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Houzz Feature: Simple Screenprint Cloud Pillows

Hi readers! How has your week been going so far? Today I want to share a DIY that involves one of my favorite crafting techniques. I have heard it called 'Poor Man's Screenprinting' before and I love that title because it really is the cheapest, easiest way to pull off the screenprinting technique. Real printing is an elaborate and beautiful process (I wrote about one of my favorite print shops Sass & Peril last year...be sure to check out all of Shannon's beautiful work) and the real thing definitely puts this technique to shame. But this way does help get crisp, clean paint lines when you are painting on fabric.

I created this DIY for Houzz and demonstrated a step-by-step tutorial on making your own cloud pillow using this screenprinting process.

With just a few materials you can make this design or something similar in a few hours on a weekend or in the evening after work. To see what you need to make this DIY and to follow along with all the steps, visit the article I wrote on Houzz: Punch Up a Pillow With an Easy Stenciling Project.

Do you recognize that calligraphy? It's my new favorite Jacques and Gilles which I've mentioned a few times on here now. Part of the script was done using the screenprinting technique but I also had to freehand some of it (where the lines get really skinny). 

Have you ever tried this craft technique yourself? What did you make and how did it turn out? I have used it multiple times and have been very happy with the results. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!


My Week Through Instagram: Week Seventeen

Ya, so I'm finally getting around to blogging this week. Not doing too good so far but I have double posts coming at you today to make up for it. First I'll start with my recap of last week, week seventeen of 2012. Last week was nonstop wedding preparation for my big deadline coming up and I'm finishing up little things this week too. The end is in site and I cannot wait to see it all completed and be able to turn it over to my bride. I'm so happy with how things are turning out.

Sunday: I decided to start the day off right and scramble up some eggs with red peppers for myself. Freshly squeezed orange juice too. It was so yummy! And it really doesn't take that long. I should do it more often.

Monday: This is a mini peek at a project I'll be able to share with you all soon. Do you recognize that font? It's my new favorite thing: Jacques and Gilles!

Tuesday: Busy days call for easy hair. I threw my locks up in a top knot for ease while working. My hair has gotten so long (it hasn't been this long in years...it's usually around shoulder length) and it occasionally gets in the way of things.

Wednesday: Some days a mid-day cereal treat is in order. And then other days a cinammon cereal treat is in order.

Thursday: I cut out this little vinyl heart and stuck it to my studio window. It looks like my heart is floating off in the sky.  

Friday: These are the menus I designed and am currently putting together. The food for this wedding looks quite delicious so every time I read it I get hungry. 

Saturday: On my walk I looked up to see these little airplane streaks. They were so vibrant in the deep, blue sky. 

So that was my week seventeen. What did yours look like?

Follow me on Instagram if you like. My username is laurenelisecrafted. Or see all of my pictures on the computer through Followgram.


Font Love, Vol. XXX: Jacques and Gilles

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited for today's post because I have found one of the most lovely fonts to grace my computer screen + be available for download + be reasonably priced. I wasn't even planning on a Font Love post today but this news was too good to pass up and I just had to share it. If anyone is DIY-ing their wedding invitations soon, this font would be a great alternative to paying for custom calligraphy. So let me introduce you to Jacques and Gilles... 

Are you impressed? Did your heart skip a beat like mine did?! Jacques and Gilles is the latest from calligraphy pro Emily Conners of Emily Lime Design. Miss Emily is responsible for other personal favorites like Carolyna and Peoni. The curls and swashes are always so romantic and feminine but I love the modern take on hand-lettering with this new one. And like all of Emily's fonts, Jacques and Gilles looks so custom.

Emily describes her new font as having a "split personality." She says, "Jacques’ persona comes to life when typing in all lowercase letters. And Gilles’ when using all uppercase." And then of course you can use them together so there are all kinds of possibilities here. I have already had a little fun with J&G but am looking forward to exploring all the 300+ glyphs this weekend.

And now for the exciting news! Jacques and Gilles will normally be priced at $34 (still well worth it in my opinion) but since it's a new release, you can get it for only $17 until May 7th. Hard to pass up 50% off isn't it?

So have you fallen in love with this font yet? I might sound a bit obsessed but I can't stop staring. I want to write it all over everything. It is my new favorite thing. 

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Do you have anything fun planned this weekend? My aunt is out visiting so I've been catching up with her and enjoying family time. Just more of that planned for me. I wish you all lovely weekends!