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Ball Mason Jar Wrapping Paper

With copies of Mason Jar Crafts officially being mailed out now, this week marks the start of a lot of promotions, giveaways, and features to help promote the book and get people exciting to start crafting with canning jars. I have been hard at work helping to plan a lot of special features across a variety of blogs. Along with that I have been putting together new content to share with everyone, specifically brand new DIYs that are inspired by Mason jars. These DIYs are meant to give everyone a feel for the 30 projects that I created in my book. 

Today on Paper Pastries, Margaret invited me over to share this wrapping paper DIY that pays homage to the classic Ball label. Ball and Kerr are two logos that are still printed on Mason jars today. Both have that timeless appeal and I wanted to let that part of the jar really shine. I carved my own custom stamp from a template (which I provide over on Paper Pastries) which will allow me to stamp a variety of materials over and over again. I would recommend simple kraft paper or masking paper (like I used in this example) for an easy option. And a few simple adornments, like washi tape and twine, are all you really need to complete this look.


Photography and Styling: Lauren Donaldson  /  Camera: Nikon D40x


A Free Copy of Mason Jar Crafts

It has been a long time since my last post here on the blog. I have tried to get back into blogging this year in a new space but I have good reason for being preoccupied these last many months. I have been writing a book, a craft book in fact, my very first solo project in the world of publishing. I couldn't be more excited! In February I announced on Instagram that I had finished the photography and written content for my book. Now it is soon to be released. I cannot believe it will soon be here.

In collaboration with my wonderful publisher Ulysses Press, we have put together Mason Jar Crafts, 30+ unique DIY projects all inspired by the classic and timeless style of the beloved Mason jar. I have always enjoyed working with Mason jars and they have made quite a few appearances here on this blog. There are endless possibilities to crafting with them and I see my book as a jumping-off point for crafters who want to infuse this charming jar into their homes and events. 

These are a few sneak peeks of some of my favorite projects.

But here is the fun part...you have the opportunity to receive a free copy of my book before it is made available to the public! That's right! Blog and social media friends can get their own personal copy that will hopefully ignite their own passion for Mason jars. To receive a copy, you will need to commit to posting an honest review on either the Amazon or Barnes & Noble website but that's all. Once again, honest reviews are expected but reviews can be anonymous. I am confident that the book has one-of-a-kind content that will spark creativity and I am hoping to spread the word about this project that I have worked so hard on.

If you would like to receive a free copy or if you would like more information about this opportunity, leave your email in the comment section below. I will email you back to discuss the details. I appreciate your support and am so excited that I can offer my followers and friends a chance to see what I've put together. I am very proud of my work and think you all will love it. Thanks!


Tips for a Simple Summer Tablescape

It has been heating up here this week in Southern California. We got by for quite awhile without getting past the mid-90s. But 100-degree weather has finally hit and with that we can officially welcome in summer. We actually have been quite lucky here. I know some parts of the country are stifling right now. I have family on the East Coast who have updated us on the extreme heat in New York and Connecticut. And my friend from Washington, D.C. had high temperatures, high humidity and no power for three days. I guess us Southern Californians cannot complain too much. Have you been dealing with extreme temperatures? How are you coping?

Since the heat is definitely upon us now, I thought I would share this simple summer tablescape that I styled a few weeks ago for Houzz. I will share the DIY for the tablecloth here on the blog soon but for today I thought I would just focus on some simple entertaining tips to use during these hot months.

When it is this warm, I think it's important to keep things as simple and easy as possible. Designate a linen drawer to hold your summer go-to favorites. We have had these red gingham napkins tucked away for ages but there is something casual and uniquely summer about them. They compliment the blue and white palette nicely and were just the right pop of color to keep things interesting.

Incorporate your food into the decor as well. Since red was my complimentary color, these diced tomatoes made for a lovely spread and focal point. The best part is once you are done admiring them, they can be shared and enjoyed. If you are having guests, write out names on scrap pieces of paper and clip with a clothespin. It is a simple detail but it will stop the wind from blowing them away.

Instead of laying out your silverware, just store it all in a mason jar. For an easy summer meal, the casualness is welcome. A bloom or two always makes an evening more special. Clip a few buds from your garden and display them in a used glass jar. This white peony was the last pretty remnant from a wilting bouquet. It got to have one last hurrah for this dinner. The jar is actually a repurposed balsamic vinegar jar from Trader Joe's. The shape was perfect though and it looks very vintage.

You can never go wrong with white dishes. They are timeless and can be used all year round. Against the blue and red backdrop, these white plates really popped. It makes the tabe look so crisp and fresh.

But the best suggestion is to not get caught up in the details. Focus more on enjoying the meal and your lovely guests. It may be hot this summer but with a refreshing drink and good company, the days are sure to be a delight. What are some of your summer mealtime routines? What are your go-to pieces for easy entertaining during these hot months?  


Gold Stripe Mason Jar DIY

Happy Monday friends! I'm a bit late on getting this post up but that's because I was snapping pictures this morning. It was overcast and rainy yesterday and I just couldn't get the right shots. But I'm finally getting it posted and I'm so excited about it too. Not only is it a DIY post but it also involves gold (!!) and mason jars. How can you go wrong with these babies? 

By far one of my post popular posts has been my Silhouette Mason Jar tutorial. Lately I've been thinking about that post and what makes it so popular and how I can try and recreate that again. Clearly everyone loves a good mason jar project because the jars are inexpensive but also vintage looking. What I want to try and do is a monthly feature that involves mason jars. They are so versatile and I really want to explore (and share with you) cool, new ways to dress them up and make them special. So here is my project for January. I think the gold is cheerful and reminiscent of warm weather, don't you? If you're struggling through the winter months and dreaming of warm days ahead, I think these jars will at least spice up your decor a bit.

This project is easy and you can make up the jars quickly. All you need is mason jars (any sizes), painters tape, and metallic spray paint...oh and some paper to cover your work area while spraying. I wrapped the jars in the painters tape, varying the widths of the stripes. Remember the tape covers the part that will remain unpainted. Don't hold the paint can too close to the jar while spraying. You want to lightly mist the jars. When you spray the paint too close to the jar there is more chance for globing and for paint to seep under the tape and run. Once sprayed, I carefully removed the tape right away. The paint dries pretty instantly although you should technically let the jars sit for awhile before handling. And that's that!

I stored some pencils in one jar and potted a little succulent in the other. Fills these with any kind of goodies and make it the perfect hostess gift. Or line up a bunch on a shelf to hold pencils and craft supplies. I wouldn't risk drinking out of them since spray paint is toxic unless you were super careful not to let any paint get into the mouth of the jar. These could work as a simple table setting at home or for a party or wedding even.

Have you tried painting mason jars? What are some of your tricks? Getting that clean edge is always hard. The OCD person in me always wants these things to be perfect but honestly, you don't really notice the slight imperfections once they're in use. The stripes on these jars are a bit wonky and not really that straight but I think it adds to the character of the jars. And once they're filled up with stuff you don't notice either. In DIYing and crafting, you have to let those things go sometimes. Perfection is overrated anyway.  

So here's to a great week everyone! I hope you all enjoyed my gold stripe DIY today and it gave you some lovely inspiration for the week ahead. 


Featured: The Knotty Bride DIY : Mason Jar Table Numbers

Happy Monday friends!  Did you all have a good weekend?  Do anything exciting?  I was in Los Angeles visiting a friend for a good part of the weekend.  On Saturday we went to Renegade and stocked up on cute, handmade items.  The fair seemed HUGE this year and even though we were there for six hours, we rushed through the last part.  But I found all kinds of great stuff and supported a few of my favorite artists and crafters so I was super happy with the trip.  Sometime this week I will post about all of my finds and share pictures (even though I wasn't able to take that many since I was busy shopping the entire time).  On Sunday, on my way home, I visited a local farmer's market and visited with a few other friends who have a booth there.  So it was a weekend of markets for me.  A lot of time in the sun, a little sunburnt, a lot of time away from my computer (I didn't look at my computer all weekend, minus checking Twitter on my phone...and it was glorious!), and a lot of new, handmade goodies to add to my collection.

Today I am excited to share one of my recent DIYs that was featured on The Knotty Bride last week.  Mason jar table numbers...

I am almost appalled by how easy this DIY is and that I didn't think of it sooner.  All you need is a mason jar and a paint pen and then you can trace whatever numbers or letters you want.  I came up with it totally on the fly too.  I was standing in the check-out line at JoAnn's and saw these painters pens on display.  All of the sudden the wheels start turning and I think, "These could work on glass!"  I frequently see menus or escort cards written on the glass in vintage window frames and I just love that look.  One of my first DIYs last year involved painting silhouettes on mason jars and these paint pens could be an easier solution to achieve that same look or something similar.  

Mason jars are big in weddings now but it seems I never tire of them.  They are classic and have that hint of vintage flare which so many of us love.  They are also cheap and versatile, which is a big selling point for me.  Are you a fan of the mason jar look?  Or are you ready for the next trend?  

This might be the easiest and quickest DIY I've featured to date.  No special skills are required and it has a high success rate.  Check out the full DIY on The Knotty Bride and see the how-to pictures.

Have a good week everyone!