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Bad Blogger

Hello everyone!

I know I have been neglecting this blog the last few days and unfortunately this post won't be much to talk about either.  I am sorry for my absence.  Sorry not only for the few people that head on over here each day (thank you to those that stop by...I appreciate your visit so much!!) but also sorry for myself.  I really enjoy blogging and each day I make it my own mini goal to get something posted.  But I am juggling a few projects right now (and a part-time job) so for the rest of this week and for next week, my posts might be a little sparse.  Please forgive me.  Hopefully I can manage to throw a few amazing things up, quality over quantity right?  

One of the things I am working on is a set of heart photobooth props for a customer that contacted me through Etsy.  I am so happy that my little hearts-on-a-stick will be going out into the world.  Overjoyed actually!  They will be used as props in a photobooth at the customer's wedding which is even more exciting.  Hopefully I will be able to see a picture or two of my little crafts on display.  The customer asked for the hearts in a different color from the sample and so today I sent her a few pictures showing her the new color.  And I couldn't resist the opportunity to snap a few pictures of my puppy.  Whenever the camera is in hand, I need to take puppy pictures!

Double cuteness!   


Love Note

The early part of my week was pretty crazy but today has been nice catching up on some projects that I have had to put aside due to my schedule.  I am in the process of creating some new loveliness for everyone to see so I do not have much time to blog.  But I did want to post something and share a single image of a little photoshoot that I did that will be revealed in its entirety very soon.  I particularly love this image probably because of the little heart.  I'm a sucker for little red hearts!

Have a lovely Thursday!  I'll be back here tomorrow with something good...promise! 

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