposite ends of the color spectrum.  Mine is full of pastels: yellows, whites, aquas, and lavenders.  Hers is full of darker, deeper colors: purples, teals, dark blues, and blacks.  Despite our color differences, we get along fine and agree on most other things.  I think she will definitely agree with me on the cuteness of this garland.  


I wanted to add my own personal touch to the garland, to make it different from the one I saw on OnceWed.  I added buttons!  I was inspired by the photoshoot done by Jessica Claire and coordinated by Amy of Weddingchicks.  See the fabulous photos here.  This shoot was just amazing and the use of all the buttons was different and adorable.  If this was my bridal shower I would be in crafty, button heaven.  I have a ton of old buttons so I added some white ones to my garland.  Here is my version of the pom pom garland complete with buttons!!

Enjoy Elysse!


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