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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twenty-Seven & Twenty-Eight

Here is post two today: this time I'm recapping weeks twenty-seven and twenty-eight of my Instagram photos. I am so excited to be more than half-way through this project of a photo a day. And I haven't missed a day yet so I'm proud of my progress. Are you doing any kind of daily photography project? How is it going so far?

Sunday: These pink blooms are prospering this summer. The trees are all around my neighborhood and a few are in our backyard. It's like springtime in summer.

Monday: A morning cup of chai tea. Yum.

Tuesday: I go through cycles of what I enjoy for breakfast. Right now I'm loving vanilla greek yogurt and granola. The cute Anthro bowls make it even more enjoyable. 

Wednesday: I shared this DIY project on the blog, a how-to for making your own gold air plant terrarium.  It is super simple and air plants are the easiest things to care for.

Thursday: We watched fireworks from our house this year. One show we could see from our front yard, another show from our deck in the back. I liked this shot of a single firework with the street lamps.

Friday: Spent the evening catching up with an old friend that I haven't seen in years. This included live music at a local outdoor music festival. It was my kind of evening.

Saturday: Someone has a sweet, old yellow Volkswagen in my town. Lucky!

And now for week twenty-eight:

Sunday: My teacup when it's all gone.

Monday: I love our local library. Actually I'm quite partial to all libraries. They are so special to me. And I love the smell of old books. Is that weird?

Tuesday: I picked up the classic Walden at the library. I have never read it. So far the pages are enlightening and quite the inspiration for a simple and natural life.

Wednesday: My Mom found this set of notebooks with this cute leaf graphic and she let me have one. I will always take a fresh, new notebook. I am a bit of a notebook hoarder actually. I have a handful in my desk that have yet to be used. A crisp, new notebook holds such possibilities don't you think? It's kind of magical. It is just waiting for you to fill it up with treasures.

Thursday: Brother came home for a few days. Whenever he is here the house is filled with music: he sings, plays guitar, standup base and piano. It is beautiful and comforting. I like having him home even if it is just for a bit.

Friday: Washi tape! This is just a small part of my ever-growing collection. My friend Nic just recently discovered how fabulous it is and now he knows how addicting it can be. Do we need to form a washi support group?

Saturday: I visited Unique LA's summer show yesterday in Santa Monica (fantastic show as usual!) and then got an early dinner with David (brother) in Silverlake. He is looking for an apartment out there currently. We stopped in at Food+Lab on Sunset. Perfect restaurant, my kind of place. Simple design with some industrial details, welcoming vibe and delicious food. Be sure to visit if you're in the area.

So that concludes my month-long recap for today and now I'm all caught up.

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My Week Through Instagram: Week Ten

Happy Monday morning everyone! This time change seems to have done me in and I feel a bit behind already. Clearly I'm playing catch up this morning since my Instagram recap post is happening on a Monday instead of the weekend. An official 'birthday week' Monday post is coming later (promise) but I had to stop and share week ten with all of you.

Sunday: I spent a little extra time sleeping in, reading in bed, and just relaxing on Sunday morning. It felt good.

Monday: I worked up a possible program idea for a wedding using burlap and pink/peach details. I got a lot of nice compliments on Instagram (thanks guys!) but it was especially nice to hear that the bride loved it too. Moving forward with this design now.

Tuesday: I got to watercolor again today. Even though it was for work, it was relaxing and fun.

Wednesday: I had to go into Downtown LA to retrieve my digital camera from my brother. We spent some time catching up and eating pie at a new favorite spot The Pie Hole. As you can see, the pie was yummy and it got devoured.

Thursday: Working on more burlap details for a wedding, this time simple bows for the menus. 

Friday: March 9th is my official blog birthday (I'm 2 now!) and to celebrate I'm kicking off 'birthday week' here on the blog. I'll have some fun things to show you so stay tuned.

Saturday: A birthday just isn't complete without cupcakes so I stopped by a local place to pick up a few. I'm going to be taking some pictures of those fun sprinkle ones today. Can't wait!

So that was my week ten of 2012. What did your week look like?


LA Arts District Adventure

Alright everyone, this is my second post of the day. My first was to announce the awesome record release show my brother and his band Mojo Stone are putting on in Silverlake on March 15th. I will be there and I suggest any other LA locals should come and support too. The music will not disappoint.

I want to show a little more Los Angeles love today and share some pictures I took yesterday in the arts district in downtown. I met my brother there so that I could retrieve my digital camera from him and also spend some time catching up, getting food, and enjoying the perfect weather. The arts district seemed like the perfect spot since it's relatively small with some neat pockets with cool graffiti and architecture.

I would say the main stretch is Traction Avenue which is where we spent most of our time. There is a small art/architecture supply store on Traction and I have been going there since my freshman year at USC architecture school, eight years ago. The area has really developed and become a destination, there are a lot more trendy restaurants and art galleries around. Old warehouses are getting converted into new lofts and more apartment buildings are springing up so the streets have a lot more life. It's a great spot to sit and people watch.

The toy district is adjacent and you can find some old, fading signage on abandoned warehouses.

Colorful murals and intricate graffiti and street art are on every corner. It makes the area feel vibrant.

David (brother) and I had four cameras between the two of us, plus two iPhone cameras. A bit much but I bet the people in this neighborhood are used to picture-takers.

New apartments on the right, old church and buildings on the left. Uber-trendy German restaurant Wurstküche straight ahead. It appears to be a major scene. We ate a few doors down at the Novel Cafe. I really recommend this place. The food and drinks are great and it has an inviting atmosphere. It has been on Traction since I started coming here. 

We couldn't resist getting dessert at The Pie Hole, a fairly new establishment in the arts district. This place was perfect, my kind of atmosphere and design. It felt very European with the bistro chairs on the street and since it was a beautiful day, David and I opted to sit outside for our pie consumption. It has very simple, minimal design inside but some beautiful furniture and design details. I'd say their delicious pie is the main thing on display. It was so yummy! We tried two flavors, Mexican Hot Chocolate and one called The Lonely Pie which consists of chocolate and peanuts and crushed up potato chips...kind of like a Twix bar in a pie. It sounds weird but it was great, salty and sweet. 

And boy did those pies get devoured. Yum.

I had such a nice, relaxing afternoon. This is a favorite pocket of LA for me and of course the company couldn't be beat. Yes, the trip prevented me from doing some work but sometimes you just need to stop and eat some pie. Happy Thursday everyone!


Los Angeles Local Music Event: Mojo Stone in Silverlake

Hi everyone! This is my first of two posts this morning and right now I'd like to take the opportunity to let any Los Angeles locals know about a great show that will be taking place in Silverlake on March 15th. Being the proud sister that I am, I can't help but share about my brother and his talented band Mojo Stone and the record release party they will be having at the Bootleg Theater. Their second album Strange Honey will debut that night and Mojo will put on a spectacular performance (they always do) along with Downtown Train, Dustbowl Revival, and The Wind and Rain.

I am lucky enough to have heard the album (perks!) and I am blown away. Mojo Stone has put together a beautiful collection and to me, it's so apparent how much they have grown as musicians and as a group. According to David, my brother, the band feels this album is more a reflection of their style and I couldn't agree more. I think you hear that in the songs.

So if you're in the area, stop on by. I'll be there, supporting of course. If you aren't in LA, I will share links to the songs when they get posted and eventually they will have the album up on iTunes to download. So everyone can get a listen, local and non-local alike. Also Mojo is going on tour this summer, all across the country and they might be stopping in your city. I'll share more details about that tour as they come. 

Check out more about Mojo Stone. Find them here:

Tumblr l Website l Facebook l Twitter

poster artwork by Hilary Wootton


Unique LA Local Love Event

On Sunday I was lucky enough to go to my first Unique LA show with friends. I am such a fan of Renegade (I've talked about it countless times here on the blog) and shopping from local, independent artists so I knew I would enjoy Unique just as much. This weekend was the first 'Local Love' event which featured LA area vendors only. The show was smaller than normal and I must say I liked the size. It felt very manageable and I was able to see all the artists without having to rush. I saw a few familiar booths but a lot of new vendors too. I was impressed with everything I saw and only wish I had more money to spend on nifty handmade finds.

Unique is held inside, in a loft-warehouse space. It is on the 13th floor with windows all around the perimeter so you get a great view of Downtown LA. Similar to Renegade, the rows of vendor booths are the main focus but Unique also had a DIY station, a photobooth, lounge areas with chairs, a DJ, and plenty of food vendors offering free samples. The food and wine samples were quite the treat. My brother came along, his first LA craft fair experience, and each time I looked up he was at a different vendor partaking in the tasty samples. He came hungry.

It was a cloudy day in LA but we still enjoyed the Downtown views.

David checking out Pocket Square bowties. They had a beautiful collection with a great mix of fabrics and textures. On the right is a sampling of the vintage-inspired, pocket watch necklaces by Love Nail Tree. I've seen them at Renegade before. They have some watches where you can see the gears and internal mechanisms moving. Very cool! Kind of steampunk. I like it.

A wide array of posters from The Poster List. I've bought things from them before at Renegade. I love all the color.

The tins on the right are all candles from the Topanga Candle Company. This company repurposes vintage tins, containers, boxes, crates, kitchen accessories (anything really) into new candles. I'm a big fan of finding new uses for old things so this booth was fascinating.

There were cute decals up all over the walls, including this pink one in the elevator.

It was such a fun show and I was so glad to make it. Sadly I got called away sooner than planned so I didn't spend as much time there as I wanted. But I think they do another show in the spring so hopefully I don't have to wait too long to return. I purchased a really cute scarf that I'll share in a Crafted Fashion post soon. It was such a good find.

I still love Renegade but Unique is a fabulous show too. They are different but I think there is a place for both shows in LA. I look forward to future craft and handmade fairs, including Unique and Renegade and any other new ones that happen to pop up!