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Ball Mason Jar Wrapping Paper

With copies of Mason Jar Crafts officially being mailed out now, this week marks the start of a lot of promotions, giveaways, and features to help promote the book and get people exciting to start crafting with canning jars. I have been hard at work helping to plan a lot of special features across a variety of blogs. Along with that I have been putting together new content to share with everyone, specifically brand new DIYs that are inspired by Mason jars. These DIYs are meant to give everyone a feel for the 30 projects that I created in my book. 

Today on Paper Pastries, Margaret invited me over to share this wrapping paper DIY that pays homage to the classic Ball label. Ball and Kerr are two logos that are still printed on Mason jars today. Both have that timeless appeal and I wanted to let that part of the jar really shine. I carved my own custom stamp from a template (which I provide over on Paper Pastries) which will allow me to stamp a variety of materials over and over again. I would recommend simple kraft paper or masking paper (like I used in this example) for an easy option. And a few simple adornments, like washi tape and twine, are all you really need to complete this look.


Photography and Styling: Lauren Donaldson  /  Camera: Nikon D40x


Houzz Feature: Simple Screenprint Cloud Pillows

Hi readers! How has your week been going so far? Today I want to share a DIY that involves one of my favorite crafting techniques. I have heard it called 'Poor Man's Screenprinting' before and I love that title because it really is the cheapest, easiest way to pull off the screenprinting technique. Real printing is an elaborate and beautiful process (I wrote about one of my favorite print shops Sass & Peril last year...be sure to check out all of Shannon's beautiful work) and the real thing definitely puts this technique to shame. But this way does help get crisp, clean paint lines when you are painting on fabric.

I created this DIY for Houzz and demonstrated a step-by-step tutorial on making your own cloud pillow using this screenprinting process.

With just a few materials you can make this design or something similar in a few hours on a weekend or in the evening after work. To see what you need to make this DIY and to follow along with all the steps, visit the article I wrote on Houzz: Punch Up a Pillow With an Easy Stenciling Project.

Do you recognize that calligraphy? It's my new favorite Jacques and Gilles which I've mentioned a few times on here now. Part of the script was done using the screenprinting technique but I also had to freehand some of it (where the lines get really skinny). 

Have you ever tried this craft technique yourself? What did you make and how did it turn out? I have used it multiple times and have been very happy with the results. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Sneak Peeks of the May Wedding

Hi friends! Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I was hard at work on wedding details and paper goods that I designed and am currently in the process of putting together. I am in 'crunch time' because the wedding is coming up so scheduling in a post wasn't in the cards unfortunately. But I did manage to snap a few pictures of some work-in-progress photos to share with you all today. Things are looking really good and I cannot wait to deliver this all to the bride. These will be such sweet, handmade touches on her big day.

My house is a sea of pink right now. But isn't it fun?! On the right is some stamped muslin that is going on the programs. I'm adding the little pink x's in the corners for a bit of that homespun, rustic style. On the right are the completed pennant flags. It is hard to resist waving these guys around.

The pennants are strips of muslin. Some are dip-dyed ombré pink and others are just plain. And all have the pink 'Hooray!' stamped on them. The guests will get to proudly wave these after the ceremony when the bride and groom walk back up the aisle. What a photo opp! I cannot wait to see that shot.

And finally I'm in the process of finishing up the calligraphy on the place cards. More pretty pink! I'm creating a hanging display for all these cards. I think it will be unexpected and just a beautiful detail at the wedding. 

More and more gets completed everyday so expect a few more sneak peeks from this wedding. How are you liking things so far?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Houzz Feature: Colorful Doormat DIY

Hi blog friends! I'm finally getting back on track with blogging this week. I hate getting off schedule, don't you? The good news is that I'm slowly chipping away at my to-do list. I am still busy, busy for the rest of April but at least taxes are done and out of the way now. One less thing to worry about. Thank goodness!

Today I want to share another DIY I created specially for Houzz that got featured this week. Last week I shared my first DIY and announced that I will be contributing to Houzz on a regular weekly basis now. I am really looking forward to the challenge of writing more and producing more home decor and home improvement DIYs. I have been wanting to transition into more of that anyway and so this was the perfect opportunity. 

For this project I spruced up a plain, boring doormat and turned it into a personal work of art. Most of the store bought versions are pretty typical and I figured putting my own touches on a mat wouldn't be too hard. Turns out it is the perfect weekend DIY which can be completed in an hour or two, depending on how much detail you put into it. You only need a few materials too. Check out all the specifics for making your own personalized doormat on Houzz:

Step Up to a Work-of-Art Doormat

For one of the shots, I enlisted the help of my dog Scout. She doesn't have the best track record for being a helpful model but I never give up hope on her. And she is just too cute! It's hard not to snap a few pictures. I decided to throw a few of the pictures together and turn them into an animated gif.

Cute, right?

If you have Photoshop you can make your own gifs like this. My friend Jenny of Hank & Hunt posted this amazing tutorial about how to make your own. Jenny is crazy talented and she has such a fun blog so head on over and give her some love and say hi. If you don't have Photoshop you can still make animated gifs, using this free website MakeAGif and it works great.

Happy gif making and have a great week everyone!


Ombré Pennant Flag DIY

Happy Friday blog friends! Are we all excited for the weekend? The last one before April comes along. To kick off this lovely Friday I have a party DIY to share (the end of the week feels like a party so it's appropriate). I'm going to show you an easy way to dye an ombré effect on muslin which you can then transform into pennant flags. Pick spring time hues to make Easter party decor or match wedding or party colors and make up an extra treat for guests. Flags are fun to wave around and kids especially enjoy them. And they make for some fun pictures!

When coloring fabric you officially should use fabric dye but I'm going to make it even easier...and cheaper. Actually all the materials in this project are very inexpensive. This is what you need: muslin, scissors, a pencil and ruler, BBQ skewers, ribbons or twine, a mason jar, water, watercolor paints, and a brush. 

Fill some water in a mason jar and start mixing some of your watercolors in until you get the right hue. Usually you would use this water to clean the brush and then dump down the sink but for this project, it becomes our dye. Cut out fabric strips from your muslin. I cut mine about 12" x 2" but any size works and being super exact isn't even necessary. The fabric edges fray a bit and I think this just adds to the charm. Then dip your strips into the mason jars and submerge part of the fabric in the dye. Let them sit for awhile. This time might vary depending on how deep of hue you desire.

Remove the strips from the mason jar and lay them flat on a protected surface. The color is fairly light so I brushed some of the pigment directly onto the bottom of the strips. This gives it the deep color. I brushed the color along the strip to spread it out and give it the effect of ombré. Then let it dry. I let mine sit overnight.

I bought BBQ skewers from the grocery store and then secured the fabric strips to the skewers with the ribbon. Tie in a double knot. The ribbon allows you to bring in a contrasting color which makes it more fun. Now all that's left is to fly your flags proudly!

Using official fabric dyes works too and will provide a more even wash. I discovered this idea by experimenting and at the time, I didn't have any dye on hand. I figure a lot of us have watercolors or can easily obtain them from grocery stores or office supply stores (if I craft store isn't near). You can come up with some great ideas when you improvise.

With Easter drawing near, are you planning on DIYing any decor elements? Would little flags be something fun you'd consider adding to your Easter table?

Have a great weekend everyone and happy crafting!