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Please, Go Away

Yesterday, Alison from The Knotty Bride and I had a quick conversation on Twitter about how the wedding mustache trend is getting a bit old.  Lately I feel like I see mustaches-on-a-stick as much as I see bouquets!  They are everywhere!  Fake mustaches are cute and I actually appreciate the 'goofiness' factor, especially if being used in a photobooth scenario but I think it is time to find the next mustache, the next craze.  The mustache ship has sailed.

Kind of adorable but this looks all too familiar.

Even this poor cat is being subjected to the mustache treatment.

So why do I bring up mustaches?  For a good reason actually.  Yesterday's conversation got me thinking about other trends that I would like to see disappear.  There definitely are a handful of things that I could live without but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, makes me cringe more than...animal masks!  

Well, people wearing animal masks really...I hate it!  What I truly loathe about them is not that I see them everywhere but that they just creep me out.  Even in a gorgeous styled photoshoot, with nice clothes and beautiful photographs, it is still creepy.  It ruins everything for me.  Like take a look at this image:

This is a styled photo shoot with two girls in a forest.  I love the vintage furniture that has been brought in and I like the idea of having tea in the woods.  Actually, I like everything about this image and then...ANIMAL MASKS!  Ahh!  Why?

I'm sure the masks are intended to be whimsical and meant to add a dream-like quality to this scene.  But wait, what about the scary-as-hell factor?  This is not whimsical to me, not fun, not dream-like (well, maybe nightmare-like) and just horrible!

Not convinced?  Here's more creepiness:

Scared yet?  I am.  I guess I have some psychological mask issues.  And why are they all rabbits?  They all make me think of this:

Scariest shit EVER!  I am so disturbed.

So am I the only one on this?  Thoughts?  If you think animal masks are amazing, please explain.  I just don't get it.

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