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Font Love, Vol. XXVII: Learning Curve

Happy Friday everyone! Feels good doesn't it? I decided to make it a Font Friday and share one of my all-time, free favorites. I've been using this font for awhile so I'm not sure why I'm only posting about it now. Better late than never I guess. This freebie is called Learning Curve and it comes in a regular and a dashed version. It is a take on traditional, handwritten cursive but it feels more modern. Unlike some cursive scripts, Learning Curve is very legible. I like pairing it with skinny sans serif fonts like Quicksand. It is always a go-to when I want a little flair but not too much.


Learning Curve was designed by Blue Vinyl Fonts. The designer Jess Latham is also responsible for another one of my favorites Print Clearly which I use all the time. I think both are a great duo for any designer to have in their arsenal of fonts.

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I hope everyone has a great weekend. What are your plans? I have some family out for a few days so that should keep me pretty occupied. Looking forward to catching up and sharing family meals with loved ones that I don't see too often. Hopefully I can get a few fun side projects done too.