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Paper Crush, Vol. I

I'm starting a new series today called Paper Crush. I am pretty obsessed with all things paper and I have a growing 'Paper Goods' Pinterest board to prove it. Old new, colorful, white, DIYed, letterpressed, embossed, I love it all. I hoard paper a bit, nothing that is cause for intervention, but my desk drawers are full of stationary and cards, a collection that has been growing through the years. I'm not sure what I'm saving it all for (if paper becomes the new currency, I'll be a millionaire) but it looks so pretty and pristine organized in my drawers. So I thought us paper lovers could celebrate our {small} obsession here on the blog...a healthy environment.

First up for today is some simple wedding placecards...

These kraft beauties were designed by Annemarie Buckley of Scout's Honor Co. I am pretty convinced that no matter the occasion, kraft paper is the way to go. Wouldn't you agree? It's so versatile. Annemarie did a great job pairing the black, bold type with these old-fashioned looking tags.

Chalkboard paint is all the rage right now but to incorporate it into customizable hearts cards by Bailey Doesn't Bark is pretty genius. The cards are blank inside so you can use them for virtually any occasion or holiday: birthdays, Valentine's Day, 'thinking of you' cards. And if you are blessed with pretty handwriting, the cards can become a work of art.

Featured on the beautiful blog Frolic, this simple DIY was actually a project put together by the talented Annemarie Buckley as well. She is one fabulous lady! This is another set of placecards and although the cards are quite colorful and inspired by Pantone paint chips, I'm in love with the effortless mini envelopes. Also from kraft paper, the natural color scheme of this paper project shines light on the sweet hand calligraphy.

What paper things have caught your eye lately? Anything specific that has encouraged you to buy or DIY?


My Week Through Instagram: Week Seventeen

Ya, so I'm finally getting around to blogging this week. Not doing too good so far but I have double posts coming at you today to make up for it. First I'll start with my recap of last week, week seventeen of 2012. Last week was nonstop wedding preparation for my big deadline coming up and I'm finishing up little things this week too. The end is in site and I cannot wait to see it all completed and be able to turn it over to my bride. I'm so happy with how things are turning out.

Sunday: I decided to start the day off right and scramble up some eggs with red peppers for myself. Freshly squeezed orange juice too. It was so yummy! And it really doesn't take that long. I should do it more often.

Monday: This is a mini peek at a project I'll be able to share with you all soon. Do you recognize that font? It's my new favorite thing: Jacques and Gilles!

Tuesday: Busy days call for easy hair. I threw my locks up in a top knot for ease while working. My hair has gotten so long (it hasn't been this long in years...it's usually around shoulder length) and it occasionally gets in the way of things.

Wednesday: Some days a mid-day cereal treat is in order. And then other days a cinammon cereal treat is in order.

Thursday: I cut out this little vinyl heart and stuck it to my studio window. It looks like my heart is floating off in the sky.  

Friday: These are the menus I designed and am currently putting together. The food for this wedding looks quite delicious so every time I read it I get hungry. 

Saturday: On my walk I looked up to see these little airplane streaks. They were so vibrant in the deep, blue sky. 

So that was my week seventeen. What did yours look like?

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My Week Through Instagram: Week Five

Happy Saturday friends! How is your weekend treating you? I just had a yummy margarita after a productive day so things are looking good here. We just finished week five in 2012! Can you believe it? I say bring on February. Here is what week five looked like for me.

Sunday: So many trees near my house are in bloom. I think they're beautiful but I'm worried that they are blooming too soon. I mean it's technically still winter. 

Monday: Blue skies, puffy clouds, palm trees...it doesn't get anymore Southern California than that.

Tuesday: While styling for a DIY project, I incorporated this dried baby's breath. I feel like I want to experiment with dried flowers more often now.

Wednesday: I put together these simple wood hearts for some packaging inspiration. Sometimes you just need a few elements to make something beautiful.

Thursday: I got to create another 'I Carry Your Heart' embroidery hoop for a special Etsy customer.

Friday: Using mini envelopes for a Valentines DIY. Mini envelopes are really the best!

Saturday: I was putting together a Valentine's project today and I needed to find heart lollipops. It took me awhile to find these but they were worth the wait. Pink + cute sayings! Find them at Target.

What did your week look like?

Follow me on instagram if you like. My username is laurenelisecrafted. Or see all of my pictures on the computer through Followgram. Happy weekend! 


Whisker Graphics January DIY: Watercolor Valentine's Cards

Happy Friday everyone! Another week in January has rushed by. Once again this morning I am glued to my Twitter feed watching the Alt Summit updates. Has anyone else been following along? I have pages of notes so far and all kinds of good advice. How great is it to not even attend the conference but still get all this fabulous inspiration? Way to be all over Twitter Alt people!

Today I am sharing a second Whisker Graphics DIY. Yesterday I shared my pompom flower tutorial which is quite possibly the easiest project I have ever shared here. It takes all of five minutes and you need four materials to make it work. Check that one out if you are undertaking any packaging soon.

Since January is rushing by and Valentine's Day is just around the corner I decided to make up a quick card concept that also incorporated watercolors (something I'm currently pretty into). These cards would be a great alternative to store-bought Valentine's for the kid's school parties. But also feminine and sophisticated for adults too.

All you need for this project is watercolor paper, watercolor paints & paintbrush, scissors, small Bitty Bags (I used the notebook & grid varieties), some Divine Twine, and a letter stamp kit and pad. You can freehand cut a heart or you can use this heart template I made up. 

After cutting the hearts out of watercolor paper, I painted them with a light wash of red paint, doing an ombre effect of light to dark (practice on scrap paper beforehand). I let the cards dry before stamping them with cute messages. You could fill out a personal message on the back if you so desired. I then packaged them in a Bitty Bag and tied with a bit of twine. The heart confetti is an option too. 

What are you doing for your Valentine's cards this year? Do you even make them usually? I have to admit I haven't made them since becoming an adult but these sweet watercolor versions inspire me to write up a few to send to my closest loved ones. Everyone likes to hear that someone is thinking about them and loves them. 

To see this post on Whisker Graphics and to check out other great DIY projects, visit the Whisker Graphics blog. Have a great weekend everyone!


Craft Fair Giveaway

Hi friends!

Today I have something super fun to share...a giveaway!  I just had my first craft fair this last weekend and I want to celebrate by offering a few of those special items to all of you, my awesome blog readers.  I actually have two of my favorite embroidery projects up for grabs.  Excited to see what they are?  Here is what you can win...

The first option, one of my bunting embroidery hoops.  I absolutely love these.  Bunting is just so cheerful and it definitely puts you in the party spirit.  I have bunting around my room not for any particular reason but just because.  This little hoop will let you add some mini bunting into your life.

The second option, my heart mason jar embroidery which depicts a favorite e.e. cummings poem.  I believe I have shared this project before on the blog and it is definitely a favorite.  

I am excited to send these two guys off to new homes.  I made them with love and can't wait to gift them to two lucky readers.  

The rules of the giveaway...

Enter the contest by commenting on this blog post below.  You can only enter once with one comment ( you can comment more but it won't increase your chances of winning).  Say whatever you like in the comment...say hi, let me know about a favorite project, tell me my dog is super cute...anything will do.  You have until Friday 10/14 to leave a comment.  Everyone and anyone can enter (yes, that means international friends too!).  Over the weekend I will choose the winners and announce them on Monday 10/17.  I will pick one name for the bunting embroidery and one name for the heart embroidery.  With your single comment, you are entered into the giveaway to win either embroidery hoop.  Good luck everyone!

Also, if you don't happen to win either prize, you can find both in my Etsy shop.  If you mention that you're a blog reader I will take away the shipping charge and knock $2 off the price.  This deal will remain in effect until 10/28.  I just love my readers and want to make pretty things for you!  Enjoy!