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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's a day filled with love (and chocolates!) and I hope everyone is blessed with a lot of both. Do you have any special plans or sweet surprises? 

Today I wanted to reblog some pictures I shared last year at Valentines. I styled a love shoot for friends Brancoprata as a guest post and I couldn't help revisiting those images today. I can't believe a year has flown by! For this project I defined keywords for what love is like: fun, heartfelt, friendship, and sweetness. I then represented those words with small gifts. Fun was heart confetti, sweetness was candy hearts, and heartfelt was a little stuffed heart I made.

The idea behind the project was to focus on the things that really matter at Valentines, love and friendship and not just gift giving. It was fun coming up with the little trinkets that would represent the words. And of course I love the pink, red, and white colors. Getting something heartfelt and handmade like this would be my ideal Valentine's present. I could skip the heart-shaped box of chocolates and roses.

To each and every one of you: have a day filled with love!

See the post on Brancoprata and my original post last year for more pictures.


Brancoprata Guest Post

On this lovely Monday morning, I want to share with you something sweet! 

I was so thrilled and honored when Sofia of Brancoprata (André is the other wickedly talented half of the Brancoprata duo...check out their work, they're awesome!) asked if I would contribute a guest post while they were away in New Zealand creating wedding magic.  I jumped at the opportunity!  It was right before Valentine's Day and I was looking forward to styling and shooting some inspiration.  I had already captured my Knotty Bride Valentine's DIY and while that had a non-VDay theme (desert colors, rustic materials), I wanted this shoot to be classic Valentine's, meaning hearts, pink, red, love, and candy hearts!  I accomplished what I set out to do and fell in love with the results.  

It is hard for me to determine a "favorite" project or set of pictures.  Normally, whichever project I happen to be working on is my favorite at that time.  And then I come up with the next thing and love that one even more.  But these pictures are some of my favorites...EVER!  I really like the "To Me Love Is..." theme and how it gets people to think about what love means to them, because it can be different for everyone.  I defined love in nine ways (to me love is...dedication, cherished, sweetness, friendship, heartfelt, sexy, a spark, fun, and you) and then came up with items that were symbolic of each of these nine. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the post but be sure to check out more of them at Brancoprata

Spoiler: See the red at the top of this picture?  Yes, those are my pajamas.  I put this post together quickly one morning.  The sunlight was absolutely lovely and I was trying to capture that plus take all my pictures before I headed off to my part-time job.  My pajamas definitely aren't super glamorous but hey, this is how things get done around here sometimes.  Sadly, I'm not always wearing a ball gown.

I hope you enjoyed these sweet Monday pictures! 

Have a great start to your week.


New Discovery: We Heart It

I am a big fan of Flickr...duh, who doesn't love Flickr!  And I'm also a big fan of ImageSpark, a website that allows people to easily upload and store their favorite online images.  The link to my ImageSpark account is in the right column if you are so inclined to check it out and see what the site is like.  But now I have found something else that I totally love...weheartit.com.  As far as I can tell, it is a lot like ImageSpark in that it allows people to upload their favorite online images, categorizing them with tags.  It is filled with beautiful, inspirational photographs and I have found it to be a great resource.  Just type in any keyword and see what you find!

After yesterday's post with the little love note, I was inspired to look for other great heart images on weheartit.com.  Below were a few of my favorites:








Photos: { one }, { two }, { three }, { four }, { five }, { six }, { seven }, { eight }

What did you look for?  Did you find some beauties?  I know I sure did.  This has definitely become a go-to site for me for inspirational beauty. 

Have a lovely weekend!



Emmaline Bride DIY #2

My second DIY tutorial has been posted over on the Emmaline Bride blog!!

I loved making this little heart prop!  The candy-stripe red & white is probably the sweetest thing and I am loving it right now (like I cannot get enough baker's twine!).  It would make an adorable photobooth prop but also just cute for party decor.  Check out the post on Emmaline Bride to see all the pictures (I did a mini photoshoot) and the details on how to make these beauties!


Crafted DIY: Silhouette Mason Jars

I love mason jars!  They have such an old-fashioned feel to them and they represent a past era, a time when we canned all of our food (why can't we go back to this?).  Mason jars are making a comeback and they are commonly seen as decor at weddings and events.  I cannot get enough of this trend.  I quickly get tired of seeing things like mustaches on a stick at weddings (really this is the best we can come up with people?) but not mason jars...they are timeless to me.  I decided to incorporate used mason jars into a project for a DIY Contest posted on Ruffled.  To make the jars more unique, I painted silhouettes on them.  There are endless decor possibilities with these painted jars and I believe they make a beautiful, yet simple, statement.  Also, they are relatively easy to achieve (no special skills required).  Here is how you can make your own painted mason jars:


What you'll need:

- mason jars

- paint (I got sample sizes at Home Depot of the Behr Coy Pink 140A-2 and Behr Botanical Tint 480A-2 )

- paint sponges and/or brushes

- Avery sticker project paper

- printer paper & double stick tape (if you don't have Avery sticker paper)

- x-acto knife or scissors

- multiple types of ribbon and lace for decorating

- tags for labeling and decorating



Step 1: Figure out which images or text you plan on painting onto your mason jars and graphically arrange them on your computer using Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, etc.  Measure your mason jars and size your images/text accordingly.  I tried to not exceed 2”-3” (length & width) but it all depends on the size of your mason jars and the look you want to achieve.

Step 2: Print out your images/text onto Avery sticker project paper.  If you don’t have this paper, you can print on regular printer paper and just double-stick tape the image to the jars.  Cut out your images/text either as a silhouette or as a stencil.  I used an x-acto knife because it works better with finer details but scissors would work also.  Stick the image/text onto the jars.

Step 3: Paint the mason jars and allow them to properly dry.  I let them sit overnight.  You may decide to paint a second coat.

Step 4: Once the jars are completely dry, remove the stickers.  If some of the paint has seeped in under the edges of the sticker and dried, just use the x-acto knife to scrape away at the paint.  I had to clean up a few edges but the knife quickly does the job.

Step 5: Adorn your jars with ribbons or lace.  I added round tags for the names.  You could accessorize your jars in numerous ways, in whatever colors or themes go with your event.


Here are some pictures showing the painting process:



I had a lot of fun with this project and I loved how my jars turned out.  I decided to do a little styled photoshoot to show off my work.  Here are some of those pictures:


And this is a save-the-date idea.  How cute would it be to receive this in the mail filled with some little treats?  


Later today I will be posting more photos from the mason jar shoot.