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'I Love Your More Than' Cards DIY

Happy Friday friends! The weekend is here (almost for me, maybe it's already started for some of you). Today I have a DIY to share plus a freebie for you to print so you can do the project yourself. This project was inspired by my Mom. When we were little she would occasionally slip us little notes in our lunches. Usually it was encouragement for a big test or just a sweet reminder that she loved us. I probably didn't appreciate it as a kid but as I've grown older I know that it's just nice to hear 'I love you. I'm thinking of you' from someone.

Do you feel like letting someone know you love them? Maybe for Valentine's Day, maybe just because. I designed these mini cards that you can slip into coin envelopes and hide around the house for your loved ones to find. Hide them in their desk drawer, their lunch bag, their medicine cabinet. When found, your loved ones will definitely feel special.  

I designed the cards to have funny sayings on them like, 'I love you more than...cupcakes, Bob Dylan, Paris, chai tea, Don Draper, and my Eames chair.'

I made two templates. This template has my sayings on it. But this second template is blank so you can fill in your own 'i love you more than's. I used the Lavanderia font from the Lost Type Co-op. Lost Type has a pay-what-you-want model so you can make whatever donation (including $0) that you want to donate to the font designer.

Do you have your own special ways of saying 'I love you?' Do you already do something similar to this? Did anyone else's Mom leave them messages in their lunch as a kid?

Happy weekend everyone! Remember to think about those closest to you and to show them how much you appreciate them.