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Wedding Decor as Art Installation

Is it just me or has wedding design really stepped it up in the last few years?  Am I wrong?  I see new and beautiful and creative things everyday...everyday!  Wedding designers & planners, stylists, photographers, and crafters have been creating some seriously spectacular things lately (I am all about the pretty) and in my opinion, it IS art.  Maybe it isn't the type that hangs in the Louvre but it is art just the same.  I consider myself extremely lucky to be living within a time like this because I never have to go far to find visual inspiration...it is all around me!

Wedding and event design is moving into the realm of art installation and I'm digging this new trend.  I have compiled some of my favorite designs that I've spotted around the wedding blogosphere lately.  I look at each of these designs and think...I want to make that! 

Photo: Ashley Rose Photography

First I'll start with the ridiculously talented Jesi Haack.  I have been a fan of her work for awhile and her awesome blog is a definite must for me (check out her great tutorials).  This flowers and pinwheels archway is one of my favorite projects of hers.  It is so bright and cheery and fun (look how happy everyone is in that picture!) and it tied in great with the rest of the decor for this wedding.  It is such a statement piece and so unique.  

Photo: Jesi Haack Weddings

Another favorite of mine has to be this dessert table.  I'm instantly drawn to it because of the yellow (love yellow) but I like the retro, youthful vibe that the candy-stripe brings to it.  The design is perfect as a dessert backdrop (a sweet backdrop for sweet desserts) and I think the yellow + white and flowers could easily tie into the rest of the decor.  The colors are bold and it makes a statement but I think that is why it is so successful!  

Photo: Joel Austell Photography

I wanted to show this final Jesi Haack design in contrast to the other two.  This one is much more simple and understated and the colors are more muted but its beauty is in the simplicity.  Who knew that two tree branches and some burlap could highlight a wedding cake so perfectly (that cake is uber fab too by the way).  While the other two designs were fun, this one is sophisticated and classy.  

Photo: New York Magazine Weddings

Although I'm not sure who is responsible for this photograph, the event and floral design for this wedding was done by Frank Alexander NYC.  I assume these garlands are hanging white flowers but whatever they are, they are so delicate and whimsical.  I love the contrast between the white and this forest setting...the white just pops.  To me, there is something very dreamlike about the whole thing.

Photo: Justine Ungaro Photography

Love the contemporary feel of this ceremony backdrop.  The use of big, bold, modern typography against the traditional red-brick house feels so right (mixing old + new is my thing).  According to the Style Me Pretty post for this wedding, a friend Casey Johnson made the sign (he also works as a display coordinator for Anthropologie) and some other decor items used throughout the day.  I also found this other sign on Once Wed that has a very similar feel but still unique in its own way.

Photo: Jonas Peterson Photography

Photo: Our Labor of Love

Next I want to give a big shout-out to Ashley Meaders.  All of her work blows my mind!  I think that all of her creations have this great handmade spirit to them, like I can really feel the love, time, and care she put into each of her designs.  The above design is definitely a favorite.  This fabric strips canopy really makes the ceremony space intimate and inviting.  And the colors are just downright awesome!  I would love to get married in such a space!  

Photo: Kyle Hale

Here's another great flower archway.  What I really like about this one is the use of different textures.  Some of the flowers are made from fabric, others from paper.  It has this great transparent quality to it also which I love.  I like that its simple and doesn't overdue itself.  Seriously, I would hang this in my room its so pretty!  

Photo: Our Labor of Love

The final Ashley Meaders design is another great canopy.  This one was set up at the reception instead of the ceremony.  Ashley did so many amazing details for this particular wedding (see them here) (seriously this might be my dream wedding of all time) but this canopy stands out to me.  I think it worked great to create a little cozy environment where guests could write messages to the bride and groom before entering the backyard reception.  The colors, the lighting...I want to be in that picture, in that scene right now!  No joke!

Photo: Jessica Claire

Finally, I'll end with another favorite, Summer Watkins of Grey Likes {Weddings, Nesting, Baby}.  Summer is a crazy talented stylist.  I fall in love with all of her work and it provides me with so much inspiration (her blogs are great resources too).  This particular design was made for the Utterly Engaged first birthday party.  I like the disorder and asymmetrical styling of all the strings.  

Photo: Victor Sizemore

I'll end with a show stopper, also done by Summer.  This is a photoshoot she styled for a Victor Sizemore workshop in Las Vegas.  Now this chair display could actually be sitting in some museum somewhere.  It really reminds me of this installation artist Doris Salcedo who stacked 1600 chairs to create this elaborate urban piece of art, seen here.  Obviously this is on a much smaller scale but well done to Summer!  This really pushes wedding design and styling into a whole new realm in my opinion.


So what do you think?  Aren't these designs fantastic?  Feeling inspired now...need to go create something amazing!