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I Made It!

Hi friends!  So I officially made it through my double-wedding weekend and wow, was it a lot of work.  In two days I got about seven hours of sleep which is quite horrible for my standards (I love my sleep).  But despite all of the work, I had so much fun at both weddings and the weekend went by so quickly.  Even though I enjoyed relaxing and recovering on Monday and Tuesday, I definitely missed all of the excitement and was a little sad that the fun didn't last longer.  It is funny how much planning goes into weddings but then they are over so quickly.  But the important thing is to enjoy them while they are happening and live in the moment.  

On Saturday I had my good friend's wedding, the one where I was the maid of honor.  I had shown pictures of my bridesmaid dress not too long ago and I've already shared save-the-dates and bridesmaid booklets from that wedding as well.  When we get the official pictures back, I will probably share some more from Saturday but for now, here are a few from some of the other bridesmaid's cameras.  I didn't have my camera on me the day of, I was too busy with maid of honor duties and just having fun to stop and take pictures.  Sometimes being responsible for pictures can be a bit of a burden.  

Yep, it was one LARGE wedding party!  Ten bridesmaids, nine groomsmen, one junior bridesmaid, two ushers, two ring bearers, and three flower girls...it was hard fitting us all up there.  I am the one up top, closest to the bride.  At this point, I was probably trying not to fidget while still attempting to shift my poor feet, which were hurting.  Also, I've never held a bouquet before but the bride's bouquet was super heavy, I was definitely getting an arm workout.  Other than my feet, the ceremony was really lovely and even though they said traditional vows, they also incorporated personal elements into it which were very "them."  

A picture with me, the bride, and her family, who are like my second family since I've known them for so long.  This was after the ceremony taking pictures.  The ceremony took place at a really beautiful, old brick church in our hometown.  The bride and groom cutting the cake at the reception.  I totally missed this moment actually, I belive I was in the bathroom so I'm glad someone caught it on camera.  Sadly, I only got one bite of that cake but it was very good.

And finally one of me and the bride with another one of our good friends.  This was at the wedding after-party so we're all looking a little sweaty and disheveled.  But what a party, I had so much fun.  The dress I got to wear was beautiful, I was lucky to get my hair and make up done that day so I felt glamorous, and even though my friend, the bride, was busy, I got to spend a lot of nice quality time with her on the big day.  I am so happy for her and her new husband (so weird saying that now) and I hope they are enjoying their honeymoon in Africa.  

On Sunday, I changed gears a bit and actually got to do setup for a wedding.  I shared some of the details last week.  I brought my camera along but I was so busy setting up (seriously down to the wire) that I never found time to snap pictures.  Some talented photographers were on hand though so I will for sure share their pictures when I get them.  It was a beautiful wedding, totally different than my friends, very rustic, crafty, and in a barn but both were really amazing and I was so lucky to be a part of both of them.  

I'm getting back into the swing of blogging and gearing up for my craft show now.  A busy summer is turning into a busy fall for me.  How about you?  Regular posting will now commence with a lot of fun stuff coming up for the blog.  Happy Wednesday!     


A Happy Bridesmaid

So a year and a half ago I mentioned that my friend of 20 years was engaged.  I designed her save the dates earlier this year.  I created bridesmaid booklets for her wedding party.  A group of us went to Santa Barbara for a bachelorette weekend this summer.  That time flew by and in just a few short days her wedding will be upon us (on the 17th).  I can't believe the big day is almost here because for so long it felt like it was so far in the future.  Last week it all became very real to me when I went to try on my bridesmaid dress and get it fitted.

The dress is super pretty and even though I tend to think that long dresses look bad on me, I rather like this one.  The color is really phenomenal and I think all of the girls are going to look great.  This will be my first experience in a wedding party but more importantly, my first experience as a maid of honor and I am excited to be by my friend's side as she begins this new stage in her life.  It's only fitting since we've been through so much together.

In the next two weeks I will be sharing many updates about the wedding so be prepared to see more.  It is such a big thing seeing your close friend get married and I enjoy sharing my personal experiences here on the blog.  Has anyone else been a maid of honor?  Any words of advice for the big day?  I need to start working on my maid of honor speech...wow, such an honor but also a little nerve-racking.  My speech basically needs to be freakin' awesome so clearly you can see I've set the bar pretty high for myself.  Although slightly nervous, I am so excited to speak and be a part of the day in such an important way.  

Happy Tuesday everyone!  If you had a long weekend, I hope it was lovely.