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Font Love, Vol. XXXII: History of the Ampersand

Happy Friday friends! We've made it through the week. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

Before the weekend hits, I'd like to share a little history lesson. It's a fun history lesson (I promise) and it involves a favorite typographic character: the ampersand. I randomly came across the &'s history online and it was so interesting that I couldn't resist making a Font Friday post out of it. Do you know how the & came to be?

The character was not originally called an ampersand. In Roman script it was a representation of et. Et means 'and' in Latin and when the two letters were written in cursive, they linked together to form a shape similar to the & we use today.

The two ampersands on the right really hint at the et origin of the character.

The & shape was actually a part of the alphabet in the early 1800s. Upon reciting the alphabet, one would conclude with, "...X, Y, Z, and per se and." Per se means by itself so it was like saying, "...X, Y, Z, and by itself and." Clearly over time, 'and per se' morphed into the word ampersand we use today.

Super interesting right? Did anyone know this history already? I think I remember hearing about the Latin et but I had no idea the ampersand was actually included in the alphabet for awhile. Fascinating!

Ampersand history by The Hot Word from Dictionary.com.

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Happy weekend!