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Whisker Graphics February DIY

Happy Tuesday everyone! Did you all see I'm on Facebook now?! Check out the little 'like' box on the right sidebar over there. ------> I'm kind of excited about it. Looking forward to connecting with everyone in a totally new way. 

Today I'm going to share my February DIY that I created for Whisker Graphics. If you don't know, I do a monthly project for them which highlights their wonderful products. We've been collaborating since July so this is my eighth project. See my past projects here. For February I decided to spice up some regular pencils using Bitty Bags. I must admit I was inspired by these lokta pencils which are carried by Anthropologie. I have a set of them myself and they are so fun. I wanted to recreate that look using the Bitty Bag material.

The Bitty Bags are lightweight, made from glassine-like material so I knew they wouldn't need much to stick them to the pencils. Modge Podge turned out to be the perfect adhesive. It is sticky enough and it dries clear so I didn't worry about applying it carefully. It got everywhere but it didn't matter. 

I used the new vertical-stripe bags but Whisker Graphics has a handful of cool patterns which would work just as well. I think I want to try some other materials next. Maybe tissue paper or wrapping paper so that I can get different patterns and textures. 

Visit the Whisker Graphics blog to see the full materials list and my write-up. I think I will put together a full tutorial with pictures soon so that everyone can get a better visual of what I did. Check back for that.

These would make for great party favors, don't you think? I would wrap them up with a little pad of paper for easy gifting. And I think they work for kids and adults too. I would love to receive them. I don't write with regular pencils too often (I usually opt for mechanical pencils) but these frilly ones will definitely encourage me to jot more notes. And the colors are so cheerful, it would be hard to ignore them.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY today. Happy crafting friends! 


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's a day filled with love (and chocolates!) and I hope everyone is blessed with a lot of both. Do you have any special plans or sweet surprises? 

Today I wanted to reblog some pictures I shared last year at Valentines. I styled a love shoot for friends Brancoprata as a guest post and I couldn't help revisiting those images today. I can't believe a year has flown by! For this project I defined keywords for what love is like: fun, heartfelt, friendship, and sweetness. I then represented those words with small gifts. Fun was heart confetti, sweetness was candy hearts, and heartfelt was a little stuffed heart I made.

The idea behind the project was to focus on the things that really matter at Valentines, love and friendship and not just gift giving. It was fun coming up with the little trinkets that would represent the words. And of course I love the pink, red, and white colors. Getting something heartfelt and handmade like this would be my ideal Valentine's present. I could skip the heart-shaped box of chocolates and roses.

To each and every one of you: have a day filled with love!

See the post on Brancoprata and my original post last year for more pictures.


Collaborating with Houzz & My First Ideabook

I have a very exciting announcement to share today on the blog.  I am fortunate enough to be collaborating with an innovative home design and inspiration website called Houzz.  I was unfamiliar with the site before but have quickly explored and learned about all the great features that Houzz offers.  It is an image cataloging site, similar to say Pinterest, but it just revolves around home design.  Instead of 'boards,' you can create 'ideabooks' to record your favorite home inspiration.  Design professionals, like architects, interior designers, and product designers upload directly to the site so there is more reliability in terms of links and finding the products that interest you (I hate it when links on Pinterest are faulty...boo, sad times).  

The Houzz search features are really convenient and you can browse by style (my favorite is 'eclectic') or by space.  So if you are redesigning your bathroom, narrow your search to bathrooms and you'll have tons of inspiration at your fingertips.  But my favorite search feature of all is the 'Browse by Metro' option.  Since I love Dutch design and Nordic styling, I've really enjoyed looking through the Amsterdam pictures.  Here is some inspiration I found quickly by using the metro search option:

Amsterdam picture - IDA Interior Lifestyle :: London picture - Rossana Novella :: San Francisco picture - SFGIRLBYBAY :: Melbourne picture - Paula Mills 

Photo inspiration is actually only one aspect of the site.  Another part is product inspiration and that is where my involvement comes in.  Different designers and bloggers create product ideabooks centered around a main theme and all of these products are then searchable.  For example if you are looking for a new bookcase you can search for just that and see what everyone is recommending.  Similar with the photo inspiration, you can browse the products by style too (asian, contemporary, eclectic, mediterranean, modern, traditional, and tropical).  Once a month I will be putting together a product ideabook with some of my favorite finds.  I completed my first ideabook just the other day.  The theme was 'Stitched to Perfection' and was a grouping of items complete with awesome embroidery and stitch work.  Here is a little sneak peek of what I put together:

Get an idea of what I put together below and visit Houzz to see all of my November picks.


My profile is LaurenEliseCrafted and from here you can see all of my ideabooks (eventually I'll have more) and other pictures I am uploading and cataloging.  I am in the process of sharing some of my own personal interior design and decor projects too.  Already I shared a few of these favorites:

Unfortunately I don't have a home of my own yet but Houzz has me excited to start getting ideas and dreaming away about the day that I do have one.  Do you have a project in the works but need some new ideas?  Check out Houzz and see what you can find (I think you'll definitely enjoy the search).  I also hope you like my November product picks.  Maybe you can even get some holiday gift ideas from my suggestions.  I'll be back in December with another ideabook to share.  Any requests about what my next theme should be?  I'm open to suggestions.

Happy Wednesday friends! 


Whisker Graphics July DIY

Just last week I (excitedly) made the announcement that I was a part of the Whisker Graphics Design Team and would be doing a monthly project over on the Whisker Graphics blog.  Today (even more excited) I get to show you my first DIY that got posted earlier in the day.

I decided to start this thing off using one of my latest craft obsessions, airmail bakers twine.  I have gushed about my love affair with it before and in no way is the love lessening.  It is a packaging essential to me, especially when paired with airmail washi tape (yum!) like I did in this project.  

The inspiration behind this was to encourage all of us (me included) to create our own cards and write more hand-written notes to loved ones.  This DIY is proof that you can make something quickly that is still cute and has great design and you definitely don't need to spend a fortune doing it either.  I made this card in about 10 minutes.  I wanted manila colored paper so I actually just cut up an old filing folder (recycling).  I punched a few indents in the paper with a hole punch and wrapped the twine around.  A rubber stamp set was used to customize the card with a message.  And...that's it!  Fill out the back with a quick note and pop in the mail.  Whoever receives it will feel so special.  

Receiving little notes that let you know someone is thinking about you are so important.  I remember there were a few times when my Mom taped a note to the bathroom mirror or wrote something and left it in my lunch box when I was little.  Those are the best!  Thanks Mom!  Do you leave little notes or messages to loved ones?  If not, hopefully this post will encourage you to make a few cards.  I write this as a reminder mostly for myself...I always intend to write more letters but I get distracted and busy and then I don't do it.  I need to change this.

See my full post up on the Whisker Graphics blog.

Happy Thursday!  


Featured: The Knotty Bride DIY : Matchbook Save the Date

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I loved reading all of your feedback about Pinterest yesterday.  Clearly I am not the only one that is in love with this new blogging tool and I'm happy to see so many readers using the platform.  Being able to follow some of my favorite artists and see what is personally inspiring them is fun and almost like having your own window into their world.  So happy pinning!

I hope we're all in a crafty mood because today I am sharing some DIY save the date inspiration.  Awhile ago I created this project for The Knotty Bride and just haven't gotten a chance to share about it here on the blog.  So today I am sharing my matchbook save the dates.  A lot of my projects incorporate vintage elements or give new materials that vintage-feel but this project is modern, with clean lines and bold colors.  Design-wise, it was a nice change for me because I appreciate working on all kinds of styles.  But if you're wanting something vintage, this DIY could be altered to satisfy any wedding colors or theme.  

One of the reasons why I love this project so much is because it incorporates a few of my favorite crafting techniques, all which involve a sewing machine.  Although it has been done before, I have just discovered the beauty of stitching paper and I must admit, I want to stitch everything now.  I'm a bit obsessed but in my defense, it is an easy way to add a simple detail.  And it has a bit of a 'wow' factor!

Recognize the blue dot paper?  I used some leftover scraps from the bridesmaid booklets I made for my friend's wedding.  The paper is from Paper Source and it is this gorgeous Japanese decorative paper.  Paper Source sells a whole bunch of them.  It is a little pricey but the colors and patterns are so gorgeous and I definitely recommend them for wedding invitations, envelope liners, and book making.

The card rips out like a ticket stub so guests can pin them to bulletin boards or refrigerators as reminders.  I used the sewing machine to create the perforated tear-line.  See the tutorial for tips on how to do this and I'll plan to post a how-to about that specific technique sometime in the near future.  Because it's an awesome technique!

See the full post, with the tutorial and all the pictures at The Knotty Bride.

Happy mid-week friends!  I hope you enjoyed this DIY today.  I have more fun DIYs to share in the near future so stay tuned.